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Love Is Not A Crime, Denying It Is. Having Dreams Is Not A Crime, Not Chasing Them Is. Making Mistakes Is Not A Crime, Not Learning From Them Is. Life Is Not A Crime, Not Living It Is.
~ Alexander Senturia
Nothing In Life Is So Exhilarating As To Be Shot At Without Result. Quoting Churchill.
~ Ronald Reagan
April Is The Cruellest Month, BreedingLilacs Out Of The Dead Land, MixingMemory Out Of Desire, StirringDull Roots With Spring Rain. Winter Kept Us Warm, CoveringEarth In A Forgetful Snow, FeedingA Little Life With Dried Tubers.
~ T. S. Eliot
Much May Be Done In Those Little Shreds And Patches Of Time, Which Every Day Produces, And Which Most Men Throw Away, But Which Nevertheless Will Make At The End Of It No Small Deduction For The Life Of Man.
~ Charles Caleb Colton
Make Yourself Necessary To Somebody. Do Not Make Life Hard To Any.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Yale Is A Crucible In American Life For The Accommodation Of Intellectual Achievement, Of Wisdom, Of Refinement, With The Democratic Ideals Of Openness, Of Social Justice And Of Equal Opportunity.
~ Benno C. Schmidt, Jr
But Those Rare Souls Whose Spirit Gets Magically Into The Hearts Of Men, Leave Behind Them Something More Real And Warmly Personal Than Bodily Presence, An Ineffable And Eternal Thing. It Is Everlasting Life Touching Us As Something More Than A Vague, Recondite Concept. The Sound Of A Great Name Dies Like An Echo The Splendor Of Fame Fades Into Nothing But The Grace Of A Fine Spirit Pervades The Places Through Which It Has Passed, Like The Haunting Loveliness Of Mignonette.
~ James Grover Thurbe
Hold Fast To Dreams, For If Dreams Die, Life Is A Broken Winged Bird That Cannot Fly.
~ Langston Hughes
A Serious Problem In America Is The Gap Between Academe And The Mass Media, Which Is Our Culture. Professors Of Humanities, With All Their Leftist Fantasies, Have Little Direct Knowledge Of American Life And No Impact Whatever On Public Policy.
~ Camille Paglia
The Most Dangerous Aspect Of Present-day Life Is The Dissolution Of The Feeling Of Individual Responsibility. Mass Solitude Has Done Away With Any Difference Between The Internal And The External, Between The Intellectual And The Physical.
~ Eugenio Montale
No Matter Where You Go Or What You Do, You Live Your Entire Life Within The Confines Of Your Head.
~ Terry Josephson
Do Not Assume That She Who Seeks To Comfort You Now, Lives Untroubled Among The Simple And Quiet Words That Sometimes Do You Good. Her Life May Also Have Much Sadness And Difficulty, That Remains Far Beyond Yours. Were It Otherwise, She Would Never Have Been Able To Find These Words.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke