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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

When We Have Lost Everything, Including Hope, Life Becomes A Disgrace, And Death A Duty.
~ Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire
I Have Come To Value Liberated Minds As The Supreme Good Of Life On Earth.
~ J. Frank Dobie, His tombstone in the Texas State Cemetery
He That Embarks On The Voyage Of Life Will Always Wish To Advance Rather By The Impulse Of The Wind Than The Strokes Of The Oar; And Many Foulder In Their Passage; While They Lie Waiting For The Gale.
~ Johnson
Besides The Noble Art Of Getting Things Done, There Is A Nobler Art Of Leaving Things Undone? The Wisdom Of Life Consists In The Elimination Of Nonessentials.
~ Lin Yutang, O Magazine, October 2002
My Life Needs A Rewinderase Button. - Calvin.
~ Bill Watterson
How Far You Go In Life Depends On You Being Tender With The Young, Compassionate With The Aged, Sympathetic With The Striving And Tolerant Of The Weak And The Strong. Because Someday In Life You Will Have Been All Of These.
~ George Washington Carve
My Feeling Is That There Is Nothing In Life But Refraining From Hurting Others, And Comforting Those Who Are Sad.
~ Olive Schreine
Be Glad Of Life Because It Gives You The Chance To Love, And To Work, And To Play And To Look Up At The Stars.
~ Henry Van Dyke
Tell Me Not, In Mournful Numbers, Life Is But An Empty DreamFor The Soul Is Dead That Slumbers, And Things Are Not What They Seem. Life Is Real Life Is EarnestAnd The Grave Is Not Its GoalDust Thou Art To Dust Returnest, Was Not Spoken Of The Soul.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
It Is One Of The Great Secrets Of Life That Those Things Which Are Most Worth Doing, We Do For Others.
~ Lewis Carroll
As You Journey Through Life Take A Minute Every Now And Then To Give A Thought For The Other Fellow. He Could Be Plotting Something.
~ Hagar the Horrible
The Greatest Use Of Life Is To Spend It For Something That Will Outlast It.
~ William James