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Heart Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Have The Heart Of A Child. I Keep It In A Jar On My Shelf.
~ Robert Bloch
A Kind Heart Is A Fountain Of Gladness, Making Everything In Its Vicinity Freshen Into Smiles.
~ Washington Irving
The Heart Has Its Reasons Which Reason Knows Nothing Of.
~ Blaise Pascal
Nay, Tempt Me Not To Love Again: There Was A Time When Love Was Sweet; Dear Nea! Had I Known Thee Then, Our Souls Had Not Been Slow To Meet! But Oh! This Weary Heart Hath Run So Many A Time The Rounds Of Pain, Not Even For Thee, Thou Lovely One! Would I Endure Such Pangs Again.
~ Sir Thomas More
There Is A Tricycle In Man. He Knows, He Feels And Acts. He Has Emotion, Intellect And Will. He Must Develop Head, Heart And Hand.
~ Swami Sivanada
It Is A Lesson Never Learned: Matters Of State And The Heart That Start With A Lie Rarely End Well.
~ Maureen Dowd, New York Times, January 10, 2005
A Good Exercise For The Heart Is To Bend Down And Help Another Up.
~ Anonymous
Optimism Is A Kind Of Heart Stimulant--the Digitalis Of Failure.
~ Elbert Hubbard
If It Were Not For Hope, The Heart Would Break.
~ Thomas Fulle
Destiny Is But A Phrase Of The Weak Human Heart - The Dark Apology For Every Error. The Strong And Virtuous Admit No Destiny. On Earth Conscience Guides; In Heaven God Watches. And Destiny Is But The Phantom We Invoke To Silence The One And Dethrone The Other.
~ Edward Bulwer- Lytton
Any Man Who Is Under 30, And Is Not A Liberal, Has Not Heart And Any Man Who Is Over 30, And Is Not A Conservative, Has No Brains.
~ Sir Winston Leonard Spenser Churchill
To Understand The Heart And Mind Of A Person, Look Not At What He Has Already Achieved, But At What He Aspires To Do.
~ Kahlil Gibran