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Gift Quotes

from thousands of famous people

When I Examine Myself And My Methods Of Thought, I Come To The Conclusion That The Gift Of Fantasy Has Meant More To Me Than Any Talent For Abstract, Positive Thinking.
~ Albert Einstein
We Hold In Our Hands, The Most Precious Gift Of All: Freedom. The Freedom To Express Our Art. Our Love. The Freedom To Be Who We Want To Be. We Are Not Going To Give That Freedom Away And No One Shall Take It From Us!
~ Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, Northern Exposure, Cicely, 1992
Toleration Is The Greatest Gift Of Mind, It Requires That Same Effort Of The Brain That It Takes To Balance Oneself On A Bicycle.
~ Hellen Kelle
Each Of Us, As Members Of The Body Of Christ, Has Been Given At Least One Spiritual Gift. Besides This, There Are The Natural Abilities With Which God Has Endowed Us. He Intends These To Primarily Be Used For The Edification Of The Body Of Believers. There Is No Such Thing As A Private Gift Rom. 126-8.
~ Bruce Kempe
Live You Life While You Have It. Life Is A Splendid Gift - There Is Nothing Small About It.
~ Florence Nightingale
If Instead Of A Gem, Or Even A Flower, We Should Cast The Gift Of A Loving Thought Into The Heart Of A Friend, That Would Be Giving As The Angels Give.
~ George MacDonald
The Great Art Of Giving Consists In This: The Gift Should Cost Very Little And Yet Be Greatly Coveted, So That It May Be The More Highly Appreciated.
~ Baltasar Gracian
Teachers Believe They Have A Gift For Giving It Drives Them With The Same Irrepressible Drive That Drives Others To Create A Work Of Art Or A Market Or A Building.
~ A Bartlett Giamatti
MacDonald Has The Gift Of Compressing The Largest Amount Of Words Into The Smallest Amount Of Thoughts.
~ Sir Winston Churchill
Challenge Is A Dragon With A Gift In Its Mouth? Tame The Dragon And The Gift Is Yours.
~ Noela Evans
A Friend Is A Gift You Give Yourself.
~ Robert Louis Stevenson
The Finest Gift You Can Give Anyone Is Encoragement. Yet, Almost No One Gets The Encouragement They Need To Grow To Their Full Potential. If Everyone Received The Encouragement They Need To Grow, The Genius In Most Everyone Would Blossom And The World Would Produce Abundance Beyond The Wildest Dreams. We Would Have More Than One Einstein, Edison, Schweitzer, Mother Theresa, Dr. Salk And Other Great Minds In A Century.
~ Sidney Madwed