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Life Quotes

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She Said She Usually Cried At Least Once Each Day Not Because She Was Sad, But Because The World Was So Beautiful And Life Was So Short.
~ Brian Andreas
There Are Worse Things In Life Than Death. Have You Ever Spent An Evening With An Insurance Salesman.
~ Woody Allen
Why Should We Think Upon Things That Are Lovely? Because Thinking Determines Life. It Is A Common Habit To Blame Life Upon The Environment. Environment Modifies Life But Does Not Govern Life. The Soul Is Stronger Than Its Surroundings.
~ William James
Seek Not, My Soul, The Life Of The Immortals But Enjoy To The Full The Resources That Are Within Thy Reach.
~ Pinda
Man, Unlike The Animals, Has Never Learned That The Sole Purpose Of Life Is To Enjoy It.
~ Samuel Butle
The Quality Of American Life Must Keep Pace With The Quantity Of American Goods. This Country Cannot Afford To Be Materially Rich And Spiritually Poor.
~ John F. Kennedy
Be On The Alert To Recognize Your Prime At Whatever Time Of Your Life It May Occur.
~ Muriel Spark
Real Life Is, To Most Men, A Long Second-best, A Perpetual Compromise Between The Ideal And The Possible But The World Of Pure Reason Knows No Compromise, No Practical Limitations, No Barrier To The Creative Activity.
~ Bertrand Russell
In A Real Sense, People Who Have Read Good Literature Have Lived More Than People Who Cannot Or Will Not Read. It Is Not True That We Have Only One Life To Live; If We Can Read, We Can Live As Many More Lives And As Many Kinds Of Lives As We Wish.
~ S. I. Hayakawa
One Word Frees Us Of All The Weight And Pain Of Life That Word Is Love.
~ Sophocles
The Worst Thing That Can Be Said Of The Most Powerful Is That They Can Take Your Life But The Same Thing Can Be Said Of The Most Weak.
~ Eric Amble
The Best Thing To Do With The Best Things In Life Is To Give Them Up.
~ Dorothy Day