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Happiness Quotes

from thousands of famous people

There Is Neither Happiness Nor Unhappiness In This World; There Is Only The Comparison Of One State With Another. Only A Man Who Has Felt Ultimate Despair Is Capable Of Feeling Ultimate Bliss. It Is Necessary To Have Wished For Death In Order To Know How Good Life Is To Live.
~ Alexandre Dumas, The Count of Monte Cristo
When You Have Once Seen The Glow Of Happiness On The Face Of A Beloved Person, You Know That A Man Can Have No Vocation But To Awaken That Light On The Faces Surrounding Him. In The Depth Of Winter, I Finally Learned That Within Me There Lay An Invincible Summer.
~ Albert Camus
People Far Prefer Happiness To Wisdom, But That Is Like Wanting To Be Immortal Without Getting Older.
~ Sydney Harris
The Greatest Wealth Consisteth In Being Charitable, And The Greatest Happiness In Having Tranquility Of Mind. Experience Is The Most Beautiful Adornment And The Best Comrade Is One That Hath No Desire.
~ Tibetan Doctrine
The Happiness And Unhappiness Of The Rational, Social Animal Depends Not On What He Feels But On What He Does Just As His Virtue And Vice Consist Not In Feeling But In Doing.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
One Should As A Rule Respect Public Opinion In So Far As Is Necessary To Avoid Starvation And To Keep Out Of Prison, But Anything That Goes Beyond This Is Voluntary Submission To An Unnecessary Tyranny, And Is Likely To Interfere With Happiness In All Kinds Of Ways.
~ Bertrand Russell, Conquest of Happiness (1930) ch. 9
If Happiness Could Be Brought, Few Of Us Could Pay The Price.
~ Author Unknown
There Is Joy In Work. There Is No Happiness Except In The Realization That We Have Accomplished Something.
~ Henry Ford
I Define Comfort As Self-acceptance. When We Finally Learn That Self-care Begins And Ends With Ourselves, We No Longer Demand Sustenance And Happiness From Others.
~ Jennifer Louden
Faith Is The Virtue Of The Storm, Just As Happiness Is The Virtue Of Sunshine.
~ Ruth Fulton Benedict
I Have Now Reigned About 50 Years In Victory Or Peace, Beloved By My Subjects, Dreaded By My Enemies, And Respected By My Allies. Riches And Honors, Power And Pleasure, Have Waited On My Call, Nor Does Any Earthly Blessing Appear To Have Been Wanting To My Felicity. In This Situation, I Have Diligently Numbered The Days Of Pure And Genuine Happiness Which Have Fallen To My Lot. They Amount To Fourteen.
~ Abd Er- Rahman III
Happiness Is Not Achieved By The Conscious Pursuit Of Happiness It Is Generally The By-product Of Other Activities.
~ Aldous Huxley