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Life Quotes

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Surely Your Gladness Need Not Be The Less For The Thought That You Will One Day See A Brighter Dawn Than This - When Lovelier Sights Will Meet Your Eyes Than Any Waving Trees Or Rippling Waters - When Angel-hands Shall Undraw Your Curtains, And Sweeter Tones Than Ever Loving Mother Breathed Shall Wake You To A New And Glorious Day - And When All The Sadness, And The Sin, That Darkened Life On This Little Earth, Shall Be Forgotten Like The Dreams Of A Night That Is Past!
~ Lewis Carroll
One Must Know Oneself, If This Does Not Serve To Discover Truth, It At Least Serves As A Rule Of Life And There Is Nothing Better.
~ Blaise Pascal
There Are Times Of Pure Joy When You Wish All Human Life Well.
~ Francis Bacon
A Man Whose Life Has Been Dishonourable Is Not Entitled To Escape Disgrace In Death.
~ Lucius Accius
Perhaps Each Life Has One Sensational Thought, If Acted Upon Will Bring Great Meaning.
~ Michael R. Bae
There Is No One, No Matter How Wise He Is, Who Has Not In His Youth Said Things Or Done Things That Are So Unpleasant To Recall In Later Life That He Would Expunge Them Entirely From His Memory If That Were Possible.
~ Marcel Proust
If The Only Prayer You Ever Say In Your Whole Life Is Thank You, That Would Suffice.
~ Meister Eckhart
If All The World Is A Stage And Life Is Just A Play Upon It, Get Me Two Seats In The Stalls.
~ Rob Brown
My Interest Is In The Future Because I Am Going To Spend The Rest Of My Life There.
~ Charles F. Kettering
High Fashion Has The Shelf Life Of Potato Salad.
~ Barbara Kingsolver, "Life Without Go- Go Boots" (personal essay)
Spare Minutes Are The Gold-dust Of Time; The Portions Of Life Most Fruitful In Good And Evil; The Gaps Through Which Temptations Enter.
~ Author Unknown
If I Had To Live My Life Over Again, I Would Have A Different Father, A Different Wife And A Different Religion.
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy