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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Education Is Not Merely A Means For Earning A Living Or An Instrument For The Acquisition Of Wealth. It Is An Initiation Into Life Of Spirit, A Training Of The Human Soul In The Pursuit Of Truth And The Practice Of Virtue.
~ Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit
It Is Important That An Aim Never Be Defined In Terms Of Activity Or Methods. It Must Always Relate Directly To How Life Is Better For Everyone.... The Aim Of The System Must Be Clear To Everyone In The System. The Aim Must Include Plans For The Future. The Aim Is A Value Judgment.
~ W. Edwards Deming
I Am Convinced That Life In A Physical Body Is Meant To Be An Ecstatic Experience.
~ Shakti Gawain
An Autobiography Is Only To Be Trusted When It Reveals Something Disgraceful. A Man Who Gives A Good Account Of Himself Is Probably Lying, Since Any Life When Viewed From The Inside Is Simply A Series Of Defeats.
~ George Orwell
Success Is Following The Pattern Of Life One Enjoys Most.
~ Al Capp
The Only Thing That Sustains One Through Life Is The Consciousness Of The Immense Inferiority Of Everybody Else, And This Is A Feeling I Have Always Cultivated.
~ Oscar Wilde
The Longer I Live The More Beautiful Life Becomes.
~ Frank Lloyd Wright
Happiness Is The Only Sanction Of Life Where Happiness Fails, Existence Remains A Mad And Lamentable Experiment.
~ George Santayana
Be You In What Line Of Life You May, It Will Be Amongst Your Misfortunes If You Have Not Time Properly To Attend To Pecuniary Monetary Matters. Want Of Attention To These Matters Has Impeded The Progress Of Science And Of Genius Itself.
~ William Cobbett
The One Whose Judgment Counts Most In Your Life Is The One Staring Back In The Glass.
~ Unknown
Nothing In Life Is Static; It Either Gets Better, Or It Gets Worse.
~ Lloyd Dobens and Clare Crawford- Mason, Thinking About Quality
Please Choose The Way Of Peace. ... In The Short Term There May Be Winners And Losers In This War That We All Dread. But That Never Can, Nor Never Will Justify The Suffering, Pain And Loss Of Life Your Weapons Will Cause.
~ Mother Teresa, -- Letter to U. S. President George Bush and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, January 1991