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Heart Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Nay, Tempt Me Not To Love Again: There Was A Time When Love Was Sweet; Dear Nea! Had I Known Thee Then, Our Souls Had Not Been Slow To Meet! But Oh! This Weary Heart Hath Run So Many A Time The Rounds Of Pain, Not Even For Thee, Thou Lovely One! Would I Endure Such Pangs Again.
~ Sir Thomas More
The Beauty Of The World Has Two Edges, One Of Laughter, One Of Anguish, Cutting The Heart Asunder.
~ Virginia
There Is No Need To Run Outside For Better Seeing... Rather Abide At The Center Of Your Being For The More You Leave It The Less You Learn. Search Your Heart And See... The Way To Do Is To Be.
~ Lao Tzu
When People Do Not Respect Us We Are Sharply Offended; Yet Deep Down In His Private Heart No Man Much Respects Himself.
~ Mark Twain
Dreams Are Wishes Your Heart Makes.
~ American Prove
A Thankful Heart Is Not Only The Greatest Virtue, But The Parent Of All Other Virtues.
~ Marcus Tullius Cicero
If You Sit Down At Set Of Sun And Count The Acts That You Have Done, And Counting Find One Self-denying Deed, One Word That Eased The Heart Of Him Who Heard One Glance Most Kind That Fell Like Sunshine Where It Went- Then You May Count That Day Well Spent.
~ George Eliot
Let Us, Then, Be Up And Doing, With A Heart For Any Fate Still Achieving, Still Pursuing, Learn To Labor And To Wait.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Never Let The Odds Keep You From Pursuing What You Know In Your Heart You Were Meant To Do.
~ Leroy Robert Satchel Paige
To Understand The Heart And Mind Of A Person, Look Not At What He Has Already Achieved, But At What He Aspires To Do.
~ Kahlil Gibran
Just Being Happy Helps Other Souls Along Their Burdens May Be Heavy And They Not Strong And Your Own Sky Will Lighten, If Other Skies You Brighten, By Just Being Happy With A Heart Full Of Song.
~ Ripley D. Saunders
When The Time Comes For Friends To Part, Love Will Be The Bride, From Heart To Heart.
~ Unknown