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Happiness Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Our Happiness Depends On Wisdom All The Way.
~ Sophocles
But What Is Happiness Except The Simple Harmony Between A Man And The Life He Leads.
~ Albert Camus
You Say That My Way Of Thinking Cannot Be Tolerated? What Of It? The Man Who Alters His Way Of Thinking To Suit Others Is A Fool. My Way Of Thinking Is The Result Of My Reflections. It Is Part Of My Inner Being, The Way I Am Made. I Do Not Contradict Them, And Would Not Even If I Wished To. For My System, Which You Disapprove Of, Is Also My Greatest Comfort In Life, The Source Of All My Happiness --- It Means More To Me Than My Life Itself.
~ Marquis de Sade
There Is A Difference Between Happiness And Wisdom: He That Thinks Himself The Happiest Man Is Really So; But He That Thinks Himself The Wisest Is Generally The Greatest Fool.
~ Sir Francis Bacon
The Fountain Of Content Must Spring Up In The Mind, And He Who Hath So Little Knowledge Of Human Nature As To Seek Happiness By Changing Anything But His Own Disposition, Will Waste His Life In Fruitless Efforts And Multiply The Grief He Proposes To Remove.
~ Samuel Johnson
Affection Is Responsible For Nine-tenths Of Whatever Solid And Durable Happiness There Is In Our Lives.
~ C. S. Lewis, The Four Loves
There Will Be Little Rubs And Disappointments Everywhere, And We Are All Apt To Expect Too Much But Then, If One Scheme Of Happiness Fails, Human Nature Turns To Another If The First Calculation Is Wrong, We Make A Second Better We Find Comfort Somewhere.
~ Jane Austen
Some Cause Happiness Wherever They Go Others Whenever They Go.
~ Oscar Wilde
If My Heart Can Become Pure And Simple Like That Of A Child, I Think There Probably Can Be No Greater Happiness Than This.
~ Kitaro Nishida
Humanity Does Not Ask Us To Be Happy. It Merely Asks Us To Be Brilliant On Its Behalf. Survival First, Then Happiness As We Can Manage It.
~ Orson Scott Card
The Greatest Happiness Of Life It The Conviction That We Are Loved -- Loved For Ourselves, Or Rather, Loved In Spite Of Ourselves.
~ Victor Hugo
The Greatest Wealth Consisteth In Being Charitable, And The Greatest Happiness In Having Tranquility Of Mind. Experience Is The Most Beautiful Adornment And The Best Comrade Is One That Hath No Desire.
~ Tibetan Doctrine