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Heart Quotes

from thousands of famous people

We Have The Right To Lie, But Not About The Heart Of The Matter.
~ Luis Rodriguez, Always Running
Above All Be True To Yourself, And If You Can Not Put Your Heart In It, Take Yourself Out Of It.
~ Hardy D. Jackson
Music Is The Last True Voice Of The Human Spirit. It Can Go Beyond Language, Beyond Age, And Beyond Color Straight To The Mind And Heart Of All People.
~ Ben Harpe
Any Man Who Is Under 30, And Is Not A Liberal, Has Not Heart And Any Man Who Is Over 30, And Is Not A Conservative, Has No Brains.
~ Sir Winston Leonard Spenser Churchill
He Has The Right To Criticize Who Has The Heart To Help.
~ Abraham Lincoln
A Consistent Pursuit Of Classical Physics Forces A Transformation In The Very Heart Of That Physics.
~ Werner Heisenberg, Philosophical Problems of Nuclear Science, New York: Fawcett 1966, p. 13
The Timid And Fearful First Failures Dismay, But The Stout Heart Stays Trying By Night And By Day. He Values His Failures As Lessons That Teach The One Way To Get To The Goal He Would Reach.
~ Edgar Albert Guest
Destiny Is But A Phrase Of The Weak Human Heart - The Dark Apology For Every Error. The Strong And Virtuous Admit No Destiny. On Earth Conscience Guides; In Heaven God Watches. And Destiny Is But The Phantom We Invoke To Silence The One And Dethrone The Other.
~ Edward Bulwer- Lytton
No Evil Propensity Of The Human Heart Is So Powerful That It May Not Be Subdued By Discipline.
~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca
When I Was One-and-twenty, I Heard A Wise Man Say, Give Pounds And Crowns And Guineas, But Not Your Heart Away. Give Pearls Away And Rubies, But Keep Your Fancy Free. But I Was One-and-twenty, No Use To Talk To Me.
~ A. E. Houseman
Let Your Heart Give You Joy In All The Days Of Your Life.
~ Ecclesiastes
The Heart Is Wiser Than The Intellect.
~ Unknown