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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

There Are Certain Queer Times And Occasions In This Strange Mixed Affair We Call Life When A Man Takes The Whole Universe For A Vast Practical Joke.
~ Herman Melville
The Lessons Taught In Great Books Are Misleading. The Commerce In Life Is Rarely So Simple And Never So Just.
~ Anita Brookne
Without Trust, Words Become The Hollow Sound Of A Wooden Gong. With Trust, Words Become Life Itself.
~ John Harold
If God Were Suddenly Condemned To Live The Life Which He Has Inflicted Upon Men, He Would Kill Himself.
~ Alexandre Dumas, fils
A Happy Life Consists In Tranquillity Of Mind.
~ Cicero
The Art Of Life Lies In A Constant Readjustment To Our Surroundings.
~ Okakura Kakuzo
We Trained Very Hard, But It Seemed That Every Time We Were Beginning To Form Into Teams We Would Be Reorganised. I Was To Learn Later In Life That We Tend To Meet Any New Situation By Reorganising, And A Wonderful Method It Can Be For Creating The Illusion Of Progress, While Producing Confusion, Inefficiency And Demoralisation.
~ Gaius Petronius
I Wish You All The Good And Charm That Life Can Offer. Think Of Me Kindly, And Rest Assured That No One Would More Rejoice To Hear Of Your Happiness.
~ Ludwig van Beethoven
We Must Not Allow The Clock And The Calendar To Blind Us To The Fact That Each Moment Of Life Is A Miracle And Mystery.
~ H. G. Wells
We Can Easily Forgive A Child Who Is Afraid Of The Dark; The Real Tragedy Of Life Is When Men Are Afraid Of The Light.
~ Plato
After All It Is Those Who Have A Deep And Real Inner Life Who Are Best Able To Deal With The Irritating Details Of Outer Life.
~ Evelyn Underhill
The Real Test Of Friendship Is Can You Literally Do Nothing With The Other Person Can You Enjoy Those Moments Of Life That Are Utterly Simple.
~ Eugene Kennedy