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In Every Child Who Is Born, No Matter What Circumstances, And Of No Matter What Parents, The Potentiality Of The Human Race Is Born Again And In Him, Too, Once More, And Of Each Of Us, Our Terrific Responsibility Toward Human Life Toward The Utmost Idea Of Goodness, Of The Horror Of Terror, And Of God.
~ James Agee
Clever People Seem Not To Feel The Natural Pleasure Of Bewilderment, And Are Always Answering Questions When The Chief Relish Of A Life Is To Go On Asking Them.
~ Frank Moore Colby
The Greatest Gift Of Life Is Friendship, And I Have Received It.
~ Hubert Humphrey
It Is A Very Lonely Life That A Man Leads, Who Becomes Aware Of Truths Before Their Times.
~ Thomas Brackett Reed
There Is A Vitality, A Life Force, An Energy, A Quickening, That Is Translated Through You Into Action, And Because There Is Only One Of You In All Time, This Expression Is Unique. And If You Block It, It Will Never Exist Through Any Other Medium And Will Be Lost.
~ Martha Graham
One Of The Secrets Of A Happy Life Is Continuous Small Treats.
~ Iris Murdoch
Thanks To His Constant Habit Of Shaking The Bottle In Which Life Handed Him The Wine Of Experience, He Presently Found The Taste Of The Lees Rising As Usual Into His Draught.
~ Henry James, "The Ambassadors", Book Fourth, Chapter 2
As A Scientist, I Am Not Sure Anymore That Life Can Be Reduced To A Class Struggle, To Dialectical Materialism, Or Any Set Of Formulas. Life Is Spontaneous And It Is Unpredictable, It Is Magical. I Think That We Have Struggled So Hard With The Tangible That We Have Forgotten The Intangible.
~ Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider, Northern Exposure, Zarya, 1994
Most Things Break, Including Hearts. The Lessons Of Life Amount Not To Wisdom, But To Scar Tissue And Callus.
~ Walter Stegne
Time Is A Cruel Thief To Rob Us Of Our Former Selves. We Lose As Much To Life As We Do To Death.
~ Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey
Age, Health, And Stage In Life Have Nothing To Do With Serving Or Not Serving. In Each Season Of Life There Are Attributes And Qualities Of Life And Experience That God Values In Service.
~ Bruce Kempe
The Life Of The Law Has Not Been Logic But Experience.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes