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Life Quotes

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One Thing Life Has Taught Me: If You Are Interested, You Never Have To Look For New Interests. They Come To You. When You Are Genuinely Interested In One Thing, It Will Always Lead To Something Else.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt
The True Harvest Of My Daily Life Is Somewhat As Intangible And Indescribably As The Tints Of Morning Or Evening. It Is A Little Star-dust Caught, A Segment Of The Rainbow Which I Have Clutched.
~ Henry David Thoreau
I Only Regret That I Have One Life To Lose For My Country.
~ Nathan Hale
So Long As Faith With Freedom Reigns And Loyal Hope Survives, And Gracious Charity Remains To Leaven Lowly Lives; While There Is One Untrodden Tract For Intellect Or Will, And Men Are Free To Think And Act, Life Is Worth Living Still.
~ Alfred Austin
Let No One Think Of Me That I Am Humble Or Weak Or Passive; Let Them Understand I Am Of A Different Kind: Dangerous To My Enemies, Loyal To My Friends. To Such A Life Glory Belongs.
~ Euripedes, Medea
A Life Of Reaction Is A Life Of Slavery, Intellectually And Spiritually. One Must Fight For A Life Of Action, Not Reaction.
~ Rita Mae Brown
I Am For Integrity, If Only Because Life Is Very Short And Truth Is Hard To Come By.
~ Kermit Eby
A Great Disaster Is A Symbol To Us To Remember All The Big Things Of Life And Forget The Small Things, Of Which We Have Thought Too Much.
~ Jawaherlal Nehru
Think It The Greatest Impiety To Prefer Life To Disgrace, And For The Sake Of Life To Lose The Reason For Living.
~ Juvenal
It Is Important That An Aim Never Be Defined In Terms Of Activity Or Methods. It Must Always Relate Directly To How Life Is Better For Everyone.... The Aim Of The System Must Be Clear To Everyone In The System. The Aim Must Include Plans For The Future. The Aim Is A Value Judgment.
~ W. Edwards Deming
Unless A Life Is Activated By Sustained Purpose It Can Become A Depressingly Haphazard Affair.
~ Richard Guggenheime
The Expectations Of Life Depend Upon Diligence The Mechanic That Would Perfect His Work Must First Sharpen His Tools.
~ Confucius