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Our Institutions And Values Are In Jeopardy As The Mores Of The Market Pervade All Social Life In This Country. Loyalty, Honesty, Courage, Discipline, Patriotism, And Commitment To Family Are Being Crowded Out By The Goals And Rules Of Economic Rationality -- Do Whatever Makes The Most Money.
~ Barry Schwartz
As You Journey Through Life Take A Minute Every Now And Then To Give A Thought For The Other Fellow. He Could Be Plotting Something.
~ Hagar the Horrible
A Life Of Pleasure Makes Even The Strongest Mind Frivolous At Last.
~ Edward Bulwer- Lytton
It Is One Of The Great Secrets Of Life That Those Things Which Are Most Worth Doing, We Do For Others.
~ Lewis Carroll
Perhaps Each Life Has One Sensational Thought, If Acted Upon Will Bring Great Meaning.
~ Michael R. Bae
The Expectations Of Life Depend Upon Diligence The Mechanic That Would Perfect His Work Must First Sharpen His Tools.
~ Confucius
One Of The Secrets Of A Happy Life Is Continuous Small Treats.
~ Iris Murdoch
None Meet Life Honestly And Few Heroically.
~ Clarence Darrow
O For A Life Of Sensations Rather Than Of Thoughts.
~ John Keats, Letter to Benjamin Bailey, Nov 1817
Each Of Us Has A Spark Of Life Inside Us, And Our Highest Endeavor Ought To Be To Set Off That Spark In One Another.
~ Kenny Ausubel
Far And Away The Best Prize That Life Offers Is The Chance To Work Hard At Work Worth Doing.
~ Theodore Roosevelt, Speech in New York, September 7, 1903
Three Things In Human Life Are Important The First Is To Be Kind The Second Is To Be Kind And The Third Is To Be Kind.
~ Henry James