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Opera Is When A Guy Gets Stabbed In The Back And, Instead Of Bleeding, He Sings.
~ Ed Gardne
Instead Of Burning A Guy At The Stake, What About Burning Him At The STILTS It Probably Lasts Longer, Plus It Moves Around.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
Fishing Gives You A Sense Of Where You Fit In The Sceme Of Things - Your Place In The Universe... I, Mean, Here I Am, One Small Guy With A Fishing Pole On This Vast Beach And Out There In The Blue Expanse Of Ocean Are These Hundreds Of Millions Of Fish... Laughing At Me.
~ Unknown
The Buck Stops With The Guy Who Signs The Checks.
~ Rupert Murdoch
Beanie I Have A Wife And Kids. Do I Seem Like A Happy Guy To You, Frank.
~ Old School
To Err Is Human, To Blame The Next Guy Even More So.
~ Unknown
The United States Is Like The Guy At The Party Who Gives Cocaine To Everybody And Still Nobody Likes Him.
~ Jim Samuels
We Might Do Well To Contain Our Elation At Seeing The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Until We Are Certain It Is Not Some Guy On A Motorcycle Coming Straight At Us.
~ Tom Fitzgerald
Hell, We Spent $200 Billion To Get A Scared Guy Who Needed A Shave Out Of A Fox-hole! And He May Even Die Of Prostate Cancer Before We Even Get A Chance To Try Him, Dammit!
~ Ted Turner, A speech to the McCallie School in Chattanooga, TN
A Composer Is A Guy Who Goes Around Forcing His Will On Unsuspecting Air Molecules, Often With The Assistance Of Unsuspecting Musicians.
~ Frank Zappa
Lloyd What Are The Chances Of A Guy Like You And A Girl Like Me... Ending Up Togethe.
~ Dumb & Dumbe
How Can A Guy Hit And Think At The Same Time.
~ Lawrence Peter Berra