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Fishing Gives You A Sense Of Where You Fit In The Sceme Of Things - Your Place In The Universe... I, Mean, Here I Am, One Small Guy With A Fishing Pole On This Vast Beach And Out There In The Blue Expanse Of Ocean Are These Hundreds Of Millions Of Fish... Laughing At Me.
~ Unknown
Lloyd What Are The Chances Of A Guy Like You And A Girl Like Me... Ending Up Togethe.
~ Dumb & Dumbe
To Err Is Human, To Blame The Next Guy Even More So.
~ Unknown
Instead Of Burning A Guy At The Stake, What About Burning Him At The STILTS It Probably Lasts Longer, Plus It Moves Around.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
Beanie I Have A Wife And Kids. Do I Seem Like A Happy Guy To You, Frank.
~ Old School
The Guy With The Biggest Stomach Will Be The First To Take Off His Shirt At A Baseball Game.
~ Glenn Dickey
How Can A Guy Hit And Think At The Same Time.
~ Lawrence Peter Berra
One Of These Days In Your Travels, A Guy Is Going To Come Up To You And Show You A Nice Brand-new Deck Of Cards On Which The Seal Is Not Yet Broken, And This Guy Is Going To Offer To Bet You That He Can Make The Jack Of Spades Jump Out Of The Deck And Squirt Cider In Your Ear. But, Son, Do Not Bet This Man, For As Sure As You Are Standing There, You Are Going To End Up With An Earful Of Cider.
~ Damon Runyon
Hell, We Spent $200 Billion To Get A Scared Guy Who Needed A Shave Out Of A Fox-hole! And He May Even Die Of Prostate Cancer Before We Even Get A Chance To Try Him, Dammit!
~ Ted Turner, A speech to the McCallie School in Chattanooga, TN
A Composer Is A Guy Who Goes Around Forcing His Will On Unsuspecting Air Molecules, Often With The Assistance Of Unsuspecting Musicians.
~ Frank Zappa
The United States Is Like The Guy At The Party Who Gives Cocaine To Everybody And Still Nobody Likes Him.
~ Jim Samuels
We Might Do Well To Contain Our Elation At Seeing The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Until We Are Certain It Is Not Some Guy On A Motorcycle Coming Straight At Us.
~ Tom Fitzgerald