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Gift Quotes

from thousands of famous people

People Who Have Given Us Their Complete Confidence Believe That They Have A Right To Ours. The Inference Is False, A Gift Confers No Rights.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Just As There Is A Lower Carelessness Which Means Death To The Soul, So There Is A Higher Carelessness Which Is The Supreme Gift Of Religion. We Must All At Length Rest Back Upon God.
~ W. E. Orchard
The Greatest Gift Of Life Is Friendship, And I Have Received It.
~ Hubert Humphrey
Anything That Has Real And Lasting Value Is Always A Gift From Within.
~ Franz Kafka
To Get A Name Can Happen But To Few; It Is One Of The Few Things That Cannot Be Brought. It Is The Free Gift Of Mankind, Which Must Be Deserved Before It Will Be Granted, And Is At Last Unwillingly Bestowed.
~ Samuel Johnson
Nothing Is So Frequent As To Mistake An Ordinary Human Gift For A Special And Extraordinary Endowment.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr
Teachers Believe They Have A Gift For Giving It Drives Them With The Same Irrepressible Drive That Drives Others To Create A Work Of Art Or A Market Or A Building.
~ A Bartlett Giamatti
The Writer Who Possesses The Creative Gift Owns Something Of Which He Is Not Always Master- Something That At Time Strangely Wills And Works For Itself.
~ Charlotte Bronte
The Greatest Gift Is A Portion Of Thyself.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Toleration Is The Greatest Gift Of Mind, It Requires That Same Effort Of The Brain That It Takes To Balance Oneself On A Bicycle.
~ Hellen Kelle
The Great Gift Of Human Beings Is That We Have The Power Of Empathy.
~ Meryl Streep
While We Have The Gift Of Life, It Seems To Me That Only Tragedy Is To Allow Part Of Us To Die - Whether It Is Our Spirit, Our Creativity, Or Our Glorious Uniqueness.
~ Gilda Radne