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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

If You Were To Destroy In Mankind The Belief In Immortality, Not Only Love But Every Living Force Maintaining The Life Of The World Would At Once Be Dried Up. Moreover, Nothing Then Would Be Immoral, Everything Would Be Permissible, Even Cannibalism.
~ Brothers Karamazov, Pt 1, Bk i, Ch 6
Tell Me Not, In Mournful Numbers, Life Is But An Empty Dream! For The Soul Is Dead That Slumbers, And Things Are Not What They Seem. Life Is Real! Life Is Earnest! And The Grave Is Not Its Goal; Dust Thou Art; To Dust Returnest, Was Not Spoken Of The Soul.?
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
His Life Was Gentle And The Elements So Mixed In Him, That Nature Might Stand Up, And Say To All The World, THIS WAS A MAN.
~ William Shakespeare
The Tragedy Of Life Is Not That Man Loses But That He Almost Wins.
~ Heywood
Some People Are Born On Third Base And Go Through Life Thinking They Hit A Triple.
~ Barry Switze
The Happiness Of Life Is Made Up Of Minute Fractions - The Little, Soon Forgotten Charities Of A Kiss Or A Smile, A Kind Look Or Heartfelt Compliment.
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
If You Take Care Of The Small Things, The Big Things Take Care Of Themselves. You Can Gain More Control Over Your Life By Paying Closer Attention To The Little Things.
~ Emily Elizabeth Dickinson
The Soul Is The Captain And Ruler Of The Life Of Morals.
~ Sallust
I Love Life Because What More Is There.
~ Anthony Hopkins
When I Can Look Life In The Eyes, Grown Calm And Very Coldly Wise, Life Will Have Given Me The Truth, And Taken In Exchange -- My Youth.
~ Sara Teasdale
The Aim Of Art, The Aim Of A Life Can Only Be To Increase The Sum Of Freedom And Responsibility To Be Found In Every Man And In The World. It Cannot, Under Any Circumstances, Be To Reduce Or Suppress That Freedom, Even Temporarily. No Great Work Has Ever Been Based On Hatred And Contempt. On The Contrary, There Is Not A Single True Work Of Art That Has Not In The End Added To The Inner Freedom Of Each Person Who Has Known And Loved It.
~ Albert Camus
If Your Daily Life Seems Poor, Do Not Blame It Blame Yourself, Tell Yourself That You Are Not Poet Enough To Call Forth Its Riches.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke