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God, I Dont Have Great Faith, But I Can Be Faithful. My Belief In You May Be Seasonal, But My Faithfulness Will Not. I Will Follow In The Way Of Christ. I Will Act As Though My Life And The Lives Of Others Matter. I Will Love. I Have No Greater Gift To Offer Than My Life. Take It.
~ Real Live Preache
What Kind Of Man Would Live A Life Without Daring Is Life So Sweet That We Should Criticize Men That Seek Adventure Is There A Better Way To Die.
~ Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr
The Main Dangers In This Life Are The People Who Want To Change Everything -- Or Nothing.
~ Nancy Asto
Your Life And My Life Flow Into Each Other As Wave Flows Into Wave, And Unless There Is Peace And Joy And Freedom For You, There Can Be No Real Peace Or Joy Or Freedom For Me. To See Reality--not As We Expect It To Be But As It Is--is To See That Unless We Live For Each Other And In And Through Each Other, We Do Not Really Live Very Satisfactorily That There Can Really Be Life Only Where There Really Is, In Just This Sense, Love.
~ Frederick Buechne
Unless A Life Is Activated By Sustained Purpose It Can Become A Depressingly Haphazard Affair.
~ Richard Guggenheime
There Are Worse Things In Life Than Death. Have You Ever Spent An Evening With An Insurance Salesman?
~ Woody Allen
The Journey In Between What You Once Were, And Who You Are Now Becoming Is Where The Dance Of Life Really Takes Place.
~ Barbara De Angelis
It Is No Longer Possible For Lyric Poetry To Express The Immensity Of Our Experience. Life Has Grown Too Cumbersome, Too Complicated. We Have Acquired Values Which Are Best Expressed In Prose.
~ Boris Pasternak
There Are Worse Things In Life Than Death. Have You Ever Spent An Evening With An Insurance Salesman.
~ Woody Allen
American Life Is A Powerful Solvent. It Seems To Neutralise Every Intellectual Element, However Tough And Alien It May Be, And To Fuse It In The Native Good-will, Complacency Thoughtlessness, And Optimism.
~ James Harvey Robinson
A Life Of Leisure And A Life Of Laziness Are Two Different Things.
~ Benjamin Franklin
What Is Called Genius Is The Abundance Of Life And Health.
~ Henry David Thoreau