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The Experience Of Democracy Is Like The Experience Of Life Itself-always Changing, Infinite In Its Variety, Sometimes Turbulent And All The More Valuable For Having Been Tested By Adversity.
~ James Earl Jimmy Carter, Jr
She Said She Usually Cried At Least Once Each Day Not Because She Was Sad, But Because The World Was So Beautiful And Life Was So Short.
~ Brian Andreas
The Moment We Begin To Fear The Opinions Of Others And Hesitate To Tell The Truth That Is In Us, And From Motives Of Policy Are Silent When We Should Speak, The Divine Floods Of Light And Life No Longer Flow Into Our Souls.
~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton, 1890
May Your Life Be Like A Wildflower, Growing Freely In The Beauty And Joy Of Each Day.
~ Native American Prove
There Is Only One Success- To Be Able To Spend Your Life In Your Own Way.
~ Unknown
Noble Life Demands A Noble Architecture For Noble Uses Of Noble Men. Lack Of Culture Means What It Has Always Meant Ignoble Civilization And Therefore Imminent Downfall.
~ Frank Lloyd Wright
Is There Life Before Death.
~ Graffito
Imagination Is Always The Fabric Of Social Life And The Dynamic Of History. The Influence Of Real Needs And Compulsions, Of Real Interests And Materials, Is Indirect Because The Crowd Is Never Conscious Of It.
~ Mark Twain
If We Get Our Information From The Biblical Material There Is No Doubt That The Christian Life Is A Dancing, Leaping, Daring Life.
~ Eugene Peterson
That Family Glaze Of Common References, Jokes, Events, Calamities-that Sense Of A Family Being Like A Kitchen Midden Layer Upon Layer Of The Things Daily Life Is Made Of. The Edifice That Lovers Build Is By Comparison Delicate And One-dimensional.
~ Laurie E. Colwin
It Is Amazing How Much Crisper The General Experience Of Life Becomes When Your Body Is Given A Chance To Develop A Little Strength.
~ Frank Duff, A Coder in Courierland, 03-20-05
Oh, You Weak, Beautiful People Who Give Up With Such Grace. What You Need Is Someone To Take Hold Of You -- Gently, With Love, And Hand Your Life Back To You.
~ Tennessee Williams