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Gift Quotes

from thousands of famous people

You Can Buy Education, But Wisdom Is A Gift From God.
~ Author Unknown
The Artist Is Nothing Without The Gift, But The Gift Is Nothing Without Work.
~ Emile Zola
The Writer Who Possesses The Creative Gift Owns Something Of Which He Is Not Always Master- Something That At Time Strangely Wills And Works For Itself.
~ Charlotte Bronte
There Are Souls In This World Which Have The Gift Of Finding Joy Everywhere And Of Leaving It Behind Them When They Go.
~ Frederick William Fabe
Live You Life While You Have It. Life Is A Splendid Gift - There Is Nothing Small About It.
~ Florence Nightingale
Hope Is The Companion Of Power, And Mother Of Success; For Who So Hopes Strongly Has Within Him The Gift Of Miracles.
~ Samuel Smiles
If Instead Of A Gem, Or Even A Flower, We Should Cast The Gift Of A Loving Thought Into The Heart Of A Friend, That Would Be Giving As The Angels Give.
~ George MacDonald
I Dont Think Anyone Can DO Anything That Would Make Him Worthy Of Love. Love Is A Gift And Cannot Be Earned. It Can Only Be Given.
~ Real Live Preache
May No Gift Be Too Small To Give, Nor Too Simple To Receive, Which Is Wrapped In Thoughtfulness, And Tied With Love.
~ L. O. Baird
Toleration Is The Greatest Gift Of Mind, It Requires That Same Effort Of The Brain That It Takes To Balance Oneself On A Bicycle.
~ Hellen Kelle
The Great Gift Of Human Beings Is That We Have The Power Of Empathy.
~ Meryl Streep
A Champion Views Resistance As A Gift Of Energy.
~ Michael J. Gel