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Hope... Is The Companion Of Power, And The Mother Of Success For Who So Hopes Has Within Him The Gift Of Miracles.
~ Samuel Smiles
Live You Life While You Have It. Life Is A Splendid Gift - There Is Nothing Small About It.
~ Florence Nightingale
May No Gift Be Too Small To Give, Nor Too Simple To Receive, Which Is Wrapped In Thoughtfulness, And Tied With Love.
~ L. O. Baird
Hope Is The Companion Of Power, And Mother Of Success; For Who So Hopes Strongly Has Within Him The Gift Of Miracles.
~ Samuel Smiles
To Get A Name Can Happen But To Few; It Is One Of The Few Things That Cannot Be Brought. It Is The Free Gift Of Mankind, Which Must Be Deserved Before It Will Be Granted, And Is At Last Unwillingly Bestowed.
~ Samuel Johnson
The Only Gift Is A Portion Of Thyself.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
God, I Dont Have Great Faith, But I Can Be Faithful. My Belief In You May Be Seasonal, But My Faithfulness Will Not. I Will Follow In The Way Of Christ. I Will Act As Though My Life And The Lives Of Others Matter. I Will Love. I Have No Greater Gift To Offer Than My Life. Take It.
~ Real Live Preache
God, I don't have great faith, but I can be faithful. My belief in you may be seasonal, but my faithfulness will not. I will follow in the way of Christ. I will act as though my life and the lives of others matter. I will love. I have no greater gift to offer than my life. Take it.
~ Real Live Preacher, RealLivePreacher. com Weblog, December 26, 2002
O Would Some Power The Giftie Gie Us To See Ourselves As Others See Us. O Would Some Power The Gift To Give Us To See Ourselves As Others See Us.
~ Robert Burns, Poem "To a Louse" - Verse 8
The Most Precious Gift We Can Offer Others Is Our Presence. When Mindfulness Embraces Those We Love, They Will Bloom Like Flowers.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh
What Makes Life Worth Living To Be Born With The Gift Of Laughter And Sense That The World Is Mad.
~ Searamouche
Cowardice, As Distinguished From Panic, Is Almost Always Simply A Lack Of Ability To Suspend The Functioning Of The Imagination. Learning To Suspend Your Imagination And Live Completely In The Very Second Of The Present With No Before And No After Is The Greatest Gift A Soldier Can Acquire.
~ Ernest Hemingway