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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

There Is No Doubt That Life Is Given Us, Not To Be Enjoyed, But To Be Overcome-to Be Got Over.
~ Arthur Schopenhaue
The Great Consolation In Life Is To Say What One Thinks.
~ Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire
Her Own Mother Lived The Latter Years Of Her Life In The Horrible Suspicion That Electricity Was Dripping Invisibly All Over The House.
~ James Thurber, My Life and Hard Times (1933)
To Laugh Often And Much; To Win The Respect Of Intelligent People And The Affection Of Children; To Earn The Appreciation Of Honest Critics And Endure The Betrayal Of False Friends; To Appreciate Beauty, To Find The Best In Others; To Leave The World A Little Better; Whether By A Healthy Child, A Garden Patch Of A Redeemed Social Condition; To Know That One Life Has Breathed Easier Because You Have Lived. This Is The Meaning Of Success.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
There Is A Very Fine Line Between Loving Life And Being Greedy For It.
~ Maya Angelou
Your Life Is The Sum Result Of All The Choices You Make, Both Consciously And Unconsciously. If You Can Control The Process Of Choosing, You Can Take Control Of All Aspects Of Your Life. You Can Find The Freedom That Comes From Being In Charge Of Yourself.
~ Robert F. Bennett
Suffering. We Owe To It All That Is Good In Us, All That Gives Value To Life We Owe To It Pity, We Owe To It Courage, We Owe To It All The Virtues.
~ Anatole France
No More Important Duty Can Be Urged Upon Those Who Are Entering The Great Theater Of Life Than Simple Loyalty To Their Best Convictions.
~ Edwin Hubbel Chapin
Wisdom Born Of Experience Should Tell Us That War Is Obsolete. There May Have Been A Time When War Served As A Negative Good By Preventing The Spread And Growth Of An Evil Force... If We Assume That Life Is Worth Living, If We Assume That Mankind Has The Right To Survive, Then We Must Find An Alternative To War.
~ Martin Luther King Jr., The Christmas Sermon On Peace in on Dec 24, 1967
The Honest Man Must Be A Perpetual Renegade, The Life Of An Honest Man A Perpetual Infidelity. For The Man Who Wishes To Remain Faithful Must Take Himself Perpetually Unfaithful To All The Continual, Successive, Indefatigable, Renascent Errors.
~ Charles Peguy
There Is No Meaning To Life Except The Meaning Man Gives His Life By Unfolding Of His Powers.
~ Erich Fromm
Be Not Afraid Of Life. Believe That Life Is Worth Living, And Your Belief Will Help Create The Fact.
~ William James