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Holiday Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Having A Holiday Weekend Without A Family Member Felt Like Putting On A Sweater That Had An Extra Arm.
~ Pamela Ribon, Why Girls Are Weird, 2003
Christmas Is A Holiday That Persecutes The Lonely, The Frayed, And The Rejected.
~ Jimmy Cannon
Celebrate The Happiness That Friends Are Always Giving, Make Every Day A Holiday And Celebrate Just Living.
~ Amanda Bradley
Let The Minor Genius Go His Light Way And Enjoy His Life - The Great Nature Cannot So Live, He Is Never Really In Holiday Mood, Even Though He Often Plucks Flowers By The Wayside And Ties Them Into Knots And Garlands Like Little Children And Lays Out On A Sunny Morning.
~ W. B. Yeats
A Perpetual Holiday Is A Good Working Definition Of Hell.
~ George Bernard Shaw