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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Most Important Thing In Life Is To Learn How To Give Out Love, And To Let It Come In.
~ Morrie Schwartz, Tuesdays With Morrie
There Is Nothing More Agreeable In Life Than To Make Peace With The Establishment And Nothing More Corrupting.
~ Alan John Percivale Taylo
Truth Is Always Exciting. Speak It, Then, Life Is Dull Without It.
~ Pearl Buck
The Ideal Life Is In Our Blood And Never Will Be Still. Sad Will Be The Day For Any Man When He Becomes Contented With The Thoughts He Is Thinking And The Deeds He Is Doing -- Where There Is Not Forever Beating At The Doors Of His Soul Some Great Desire To Do Something Larger, Which He Knows That He Was Meant And Made To Do.
~ Phillips Brooks
To Decide, To Be At The Level Of Choice, Is To Take Responsibility For Your Life And To Be In Control Of Your Life.
~ Abbie M. Dale
We Trained Very Hard, But It Seemed That Every Time We Were Beginning To Form Into Teams We Would Be Reorganised. I Was To Learn Later In Life That We Tend To Meet Any New Situation By Reorganising, And A Wonderful Method It Can Be For Creating The Illusion Of Progress, While Producing Confusion, Inefficiency And Demoralisation.
~ Gaius Petronius
People Who Keep Journals Have Life Twice.
~ Jessamyn West
A Long Life May Not Be Good Enough, But A Good Life Is Long Enough.
~ Quoted by Benjamin Franklin, Pearls of Wisdom, by Jerome Agel and Walter D. Glanze
I Broke Something Today, And I Realized I Should Break Something Once A Week... To Remind Me How Fragile Life Is.
~ Andy Warhol
Anthropology Provides A Scientific Basis For Dealing With The Crucial Dilemma Of The World Today How Can Peoples Of Different Appearance, Mutually Unintelligible Languages, And Dissimilar Ways Of Life Get Along Peaceably Togethe.
~ Clyde Kluckhohn
You Spend All Your Life Trying To Do Something They Put People In Asylums For.
~ Jane Fonda
Man Supposes That He Directs His Life And Governs His Actions, When His Existence Is Irretrievably Under The Control Of Destiny.
~ Johann von Goethe