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The True Lover Of Learning Then Must His Earliest Youth, As Far As In Him Lies, Desire All Truth... He Whose Desires Are Drawn Toward Knowledge In Every Form Will Be Absorbed In The Pleasures Of The Soul, And Will Hardly Feel Bodily Pleasures- - I Mean, If He Be A True Philosopher And Not A Sham One... Then How Can He Who Has The Magnificence Of Mind And Is The Spectator Of All Times And All Existence, Think Much Of Human Life He Cannot. Or Can Such A One Account Death Fearful No Indeed.
~ Plato
Each Of Us Has A Spark Of Life Inside Us, And Our Highest Endeavor Ought To Be To Set Off That Spark In One Another.
~ Kenny Ausubel
When You Were Born, You Cried And The World Rejoiced. Live Your Life So That When You Die, The World Cries And You Rejoice.
~ Old Indian saying
Whether They Ever Find Life There Or Not, I Think Jupiter Should Be Considered An Enemy Planet.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking I Shall Not Live In Vain If I Can Ease One Life The Aching, Or Cool One Pain, Or Help One Fainting Robin Into His Nest Again, I Shall Not Live In Vain.
~ Emily Dickinson
The Great Use Of Life Is To Spend It For Something That Will Outlast It.
~ William James
It? S Utterly Impossible For Me To Build My Life On A Foundation Of Chaos, Suffering And Death. I See The World Being Slowly Transformed Into A Wilderness, I Hear The Approaching Thunder That, One Day, Will Destroy Us Too, I Feel The Suffering Of Millions. And Yet, When I Look Up At The Sky, I Somehow Feel That Everything Will Change For The Better, That This Cruelty Too Shall End, That Peace And Tranquility Will Return Once More.
~ Anne Frank, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, July 15, 1944
One Crowded Hour Of Glorious Life Is Worth An Age Without A Name.
~ Walter Scott
I Have Learned This At Least By My Experiment That If One Advances Confidently In The Direction Of His Dreams, And Endeavours To Live The Life Which He Has Imagined, He Will Meet With A Success Unexpected In Common Hours.
~ Henry David Thoreau
This Is A Burden I Shall Bear For Every Day Of The Life That Is Left To Me.
~ Richard Milhous Nixon
If There Is A Sin Against Life, It Consists Perhaps Not So Much In Despairing Of Life As In Hoping For Another Life And In Eluding The Implacable Grandeur Of This Life.
~ Albert Camus
The Life Of The Law Has Not Been Logic But Experience.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes