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Happiness Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Love Is A Condition In Which The Happiness Of Another Person Is Essential To Your Own.
~ Robert Anson Heinlein
Are You Bored With Life Then Throw Yourself Into Some Work You Believe In With All Your Heart, Live For It, Die For It, And You Will Find Happiness That You Had Thought Could Never Be Yours.
~ Dale Carnegie
Remember That Happiness Is A Way Of Travel - Not A Destination.
~ Roy M. Goodman
The Art Of Living Does Not Consist In Preserving And Clinging To A Particular Mood Of Happiness, But In Allowing Happiness To Change Its Form Without Being Disappointed By The Change For Happiness, Like A Child, Must Be Allowed To Grow Up.
~ Charles Langbridge Morgan
The Grand Essentials Of Happiness Are Something To Do, Something To Love, And Something To Hope For.
~ Allan K. Chalmers
Perpetual Inspiration Is As Necessary To The Life Of Goodness, Holiness And Happiness As Perpetual Respiration Is Necessary To Animal Life.
~ Andrew Bonar Law
Friendship Improves Happiness And Abates Misery, By The Doubling Of Our Joy And The Dividing Of Our Grief.
~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
The Greatest Happiness Of Life It The Conviction That We Are Loved -- Loved For Ourselves, Or Rather, Loved In Spite Of Ourselves.
~ Victor Hugo
When One Door Of Happiness Closes, Another Opens But Often We Look So Long At The Closed Door That We Do Not See The One Which Has Opened For Us.
~ Hellen Kelle
Genius Is Entitled To Respect Only When It Promotes The Peace And Improves The Happiness Of Mankind.
~ Lord Essex
I Have Now Reigned About 50 Years In Victory Or Peace, Beloved By My Subjects, Dreaded By My Enemies, And Respected By My Allies. Riches And Honors, Power And Pleasure, Have Waited On My Call, Nor Does Any Earthly Blessing Appear To Have Been Wanting To My Felicity. In This Situation, I Have Diligently Numbered The Days Of Pure And Genuine Happiness Which Have Fallen To My Lot. They Amount To Fourteen.
~ Abd Er- Rahman III
We Find No Real Satisfaction Or Happiness In Life Without Obstacles To Conquer And Goals To Achieve.
~ Maxwell Maltz, Communication Bulletin for Managers & Supervisors, June 2004