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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Everything In Life Changes You In Some Way. Even The Smallest Things. If You Do Not Accept These Changes You Do Not Accept Yourself. For Through These Changes Brings New And Greater Things To You, Making You Wiser, As Time Progresses. To Avoid These Changes Is A Loss. You Only Live Your Life Once. Do Not Waste A Minute Of It Avoiding Things. Let Them Come To You, And Learn From Them. There Is Always Tomorrow.
~ Adam R. Gwizdala
Develop Interest In Life As You See It In People, Things, Literature, Music - The World Is So Rich, Simply Throbbing With Rich Treasures, Beautiful Souls And Interesting People. Forget Yourself.
~ Henry Mille
You Can Get Everything In Life You Want If You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want.
~ Zig Ziglar, See you at the Top
What An Immense Power Over The Life Is The Power Of Possessing Distinct Aims. The Voice, The Dress, The Look, The Very Motions Of A Person, Define And Alter When He Or She Begins To Live For A Reason.
~ Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
Our Firmest Convictions Are Apt To Be The Most Suspect, They Mark Our Limitations And Our Bounds. Life Is A Petty Thing Unless It Is Moved By The Indomitable Urge To Extend Its Boundaries.
~ Jose Ortega y Gasset
If Your Daily Life Seems Poor, Do Not Blame It Blame Yourself, Tell Yourself That You Are Not Poet Enough To Call Forth Its Riches.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke
There Is One Thing Alone That Stands The Brunt Of Life Throughout Its Course: A Quiet Conscience.
~ Euripides, Hippolytus, 428 B. C
Let Your Life Be A Counter Friction To Stop The Machine.
~ Henry David Thoreau
I Can Tell You, Honest Friend, What To Believe Believe Life It Teaches Better Than Book Or Orator.
~ Johann von Goethe
As Each Child Looks At The World Through Innocent Eyes All They Can See, Is The Worlds Way Of Life And The Way They Think Their Lives Should Be.
~ Kandice Hehner, Innocent Eyes
What Each Must Seek In His Own Life Never Was On Land Or Sea. It Is Something That Never Has Been And Never Could Have Been Experienced By Anyone Else.
~ Joseph Campbell
When Work Is A Pleasure, Life Is A Joy When Work Is A Duty, Life Is Slavery.
~ Maxim Gorky