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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

We Sleep, But The Loom Of Life Never Stops, And The Pattern Which Was Weaving When The Sun Went Down Is Weaving When It Comes Up In The Morning.
~ Henry Ward Beeche
There Is More To Life Than Increasing Its Speed.
~ Mahatma Gandhi
The Whole Life Of Man Is But A Point Of Time Let Us Enjoy It.
~ Plutarch
The Golden Moments In The Stream Of Life Rush Past Us And We See Nothing But Sand; The Angels Come To Visit Us, And We Only Know Them When They Are Gone.
~ George Eliot
Never Regret Yesterday. Life Is In You Today, And You Make Your Tomorrow.
~ L. Ron Hubbard, Book: The Creation of Human Ability
The Honest Man Must Be A Perpetual Renegade, The Life Of An Honest Man A Perpetual Infidelity. For The Man Who Wishes To Remain Faithful Must Take Himself Perpetually Unfaithful To All The Continual, Successive, Indefatigable, Renascent Errors.
~ Charles Peguy
Such Is The Common Process Of Marriage. A Youth And Maiden Exchange Meeting By Chance, Or Brought Together By Artifice, Exchange Glances, Reciprocate Civilities, Go Home, And Dream Of One Another. Having Little To Divert Attention, Or Diversify Thought, They Find Themselves Uneasy When They Are Apart, And Therefore Conclude That They Shall Be Happy Together. They Marry, And Discover What Nothing But Voluntary Blindness Had Before Concealed They Wear Out Life In Altercations, And Charge Nature With Cruelty.
~ Samuel Johnson
All My Life I Wanted To Be Someone I Guess I Should Have Been More Specific.
~ Jane Wagne
Everyone Is In Business For Himself, For He Is Selling His Services, Labor Or Ideas. Until One Realizes That This Is True He Will Not Take Conscious Charge Of His Life And Will Always Be Looking Outside Himself For Guidance.
~ Sidney Madwed
Unless A Life Is Activated By Sustained Purpose It Can Become A Depressingly Haphazard Affair.
~ Richard Guggenheime
Like So Many Americans, She Was Trying To Construct A Life That Made Sense From Things She Found In Gift Shops.
~ Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five
The Real Questions Are The Ones That Obtrude Upon Your Consciousness Whether You Like It Or Not, The Ones That Make Your Mind Start Vibrating Like A Jackhammer, The Ones That You Come To Terms With Only To Discover That They Are Still There. The Real Questions Refuse To Be Placated. They Barge Into Your Life At The Times When It Seems Most Important For Them To Stay Away. They Are The Questions Asked Most Frequently And Answered Most Inadequately, The Ones That Reveal Their True Natures Slowly, Reluctantly, Most Often Against Your Will.
~ Ingrid Bengis