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Heart Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Life Is Short. Time Is Fleeting. Realize The Self. Purity Of The Heart Is The Gateway To God. Aspire. Renounce. Meditate. Be Good Do Good. Be Kind Be Compassionate. Inquire, Know Thyself.
~ Swami Sivanada
The Way You Let Your Hand Rest In Mine, My Bewitching Sweetheart, Fills Me With Happiness. It Is The Perfection Of Confiding Love. Everything You Do, The Little Unconscious Things In Particular, Charms Me And Increases My Sense Of Nearness To You, Identification With You, Till My Heart Is Full To Overflowing.
~ Woodrow Wilson
Let Your Heart Give You Joy In All The Days Of Your Life.
~ Ecclesiastes
Our Heart Has Its Reasons That Reason Cannot Know.
~ Blaise Pascal
For The Unquiet Heart And Brain, A Use In Measured Language Lies.
~ Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Shame Is That Intrinsic Meter Of Our Own Heart To Tell Us That We Have Failed To Follow Our Own Moral Compass.
~ LaDawnna Burnett, (1975-), Letters on Ethics
Give Not Over Thy Soul To Sorrow; And Afflict Not Thyself In Thy Own Counsel. Gladness Of Heart Is The Life Of Man And The Joyfulness Of Man Is Length Of Days.
~ Ecclesiastes
At Different Stages In Our Lives, The Signs Of Love May Vary Dependence, Attraction, Contentment, Worry, Loyalty, Grief, But At Heart The Source Is Always The Same. Human Beings Have The Rare Capacity To Connect With Each Other, Against All Odds.
~ Michael Dorris
May The Sun Always Shine On Your Windowpane May A Rainbow Be Certain To Follow Each Rain May The Hand Of A Friend Always Be Near You May God Fill Your Heart With Gladness To Cheer You.
~ Blessing Irish
To Attract Good Fortune, Spend A New Coin On An Old Friend, Share An Old Pleasure With A New Friend, And Lift Up The Heart Of A True Friend By Writing His Name On The Wings Of A Dragon.
~ Chinese Prove
Optimism Is A Kind Of Heart Stimulant--the Digitalis Of Failure.
~ Elbert Hubbard
Young Love Is A Flame; Very Pretty, Often Very Hot And Fierce, But Still Only Light And Flickering. The Love Of The Older And Disciplined Heart Is As Coals, Deep-burning, Unquenchable.
~ Henry Ward Beeche