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Heart Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Educate The Heart -- Educate The Heart. Let Us Have Good Men.
~ Hiram Powers
When Making Personal Decisions, Listen To What Your Head Says Then Listen To What Your Heart Says. If They Differ, Follow Your Heart Whenever You Listen To Your Heart, You Listen To That Part Of You That Is Most Interested In Your Well-being.
~ Unknown
Sometimes The Heart Sees What Is Invisible To The Eye.
~ Unknown
No Matter What We Have Come Through, Or How Many Perils We Have Safely Passed, Or How Many Imperfect And Jagged - In Some Places Perhaps Irreparably - Our Life Has Been, We Cannot In Our Heart Of Hearts Imagine How It Could Have Been Different. As We Look Back On It, It Slips In Behind Us In Orderly Array, And, With All Its Mistakes, Acquires A Sort Of Eternal Fitness, And Even, At Times, Of Poetic Glamour.
~ Randolph Silliman Bourne
If You Find It In Your Heart To Care For Somebody Else, You Will Have Succeeded.
~ Maya Angelou
Listen To Your Heart, Because In The End It Is Your Heart That Matters.
~ Jennifer Tyle
The Radical Novelty Of Modern Science Lies Precisely In The Rejection Of The Belief, Which Is At The Heart Of All Popular Religion, That The Forces Which Move The Stars And Atoms Are Contingent Upon The Preferences Of The Human Heart.
~ Richard Adams
Joyfulness Keeps The Heart And Face Young. A Good Laugh Makes Us Better Friends With Ourselves And Everybody Around Us.
~ Orison Swett Marden
A Light Heart Lives Long.
~ Irish Prove
I Have Supported My Deviations With Reasons I Did Not Stop At Mere Doubt I Have Vanquished, I Have Uprooted, I Have Destroyed Everything In My Heart That Might Have Interfered With My Pleasure.
~ Marquis de Sade
Nay, Tempt Me Not To Love Again: There Was A Time When Love Was Sweet; Dear Nea! Had I Known Thee Then, Our Souls Had Not Been Slow To Meet! But Oh! This Weary Heart Hath Run So Many A Time The Rounds Of Pain, Not Even For Thee, Thou Lovely One! Would I Endure Such Pangs Again.
~ Sir Thomas More
Music Like Religion, Unconditionally Brings In Its Train All The Moral Virtues To The Heart It Enters, Even Though That Heart Is Not In The Least Worthy.
~ Jean Baptiste Montegut