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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

She Used To Drag Her Mattress Besider Her Low Window And Lie Awake For A Long While, Vibrating With Excitement, As A Machine Vibrates From Speed. Life Rushed In Upon Her Through That Window - Or So It Seemed. In Reality, Of Course, Life Rushes From Within, Not From Without. There Is No Work Of Art So Big Or So Beautiful That Is Was Not Once All Contained In Some Youthful Body, Like This One Which Lay On The Floor In The Moonlight, Pulsing With Ardor And Anticipation.
~ Willa Cather, The Song of the Lark
The Only Thing That Sustains One Through Life Is The Consciousness Of The Immense Inferiority Of Everybody Else, And This Is A Feeling I Have Always Cultivated.
~ Oscar Wilde
The Real Tradegy Is The Tragedy Of The Man Who Never In His Life Braces Himself For His One Supreme Effort-he Never Stretches To His Full Capacity, Never Stands Up To His Full Stature.
~ Arnold Bennett
Perhaps The Best Cure For The Fear Of Death Is To Reflect That Life Has A Beginning As Well As An End. There Was Time When We Were Not This Gives Us No Concern -- Why Then Should It Trouble Us That A Time Will Come When We Shall Cease To Be.
~ William Hazlitt
Ah, Hope What Would Life Be, Stripped Of Thy Encouraging Smiles, That Teach Us To Look Behind The Dark Clouds Of To-day, For The Golden Beams That Are To Gild The Morrow.
~ La Rochefoucauld
It Is Sad That While Science Moves Ahead In Exciting New Areas Of Research, Fine-tuning Our Knowledge Of How Life Originated And Evolved, Creationists Remain Mired In Medieval Debates About Angels On The Head Of A Pin And Animals In The Belly Of An Ark.
~ Michael Sherme
As A Well-spent Day Brings Happy Sleep, So A Life Well Used Brings A Happy Death.
~ Leonardo Da Vinci
Perpetual Inspiration Is As Necessary To The Life Of Goodness, Holiness And Happiness As Perpetual Respiration Is Necessary To Animal Life.
~ Andrew Bonar Law
The Incomparable Stupidity Of Life Teaches Us To Love Our Parents Divine Philosophy Teaches Us To Forgive Them.
~ Baron de la Brede et de Montesquieu
You Must Not For One Instant Give Up The Effort To Build New Lives For Yourselves. Creativity Means To Push Open The Heavy, Groaning Doorway To Life. This Is Not An Easy Struggle. Indeed, It May Be The Most Difficult Task In The World, For Opening The Door To Your Own Life Is, In The End, More Difficult Than Opening The Doors To The Mysteries Of The Universe.
~ Daisaku Ikeda
To Laugh Often And Much To Win The Respect Of Intelligent People And The Affection Of Children To Earn The Appreciation Of Honest Critics And Endure The Betrayal Of False Friends To Appreciate Beauty, To Find The Best In Others To Leave The World A Little Better Whether By A Healthy Child, A Garden Patch Or A Redeemed Social Condition To Know Even One Life Has Breathed Easier Because You Have Lived. This Is The Meaning Of Success.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
There Is No Doubt That Life Is Given Us, Not To Be Enjoyed, But To Be Overcome-to Be Got Over.
~ Arthur Schopenhaue