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Happiness Quotes

from thousands of famous people

In Our Daily Lives, We Must See That It Is Not Happiness That Makes Us Grateful, But The Gratefulness That Makes Us Happy.
~ Unknown
Real, Constructive Mental Power Lies In The Creative Thought That Shapes Your Destiny, And Your Hour-by-hour Mental Conduct Produces Power For Change In Your Life. Develop A Train Of Thought On Which To Ride. The Nobility Of Your Life As Well As Your Happiness Depends Upon The Direction In Which That Train Of Thought Is Going.
~ Laurence J. Pete
No Mockery In The World Ever Sounds To Me As Hollow As That Of Being Told To Cultivate Happiness Happiness Is Not A Potato, To Be Planted In Mould, And Tilled With Manure.
~ Charlotte Bronte
When You Have Once Seen The Glow Of Happiness On The Face Of A Beloved Person, You Know That A Man Can Have No Vocation But To Awaken That Light On The Faces Surrounding Him. In The Depth Of Winter, I Finally Learned That Within Me There Lay An Invincible Summer.
~ Albert Camus
There Is A Courage Of Happiness As Well As A Courage Of Sorrow.
~ Alfred Adle
No Medicine Cures What Happiness Cannot.
~ Gabrid Garcia Marquez
Action May Not Always Bring Happiness, But There Is No Happiness Without Action.
~ Benjamin Disraeli
Thousands Of Candles Can Be Lighted From A Single Candle, And The Life Of The Candle Will Not Be Shortened. Happiness Never Decreases By Being Shared.
~ Buddha
If What Proust Says Is True, That Happiness Is The Absence Of Fever, Then I Will Never Know Happiness. For I Am Possessed By A Fever For Knowledge, Experience, And Creation.
~ Anais Nin
The Office Of Government Is Not To Confer Happiness, But To Give Men The Opportunity To Work Out Happiness For Themselves.
~ William Ellery Channing
Happiness Is The Only Sanction Of Life Where Happiness Fails, Existence Remains A Mad And Lamentable Experiment.
~ George Santayana
One Of The Universal Rules Of Happiness Is: Always Be Wary Of Any Helpful Item That Weighs Less Than Its Operating Manual.
~ Terry Pratchett, Jingo