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Happiness Quotes

from thousands of famous people

A Great Obstacle To Happiness Is The Expectation Of Too Great A Happiness.
~ Fontenelle
The First Recipe For Happiness Is Avoid Too Lengthy Meditation On The Past.
~ Andr Maurois
Happiness Is Different From Pleasure. Happiness Has Something To Do With Struggling And Enduring And Accomplishing.
~ George Sheehan
Those Who Can Laugh Without Cause Have Either Found The True Meaning Of Happiness Or Have Gone Stark Raving Mad.
~ Norm Papernick
Our Happiness Depends On Wisdom All The Way.
~ Sophocles
Remember That Happiness Is As Contagious As Gloom. It Should Be The First Duty Of Those Who Are Happy To Let Others Know Of Their Gladness.
~ Maurice Maeterlinck
Humanity Does Not Ask Us To Be Happy. It Merely Asks Us To Be Brilliant On Its Behalf. Survival First, Then Happiness As We Can Manage It.
~ Orson Scott Card
Look To This Day For It Is Life, The Very Life Of Life. For Yesterday Is But A Dream And Tomorrow Is Only A Vision But Today Well Lived Makes Every Yesterday A Dream Of Happiness And Tomorrow A Vision Of Hope. Look Well, Therefore, To This Day Such Is The Salutation Of The Dawn.
~ Kalidasa
No Man Is Happy Without A Delusion Of Some Kind. Delusions Are As Necessary To Our Happiness As Realities.
~ Christian Nestell Bovee
Why Does This Magnificent Applied Science, Which Saves Work And Makes Life Easier, Bring Us Little Happiness The Simple Answer Runs Because We Have Not Yet Learned To Make Sensible Use Of It.
~ Albert Einstein
It Is Only A Poor Sort Of Happiness That Could Ever Come By Caring Very Much About Our Own Pleasures. We Can Only Have The Highest Happiness Such As Goes Along With Being A Great Man, By Having Wide Thoughts And Much Feeling For The Rest Of The World As Well As Ourselves.
~ George Eliot
One Should Never Direct People Towards Happiness, Because Happiness Too Is An Idol Of The Market-place. One Should Direct Them Towards Mutual Affection. A Beast Gnawing At Its Prey Can Be Happy Too, But Only Human Beings Can Feel Affection For Each Other, And This Is The Highest Achievement They Can Aspire To.
~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn