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Happiness Quotes

from thousands of famous people

There Is Joy In Work. There Is No Happiness Except In The Realization That We Have Accomplished Something.
~ Henry Ford
The Happiness Of A Man In This Life Does Not Consist In The Absence But In The Mastery Of His Passions.
~ Alfred Lord Tennyson
One Ought To Seek Out Virtue For Its Own Sake, Without Being Influenced By Fear Or Hope, Or By Any External Influence. Moreover, That In That Does Happiness Consist.
~ Diogenes Laertius, Zeno
The Happiness That Is Genuinely Satisfying Is Accompanied By The Fullest Exercise Of Our Faculties And The Fullest Realization Of The World In Which We Live.
~ Bertrand Russell
The Happiest People Are Those Who Think The Most Interesting Thoughts. Those Who Decide To Use Leisure As A Means Of Mental Development, Who Love Good Music, Good Books, Good Pictures, Good Company, Good Conversation, Are The Happiest People In The World. And They Are Not Only Happy In Themselves, They Are The Cause Of Happiness In Others.
~ William Lyon Phelps
Do Not Speak Of Your Happiness To One Less Fortunate Than Yourself.
~ Plutarch
When One Door Of Happiness Closes, Another One Opens, But Often We Look So Long At The Closed Door That We Do Not See The One That Has Been Opened To Us.
~ Helen Kelle
We Find Delight In The Beauty And Happiness Of Children That Makes The Heart Too Big For The Body.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
You Say That My Way Of Thinking Cannot Be Tolerated? What Of It? The Man Who Alters His Way Of Thinking To Suit Others Is A Fool. My Way Of Thinking Is The Result Of My Reflections. It Is Part Of My Inner Being, The Way I Am Made. I Do Not Contradict Them, And Would Not Even If I Wished To. For My System, Which You Disapprove Of, Is Also My Greatest Comfort In Life, The Source Of All My Happiness --- It Means More To Me Than My Life Itself.
~ Marquis de Sade
Where Ambition Ends Happiness Begins.
~ Author Unknown
No Man Is Happy Without A Delusion Of Some Kind. Delusions Are As Necessary To Our Happiness As Realities.
~ Christian Nestell Bovee
The Secret Of Happiness Is To Admire Without Desiring. And That Is Not Happiness.
~ F. H. Bradley