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Heart Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Music Like Religion, Unconditionally Brings In Its Train All The Moral Virtues To The Heart It Enters, Even Though That Heart Is Not In The Least Worthy.
~ Jean Baptiste Montegut
The Man Who Backbites An Absent Friend, Nay, Who Does Not Stand Up For Him When Another Blames Him, The Man Who Angles For Bursts Of Laughter And For The Repute Of A Wit, Who Can Invent What He Never Saw, Who Cannot Keep A Secret - That Man Is Black At Heart Mark And Avoid Him.
~ Cicero
May The Gods Grant You All Things Which Your Heart Desires, And May They Give You A Husband And A Home And Gracious Concord, For There Is Nothing Greater And Better Than This -when A Husband And Wife Keep A Household In Oneness Of Mind, A Great Woe To Their Enemies And Joy To Their Friends, And Win High Renown.
~ Homer, The Odyssey
The Radical Novelty Of Modern Science Lies Precisely In The Rejection Of The Belief, Which Is At The Heart Of All Popular Religion, That The Forces Which Move The Stars And Atoms Are Contingent Upon The Preferences Of The Human Heart.
~ Richard Adams
Above All Be True To Yourself, And If You Can Not Put Your Heart In It, Take Yourself Out Of It.
~ Hardy D. Jackson
Listen To Your Heart, Because In The End It Is Your Heart That Matters.
~ Jennifer Tyle
At Night Always Carry In Your Heart Something From Holy Scriptures To Bed With You, Meditate Upon It Like A Ruminant Animal, And Go Softly To Sleep; But This Must Not Be Too Much, Rather A Little That May Be Well Pondered And Understood, That You May Find A Remnant Of It In Your Mind When You Rise In The Morning.
~ Martin Luthe
The Human Heart Feels Things The Eyes Cannot See, And Knows What The Mind Cannot Understand.
~ Robert Valett
The Wicked At Heart Probably Know Something.
~ Woody Allen, "Without Feathers"
There Is No Witness So Dreadful, No Accuser So Terrible As The Conscience That Dwells In The Heart Of Every Man.
~ Polybius, History
A Friend Is What The Heart Needs All The Time.
~ Henry Van Dyke
The Sun Illuminates Only The Eye Of The Man, But Shines Into The Eyes And The Heart Of The Child.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Nature"