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Heart Quotes

from thousands of famous people

It Is The Mind Which Creates The World About Us, And Even Though We Stand Side By Side In The Same Meadow, My Eyes Will Never See What Is Beheld By Yours, My Heart Will Never Stir To The Emotions With Which Yours Is Touched.
~ George Gissing
A Good Excercise For The Heart Is To Bend Down And Help Another Up.
~ John Andrew Holmes
The Earth Has Grown Old With Its Burden Of Care But At Christmas It Always Is Young, The Heart Of The Jewel Burns Lustrous And Fair And Its Soul Full Of Music Breaks The Air, When The Song Of Angels Is Sung.
~ Phillips Brooks
He That Is Of A Merry Heart Hasth A Continual Feast.
~ Biblical Prove
The Pig, If I Am Not Mistaken, Supplies Us Sausage, Ham, And Bacon. Let Others Say His Heart Is Big, I Think It Stupid Of The Pig.
~ Ogden Nash, "The Pig"
My Heart Has Joined The Thousand, For My Friend Stopped Running Today.
~ Richard Adams
A Good Head And A Good Heart Are Always A Formidable Combination.
~ Nelson Mandela
It Is Only With The Heart That One Can See Rightly What Is Essential Is Invisible To The Eye.
~ Antoine De Saint- Exupery
If My Heart Can Become Pure And Simple Like That Of A Child, I Think There Probably Can Be No Greater Happiness Than This.
~ Kitaro Nishida
A Kind Heart Is A Fountain Of Gladness, Making Everything In Its Vicinity Freshen Into Smiles.
~ Washington Irving
Be Still Sad Heart And Cease Repining; Behind The Clouds The Sun Is Shining, Thy Fate Is The Common Fate Of All, Into Each Life A Little Rain Must Fall, Some Days Must Be Dark And Dreary.
~ Longfellow
To Resist The Frigidity Of Old Age One Must Combine The Body, The Mind And The Heart - And To Keep Them In Parallel Vigor One Must Exercise, Study And Love.
~ Karl von Bonstetten