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People Who Have Given Us Their Complete Confidence Believe That They Have A Right To Ours. The Inference Is False, A Gift Confers No Rights.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Just As There Is A Lower Carelessness Which Means Death To The Soul, So There Is A Higher Carelessness Which Is The Supreme Gift Of Religion. We Must All At Length Rest Back Upon God.
~ W. E. Orchard
Christmas Gift Suggestions To Your Enemy, Forgiveness. To An Opponent, Tolerance. To A Friend, Your Heart. To A Customer, Service. To All, Charity. To Every Child, A Good Example. To Yourself, Respect.
~ Oren Arnold
The Greatest Gift Is A Passion For Reading. It Is Cheap, It Consoles, It Distracts, It Excites, It Gives You Knowledge Of The World And Experience Of A Wide Kind. It Is A Moral Illumination.
~ Elizabeth Hardwick
Nothing Is So Frequent As To Mistake An Ordinary Human Gift For A Special And Extraordinary Endowment.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr
Humanity Is Not A Gift Of Nature, It Is A Spiritual Achievement To Be Earned.
~ Richard Bach
Cowardice, As Distinguished From Panic, Is Almost Always Simply A Lack Of Ability To Suspend The Functioning Of The Imagination. Learning To Suspend Your Imagination And Live Completely In The Very Second Of The Present With No Before And No After Is The Greatest Gift A Soldier Can Acquire.
~ Ernest Hemingway
We Thank You, Almighty God, For The Gift Of Water. Over It The Holy Spirit Moved In The Beginning Of Creation. Through It You Led The Children Of Israel Out Of Their Bondage In Egypt Into The Land Of Promise. In It Your Son Jesus Received The Baptism Of John And We Are Buried With Christ In His Death. By It We Share In His Resurrection. Through It We Are Reborn By The Holy Spirit.
~ Book of Common Praye
The Greatest Gift Of Life Is Friendship, And I Have Received It.
~ Hubert Humphrey
Socrates Called Beauty A Short-lived Tyranny; Plato, A Privilege Of Nature; Theophrastus, A Silent Cheat; Theocritus, A Delightful Prejudice; Carneades, A Solitary Kingdom; Aristotle, That It Was Better Than All The Letters Of Recommendation In The World; Homer, That It Was A Glorious Gift Of Nature; And Ovid, That It Was Favor Bestowed By The Gods.
~ Francis Quarles
We Hold In Our Hands, The Most Precious Gift Of All Freedom. The Freedom To Express Our Art. Our Love. The Freedom To Be Who We Want To Be. We Are Not Going To Give That Freedom Away And No One Shall Take It From Us.
~ Andrew Schneide
MacDonald Has The Gift Of Compressing The Largest Amount Of Words Into The Smallest Amount Of Thoughts.
~ Sir Winston Churchill