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Happiness Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Grand Essentials To Happiness In This Life Are Something To Do, Something To Love And Something To Hope For.
~ Joseph Addison
Different Men Seek After Happiness In Different Ways And By Different Means, And So Make For Themselves Different Modes Of Life And Forms Of Government.
~ Aristotle
You Are Forgiven For Your Happiness And Your Successes Only If You Generously Consent To Share Them.
~ William Blake
Every Day I Live I Am More Convinced That The Waste Of Life Lies In The Love We Have Not Given, The Powers We Have Not Used, The Selfish Prudence That Will Risk Nothing And Which, Shirking Pain, Misses Happiness As Well.
~ Mary Cholmondeley
No Medicine Cures What Happiness Cannot.
~ Gabrid Garcia Marquez
Life Is All One Piece. Men Err When They Think They Can Be Inhuman Exploiters In Their Business Life, And Loving Husbands And Fathers At Home. For Achievement Without Love Is A Cold And Tight-lipped Murderer Of Human Happiness Everywhere.
~ Smiley Blanton
The Secret Of Happiness Is To Make Others Believe They Are The Cause Of It.
~ Al Batt, in National Enquire
The Office Of Government Is Not To Confer Happiness, But To Give Men The Opportunity To Work Out Happiness For Themselves.
~ William Ellery Channing
There Is A Difference Between Happiness And Wisdom: He That Thinks Himself The Happiest Man Is Really So; But He That Thinks Himself The Wisest Is Generally The Greatest Fool.
~ Sir Francis Bacon
The Greatest Happiness Of Life Is The Conviction That We Are Loved; Loved For Ourselves, Or Rather, Loved In Spite Of Ourselves.
~ Victor Hugo
The Happiness That Is Genuinely Satisfying Is Accompanied By The Fullest Exercise Of Our Faculties And The Fullest Realization Of The World In Which We Live.
~ Bertrand Russell
Friendship Improves Happiness And Abates Misery, By The Doubling Of Our Joy And The Dividing Of Our Grief.
~ Marcus Tullius Cicero