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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Think Of What Would Happen To Us In America If There Were No Humorists; Life Would Be One Long Congressional Record.
~ Tom Masson
Somebody Should Tell Us, Right At The Start Of Our Lives, That We Are Dying. Then We Might Live Life To The Limit, Every Minute Of Every Day. Do It! I Say. Whatever You Want To Do, Do It Now! There Are Only So Many Tomorrows.
~ Michael Landon
The Mind Has A Thousand Eyes. And The Heart But One Yet The Life Of A Whole Life Dies When Love Is Done.
~ Francis William Bourdillon
Be Glad Of Life Because It Gives You The Chance To Love, And To Work, And To Play, And To Look Up At The Stars And Sun.
~ Henry Van Dyke
If We Were Not All So Interested In Ourselves, Life Would Be So Uninteresting That None Of Us Would Be Able To Endure It.
~ Arthur Schopenhaue
It Is In The Ordinary Duties And Labors Of Life That The Christian Can And Should Develop His Spiritual Union With God.
~ Thomas Merton
As We Look Deeply Within, We Understand Our Perfect Balance. There Is No Fear Of The Cycle Of Birth, Life And Death. For When You Stand In The Present Moment, You Are Timeless.
~ Rodney Yee
This Is Our Purpose: To Make As Meaningful As Possible This Life That Has Been Bestowed Upon Us; To Live In Such A Way That We May Be Proud Of Ourselves; To Act In Such A Way That Some Part Of Us Lives On.
~ Oswald Spengle
Three Things In Human Life Are Important: The First Is To Be Kind; The Second Is To Be Kind; And The Third Is To Be Kind.
~ Henry James
My One Regret In Life Is That I Am Not Someone Else.
~ Woody Allen
What Kind Of Man Would Live A Life Without Daring Is Life So Sweet That We Should Criticize Men That Seek Adventure Is There A Better Way To Die.
~ Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr
Without Music Life Would Be A Mistake.
~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche