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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Would Rather Live In A World Where My Life Is Surrounded By Mystery Than Live In A World So Small That My Mind Could Comprehend It.
~ Harry Emerson Fosdick
Dedicate Some Of Your Life To Others. Your Dedication Will Not Be A Sacrifice. It Will Be An Exhilarating Experience Because It Is An Intense Effort Applied Toward A Meaningful End.
~ Dr. Thomas Dooley
After All, Life Is Really Simple; We Ourselves Create The Circumstances That Complicate It.
~ Author Unknown
The Happiness Of A Man In This Life Does Not Consist In The Absence But In The Mastery Of His Passions.
~ Alfred Lord Tennyson
There Are Two Messages From Theory Of Karma. Our Condition In This Life Is Determined By Our Deeds In Previous Life. We Must Do Good In This Life To Improve Our Conditions In Next Life.
~ B. J. Gupta
The Saddest Failures In Life Are Those That Come From Not Putting Forth The Power And Will To Succeed.
~ Edwin Whipple
By Health I Mean The Power To Live A Full, Adult, Living, Breathing Life In Close Contact With... The Earth And The Wonders Thereof - The Sea - The Sun.
~ Katherine Mansfield
It Is Confidence In Our Bodies, Minds And Spirits That Allows Us To Keep Looking For New Adventures, New Directions To Grow In, And New Lessons To Learn - Which Is What Life Is All About.
~ Oprah Winfrey, Oprah Magazine, May 2004
Look To This Day For It Is Life, The Very Life Of Life. For Yesterday Is But A Dream And Tomorrow Is Only A Vision But Today Well Lived Makes Every Yesterday A Dream Of Happiness And Tomorrow A Vision Of Hope. Look Well, Therefore, To This Day Such Is The Salutation Of The Dawn.
~ Kalidasa
May You Live Your Life As If The Maxim Of Your Actions Were To Become Universal Law.
~ Immanuel Kant
Success Is To Be Measured Not So Much By The Position That One Has Reached In Life As By The Obstacles Which He Has Overcome While Trying To Succeed.
~ Booker T. Washington
The Indefatigable Pursuit Of An Unattainable Perfection, Even Though It Consists In Nothing More Than The Pounding Of An Old Piano, Is What Alone Gives Meaning To Our Life On This Unavailing Star.
~ Logan Pearsall Smith