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Happiness Quotes

from thousands of famous people

When One Door Of Happiness Closes, Another Opens; But Often We Look So Long At The Closed Door That We Do Not See The One Which Has Been Opened For Us.
~ Helen Kelle
Hope Is Itself A Species Of Happiness, And, Perhaps, The Chief Happiness Which This World Affords.
~ Samuel Johnson
The Grand Essentials Of Happiness Are Something To Do, Something To Love, And Something To Hope For.
~ Allan K. Chalmers
We Learn The Inner Secret Of Happiness When We Learn To Direct Our Inner Drives, Our Interest And Our Attention To Something Outside Ourselves.
~ Ethel Perry Andrus
The Secret Of Happiness Is To Make Others Believe They Are The Cause Of It.
~ Al Batt, in National Enquire
The Greater Part Of Happiness Or Misery Depends On Our Dispositions, Not Our Circumstances.
~ Martha Dandridge Custis Washington
Success In Highest And Noblest Form Calls For Peace Of Mind And Enjoyment And Happiness Which Comes Only To The Man Who Has Found The Work He Likes Best.
~ Napoleon Hill
Faith Is The Virtue Of The Storm, Just As Happiness Is The Virtue Of Sunshine.
~ Ruth Fulton Benedict
Remember That Happiness Is As Contagious As Gloom. It Should Be The First Duty Of Those Who Are Happy To Let Others Know Of Their Gladness.
~ Maurice Maeterlinck
There Is No Happiness Where There Is No Wisdom; No Wisdom But In Submission To The Gods. Big Words Are Always Punished, And Proud Men In Old Age Learn To Be Wise.
~ Sophocles, Antigone
If Happiness Could Be Brought, Few Of Us Could Pay The Price.
~ Author Unknown
A Lifetime Of Happiness No Man Alive Could Bear It It Would Be Hell On Earth.
~ George Bernard Shaw