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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Prepare Your Mind To Receive The Best That Life Has To Offer.
~ Ernest Holmes
For Some Life Lasts A Short While, But The Memories It Holds Last Forever.
~ Laura Swenson
If All Our Happiness Is Bound Up Entirely In Our Personal Circumstances It Is Difficult Not To Demand Of Life More Than It Has To Give.
~ Bertrand Russell
If You Make A Habit Of Sincere Prayer, Your Life Will Be Very Noticeably And Profoundly Altered. Prayer Stamps With Its Indelible Mark Our Actions And Demeanor. A Tranquility Of Bearing, A Facial And Bodily Repose, Are Observed In Those Whose Inner Lives Are Thus Enriched.... Properly Understood, Prayer Is A Mature Activity Indispensable To The Fullest Development Of Personality.... Only In Prayer Do We Achieve That Complete And Harmonious Assembly Of Body, Mind And Spirit Which Gives The Frail Human Reed Its Unshakable Strengths.
~ Alexis Carrel
The Effort To Understand The Universe Is One Of The Very Few Things That Lifts Human Life A Little Above The Level Of Farce And Gives It Some Of The Grace Of Tragedy.
~ Steven Weinberg
I Think I Should Have No Other Mortal Wants, If I Could Always Have Plenty Of Music. It Seems To Infuse Strength Into My Limbs And Ideas Into My Brain. Life Seems To Go On Without Effort, When I Am Filled With Music.
~ George Eliot
There Is One Thing Alone That Stands The Brunt Of Life Throughout Its Course: A Quiet Conscience.
~ Euripides, Hippolytus, 428 B. C
History Is The Witness That Testifies To The Passing Of Time; It Illumines Reality, Vitalizes Memory, Provides Guidance In Daily Life And Brings Us Tidings Of Antiquity.
~ Cicero, Pro Publio Sestio
We Cannot Control The Evil Tongues Of Others; But A Good Life Enables Us To Disregard Them.
~ Cato the Elde
Let A Man Avoid Evil Deeds As A Man Who Loves Life Avoids Poison.
~ Buddha
The Probability Of Life Originating From Accident Is Comparable To The Probability Of The Unabridged Dictionary Resulting From An Explosion In A Printing Shop.
~ Edwin Conklin
A Life Spent In Making Mistakes Is Not Only More Honorable But More Useful Than A Life Spent In Doing Nothing.
~ George Bernard Shaw