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Heart Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Tears May Be Dried Up, But The Heart - Never.
~ Marguerite de Valois
Love Anything And Your Heart Will Be Wrung And Possibly Broken. If You Want To Make Sure Of Keeping It Intact You Must Give It To No One, Not Even An Animal. Wrap It Carefully Round With Hobbies And Little Luxuries; Avoid All Entanglements. Lock It Up Safe In The Casket Or Coffin Of Your Selfishness. But In That Casket--safe, Dark, Motionless, Airless--it Will Change. It Will Not Be Broken; It Will Become Unbreakable, Impenetrable, Irredeemable. To Love Is To Be Vulnerable.
~ C. S. Lewis
The Earth Has Grown Old With Its Burden Of Care But At Christmas It Always Is Young, The Heart Of The Jewel Burns Lustrous And Fair And Its Soul Full Of Music Breaks The Air, When The Song Of Angels Is Sung.
~ Phillips Brooks
In A Full Heart There Is Room For Everything, And In An Empty Heart There Is Room For Nothing.
~ Antonio Porchia, Voices
I Do Not Think There Is Any Thrill That Can Go Through The Human Heart Like That Felt By The Inventor As He Sees Some Creation Of The Brain Unfolding To Success.... Such Emotions Make A Man Forget Food, Sleep, Friends, Love, Everything.
~ Nikola Tesla
When People Do Not Respect Us We Are Sharply Offended; Yet Deep Down In His Private Heart No Man Much Respects Himself.
~ Mark Twain
Have A Heart That Never Hardens, And A Temper That Never Tires, And A Touch That Never Hurts.
~ Charles Dickens
Hear Me, My Chiefs I Am Tired. My Heart Is Sick And Sad. From Where The Sun Now Stands, I Will Fight No More Forever.
~ Chief Joseph
Hitler And Mussolini Were Only The Primary Spokesmen For The Attitude Of Domination And Craving For Power That Are In The Heart Of Almost Everyone. Until The Source Is Cleared, There Will Always Be Confusion And Hate, Wars And Class Antagonisms.
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
Where Your Pleasure Is, There Is Your Treasure Where Your Treasure, There Your Heart Where Your Heart, There Your Happiness.
~ Saint Augustine
If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking I Shall Not Live In Vain If I Can Ease One Life The Aching, Or Cool One Pain, Or Help One Fainting Robin Into His Nest Again, I Shall Not Live In Vain.
~ Emily Dickinson
Pride Grows In The Human Heart Like Lard On A Pig.
~ Alexander Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago