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There Is No Course Of Life So Weak And Sottish As That Which Is Managed By Order, Method, And Discipline.
~ Michel Eyquem de Montaigne
The Real Questions Are The Ones That Obtrude Upon Your Consciousness Whether You Like It Or Not, The Ones That Make Your Mind Start Vibrating Like A Jackhammer, The Ones That You Come To Terms With Only To Discover That They Are Still There. The Real Questions Refuse To Be Placated. They Barge Into Your Life At The Times When It Seems Most Important For Them To Stay Away. They Are The Questions Asked Most Frequently And Answered Most Inadequately, The Ones That Reveal Their True Natures Slowly, Reluctantly, Most Often Against Your Will.
~ Ingrid Bengis
The Tragedy Of Life Is Not That We Die, But Is Rather, What Dies Inside A Man While He Lives.
~ Albert Schweitze
Education Is Life Itself.
~ John Dewey
There Are Fine Things Which You Mean To Do Some Day, Under What You Think Will Be More Favorable Circumstances. But The Only Time That Is Surely Yours Is The Present, Hence This Is The Time To Speak The Word Of Appreciation And Sympathy, To Do The Generous Deed, To Forgive The Fault Of A Thoughtless Friend, To Sacrifice Self A Little More For Others. Today Is The Day In Which To Express Your Noblest Qualities Of Mind And Heart, To Do At Least One Worthy Thing Which You Have Long Postponed, And To Use Your God-given Abilities For The Enrichment Of Someone Less Fortunate. Today You Can Make Your Life - Significant And Worthwhile. The Present Is Yours To Do With As You Will.
~ Grenville Kleise
Hold Fast To Dreams For If Dreams Die, Life Is A Broken Winged Bird That Cannot Fly.
~ Langston Hughes
Thousands Of Candles Can Be Lighted From A Single Candle, And The Life Of The Candle Will Not Be Shortened. Happiness Never Decreases By Being Shared.
~ Buddha
You Can Get Everything In Life You Want If You Will Just Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.
~ Zig Ziglar, "Secrets of Closing the Sale", 1984
In Every Child Who Is Born, No Matter What Circumstances, And Of No Matter What Parents, The Potentiality Of The Human Race Is Born Again And In Him, Too, Once More, And Of Each Of Us, Our Terrific Responsibility Toward Human Life Toward The Utmost Idea Of Goodness, Of The Horror Of Terror, And Of God.
~ James Agee
I Have Learned This At Least By My Experiment: If One Advances Confidently In The Direction Of His Dreams, And Endeavors To Live The Life He Has Imagined, He Will Meet With A Success Unexpected In Common Hours.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Next To Selfishness The Principal Cause Which Makes Life Unsatisfactory Is Want Of Mental Cultivation.
~ John Sturart Mill, Defence of Hedonism
All Animals Except Man Know That The Ultimate Of Life Is To Enjoy It.
~ Samuel Butle