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Guy Quotes

from thousands of famous people

How Can A Guy Hit And Think At The Same Time.
~ Lawrence Peter Berra
Hell, We Spent $200 Billion To Get A Scared Guy Who Needed A Shave Out Of A Fox-hole! And He May Even Die Of Prostate Cancer Before We Even Get A Chance To Try Him, Dammit!
~ Ted Turner, A speech to the McCallie School in Chattanooga, TN
Nobody In Football Should Be Called A Genius. A Genius Is A Guy Like Norman Einstein.
~ Joe Theismann
Happy During High School, I Played Junior Hockey And Still Hold Two League Records Most Time Spent In The Penalty Box And I Was The Only Guy To Ever Take Off His Skate And Try To Stab Somebody.
~ Happy Gilmore
A Composer Is A Guy Who Goes Around Forcing His Will On Unsuspecting Air Molecules, Often With The Assistance Of Unsuspecting Musicians.
~ Frank Zappa
You Know Something That Would Really Make Me Applaud A Guy Gets Stuck In Quicksand, Then Sinks, Then Suddenly Comes Shooting Out, Riding On Water Skis How Do They Do That.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
Tommy Fat Guy In A Little Coat.
~ Tommy Boy
The Guy Who Takes A Chance, Who Walks The Line Between The Known And Unknown, Who Is Unafraid Of Failure, Will Succeed.
~ Gordon Parks
Instead Of Burning A Guy At The Stake, What About Burning Him At The STILTS It Probably Lasts Longer, Plus It Moves Around.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
The Guy With The Biggest Stomach Will Be The First To Take Off His Shirt At A Baseball Game.
~ Glenn Dickey
The Buck Stops With The Guy Who Signs The Checks.
~ Rupert Murdoch
To Err Is Human, To Blame The Next Guy Even More So.
~ Unknown