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Happiness Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Look To This Day For It Is Life, The Very Life Of Life. For Yesterday Is But A Dream And Tomorrow Is Only A Vision But Today Well Lived Makes Every Yesterday A Dream Of Happiness And Tomorrow A Vision Of Hope. Look Well, Therefore, To This Day Such Is The Salutation Of The Dawn.
~ Kalidasa
Even If Happiness Forgets You A Little Bit, Never Completely Forget About It.
~ Donald Robert Perry Marquis
The Ancient Greek Definition Of Happiness Was The Full Use Of Your Powers Along Lines Of Excellence.
~ John F. Kennedy
That Is Happiness To Be Dissolved Into Something Complete And Great.
~ Willa Sibert Cathe
Happiness Is The Only Sanction Of Life Where Happiness Fails, Existence Remains A Mad And Lamentable Experiment.
~ George Santayana
Celebrate The Happiness That Friends Are Always Giving, Make Every Day A Holiday And Celebrate Just Living.
~ Amanda Bradley
The Hatred We Bear Our Enemies Injures Their Happiness Less Than Our Own.
~ J. Petit- Senn
Money Is Human Happiness In The Abstract He, Then, Who Is No Longer Capable Of Enjoying Human Happiness In The Concrete Devotes Himself Utterly To Money.
~ Arthur Schopenhaue
I Am More And More Convinced That Our Happiness Or Unhappiness Depends Far More On The Way We Meet The Events Of Life, Than On The Nature Of Those Events Themselves.
~ Wilhelm von Humboldt
Our Happiness Depends On Wisdom All The Way.
~ Sophocles
The Ideals Which Have Always Shone Before Me And Filled Me With The Joy Of Living Are Goodness, Beauty, And Truth. To Make A Goal Of Comfort Or Happiness Has Never Appealed To Me; A System Of Ethics Built On This Basis Would Be Sufficient Only For A Herd Of Cattle.
~ Albert Einstein
If All Our Happiness Is Bound Up Entirely In Our Personal Circumstances It Is Difficult Not To Demand Of Life More Than It Has To Give.
~ Bertrand Russell