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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Object In Life Is Not To Be On The Side Of The Majority, But To Escape Finding Oneself In The Ranks Of The Insane.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
When I Consider The Small Span Of My Life Absorbed In The Eternity Of All Time, Or The Small Part Of Space Which I Can Touch Or See Engulfed By The Infinite Immensity Of Spaces That I Know Not And That Know Me Not, I Am Frightened And Astonished To See Myself Here Instead Of There... Now Instead Of Then.
~ Blaise Pascal
Lead The Life That Will Make You Kindly And Friendly To Everyone About You, And You Will Be Surprised What A Happy Life You Will Lead.
~ Charles M. Schwa
However Mean Your Life Is, Meet It And Live It Do Not Shun It And Call It Hard Names. It Is Not So Bad As You Are. It Looks Poorest When You Are The Richest.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Dwell As Near As Possible To The Channel In Which Your Life Flows.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Most Do Not Fully See This Truth That Life Is Difficult. Instead They Moan More Or Less Incessantly, Noisily Or Subtly, About The Enormity Of Their Problems, Their Burdens, And Their Difficulties As If Life Were Generally Easy, As If Life Should Be Easy. They Voice Their Belief, Noisily Or Subtly, That Their Difficulties Represent A Unique Kind Of Affliction That Should Not Be And That Has Somehow Been Especially Visited Upon Them, Or Else Upon Their Families, Their Tribe, Their Class, Their Nation, Their Race Or Even Their Species, And Not Upon Others.
~ M Scott Peck
If You Look At Life One Way, There Is Always Cause For Alarm.
~ Elizabeth Bowen
The Tragedy Of Life Is Not That Man Loses But That He Almost Wins.
~ Heywood
For Most Men Life Is A Search For The Proper Manila Envelope In Which To Get Themselves Filed.
~ Clifton Fadiman
Courage, It Would Seem, Is Nothing Less Than The Power To Overcome Danger, Misfortune, Fear, Injustice, While Continuing To Affirm Inwardly That Life With All Its Sorrows Is Good That Everything Is Meaningful Even If In A Sense Beyond Our Understanding And That There Is Always Tomorrow.
~ Dorothy Thompson
One That Hath Wine As A Chain About His Wits, Such A One Lives No Life At All.
~ Alcaeus
The Most Important Thing In Life Is To See To It That You Are Never Beaten.
~ Andre Malraux