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Happiness Quotes

from thousands of famous people

There Is This Difference Between Happiness And Wisdom, That He That Thinks Himself The Happiest Man, Really Is So; But He Who Thinks Himself The Wisest, Is Generally The Greatest Fool.
~ C. C. Colton
My Philosophy, In Essence, Is The Concept Of Man As A Heroic Being, With His Own Happiness As The Moral Purpose Of His Life, With Productive Achievement As His Noblest Activity, And Reason As His Only Absolute.
~ Ayn Rand
It Is Only A Poor Sort Of Happiness That Could Ever Come By Caring Very Much About Our Own Pleasures. We Can Only Have The Highest Happiness Such As Goes Along With Being A Great Man, By Having Wide Thoughts And Much Feeling For The Rest Of The World As Well As Ourselves.
~ George Eliot
Happiness Is Not Achieved By The Conscious Pursuit Of Happiness It Is Generally The By-product Of Other Activities.
~ Aldous Huxley
The Foolish Man Seeks Happiness In The Distance, The Wise Grows It Under His Feet.
~ James Oppenheim
A Lifetime Of Happiness No Man Alive Could Bear It It Would Be Hell On Earth.
~ George Bernard Shaw
There Is No Way To Happiness, Happiness Is The Way.
~ Eykis
Seek Not Happiness Too Greedily, And Be Not Fearful Of Happiness.
~ Lao-tzu
No Mockery In The World Ever Sounds To Me As Hollow As That Of Being Told To Cultivate Happiness Happiness Is Not A Potato, To Be Planted In Mould, And Tilled With Manure.
~ Charlotte Bronte
The Happiness And Unhappiness Of The Rational, Social Animal Depends Not On What He Feels But On What He Does Just As His Virtue And Vice Consist Not In Feeling But In Doing.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
The Grand Essentials To Happiness In This Life Are Something To Do, Something To Love And Something To Hope For.
~ Joseph Addison
Remember That Happiness Is As Contagious As Gloom. It Should Be The First Duty Of Those Who Are Happy To Let Others Know Of Their Gladness.
~ Maurice Maeterlinck