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Happiness Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Word Happiness Would Lose Its Meaning If It Were Not Balanced By Sadness.
~ Carl Jung
Even If Happiness Forgets You A Little Bit, Never Completely Forget About It.
~ Donald Robert Perry Marquis
Realize That True Happiness Lies Within You. Waste No Time And Effort Searching For Peace And Contentment And Joy In The World Outside. Remember That There Is No Happiness In Having Or In Getting, But Only In Giving. Reach Out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness Is A Perfume You Cannot Pour On Others Without Getting A Few Drops On Yourself.
~ Og Mandino
There Is Only One Way To Happiness And That Is To Cease Worrying About Things Which Are Beyond The Power Of Our Will.
~ Epictetus
It Is Not Easy To Find Happiness In Ourselves, And It Is Not Possible To Find It Elsewhere.
~ Agnes Repplie
If You Wait For The Perfect Moment When All Is Safe And Assured, It May Never Arrive. Mountains Will Not Be Climbed, Races Won, Or Lasting Happiness Achieved.
~ Maurice Chevalie
There Is This Difference Between Happiness And Wisdom, That He That Thinks Himself The Happiest Man, Really Is So; But He Who Thinks Himself The Wisest, Is Generally The Greatest Fool.
~ C. C. Colton
The Happiness Of A Man In This Life Does Not Consist In The Absence But In The Mastery Of His Passions.
~ Alfred Lord Tennyson
The Essence Of Philosophy Is That A Man Should So Live That His Happiness Shall Depend As Little As Possible On External Things.
~ Epictetus
When One Door Of Happiness Closes Another Opens; But We Often Look So Long At The Closed One That We Do Not See The One Which Has Opened For Us.
~ Helen Keller, Quote of the day book
Not Many Can Admit Their Fears, But Those Who Can Lead A Fulfilling Life Of Happiness Knowing They Hide Nothing And Need Not To.
~ Cyrus Corteise
Remember That Happiness Is A Way Of Travel - Not A Destination.
~ Roy M. Goodman