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Happiness Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Secret Of Happiness Is To Make Others Believe They Are The Cause Of It.
~ Al Batt, in National Enquire
A Large Income Is The Best Recipe For Happiness I Ever Heard Of.
~ Jane Austen, Mansfield Park
Three Grand Essentials To Happiness In This Life Are Something To Do, Something To Love, And Something To Hope For.
~ Joseph Addison
There Is Only One Way To Happiness And That Is To Cease Worrying About Things Which Are Beyond The Power Of Our Will.
~ Epictetus
Different Men Seek After Happiness In Different Ways And By Different Means, And So Make For Themselves Different Modes Of Life And Forms Of Government.
~ Aristotle
Love Is The Condition In Which The Happiness Of Another Person Is Essential To Your Own.... Jealousy Is A Disease, Love Is A Healthy Condition. The Immature Mind Often Mistakes One For The Other, Or Assumes That The Greater The Love The Greater The Jealousy.
~ Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Srange Land
The Happiness Of Your Life Depends Upon The Quality Of Your Thoughts, Therefore Guard Accordingly And Take Care That You Entertain No Notions Unsuitable To Virtue, And Reasonable Nature.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
Even In The Common Affairs Of Life, In Love, Friendship, And Marriage, How Little Security Have We When We Trust Our Happiness In The Hands Of Others.
~ William Hazlitt
Each Happiness Of Yesterday Is A Memory For Tomorrow.
~ George W. Douglas
They Must Often Change Who Would Be Constant In Happiness Or Wisdom.
~ Confucius, Analects
Ladies Of Fashion Starve Their Happiness To Feed Their Vanity, And Their Love To Feed Their Pride.
~ Charles Caleb Colton
One Should As A Rule Respect Public Opinion In So Far As Is Necessary To Avoid Starvation And To Keep Out Of Prison, But Anything That Goes Beyond This Is Voluntary Submission To An Unnecessary Tyranny, And Is Likely To Interfere With Happiness In All Kinds Of Ways.
~ Bertrand Russell, Conquest of Happiness (1930) ch. 9