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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

We Must Not Allow The Clock And The Calendar To Blind Us To The Fact That Each Moment Of Life Is A Miracle And Mystery.
~ H. G. Wells
To Laugh Often And Much; To Win The Respect Of Intelligent People And The Affection Of Children; To Earn The Appreciation Of Honest Critics And Endure The Betrayal Of False Friends; To Appreciate Beauty; To Find The Best In Others; To Leave The World A Bit Better, Whether By A Healthy Child, A Garden Patch Or A Redeemed Social Condition; To Know Even One Life Has Breathed Easier Because You Have Lived. This Is To Have Succeeded.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
It Is Through Creating, Not Possessing, That Life Is Revealed.
~ Vida D. Scudde
Not Many Can Admit Their Fears, But Those Who Can Lead A Fulfilling Life Of Happiness Knowing They Hide Nothing And Need Not To.
~ Cyrus Corteise
Life Is A Challenge - Meet It Life Is A Song - Sing It Life Is A Dream - Realize It Life Is A Game - Play It Life Is Love - Enjoy It.
~ Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba
There Are Three Intolerable Things In Life - Cold Coffee, Lukewarm Champagne, And Overexcited Women.
~ Orson Welles
Live A Life As A Monument To Your Soul.
~ Ayn Rand
This Is The True Joy In Life -- Being Used For A Purpose Recognized By Yourself As A Mighty One...
~ George Bernard Shaw
One Must Fight For A Life Of Action, Not Reaction.
~ Rita Mae Brown
Your Life And My Life Flow Into Each Other As Wave Flows Into Wave, And Unless There Is Peace And Joy And Freedom For You, There Can Be No Real Peace Or Joy Or Freedom For Me. To See Reality--not As We Expect It To Be But As It Is--is To See That Unless We Live For Each Other And In And Through Each Other, We Do Not Really Live Very Satisfactorily That There Can Really Be Life Only Where There Really Is, In Just This Sense, Love.
~ Frederick Buechne
We Must Have The Courage To Bet On Our Ideas, To Take The Calculated Risk, And To Act. Everyday Living Requires Courage If Life Is To Be Effective And Bring Happiness.
~ Maxwell Maltz
The Life Of Every Man Is A Diary In Which He Means To Write One Story, And Writes Another.
~ James Barrie