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Heart Quotes

from thousands of famous people

If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking, I Shall Not Live In Vain.
~ Emily Dickinson
A Light Heart Lives Long.
~ Irish Prove
Love Anything And Your Heart Will Be Wrung And Possibly Broken. If You Want To Make Sure Of Keeping It Intact You Must Give It To No One, Not Even An Animal. Wrap It Carefully Round With Hobbies And Little Luxuries; Avoid All Entanglements. Lock It Up Safe In The Casket Or Coffin Of Your Selfishness. But In That Casket--safe, Dark, Motionless, Airless--it Will Change. It Will Not Be Broken; It Will Become Unbreakable, Impenetrable, Irredeemable. To Love Is To Be Vulnerable.
~ C. S. Lewis
There Are Many Ways Of Breaking A Heart. Stories Were Full Of Hearts Being Broken By Love, But What Really Broke A Heart Was Taking Away Its Dream-whatever That Dream Might Be.
~ Pearl Sydenstricker Buck
To Serve Is Beautiful, But Only If It Is Done With Joy And A Whole Heart And A Free Mind.
~ Pearl Sydenstricker Buck
A Torn Jacket Is Soon Mended; But Hard Words Bruise The Heart Of A Child.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The Heart Is Wiser Than The Intellect.
~ Unknown
Above All Be True To Yourself, And If You Can Not Put Your Heart In It, Take Yourself Out Of It.
~ Hardy D. Jackson
A Liberal Education Is At The Heart Of A Civil Society, And At The Heart Of A Liberal Education Is The Act Of Teaching.
~ A Bartlett Giamatti
May The Gods Grant You All Things Which Your Heart Desires, And May They Give You A Husband And A Home And Gracious Concord, For There Is Nothing Greater And Better Than This -when A Husband And Wife Keep A Household In Oneness Of Mind, A Great Woe To Their Enemies And Joy To Their Friends, And Win High Renown.
~ Homer, The Odyssey
Our Heart Has Its Reasons That Reason Cannot Know.
~ Blaise Pascal
Nature Never Did Betray The Heart That Loved Her.
~ William Wordsworth