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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Secret Of The Magic Of Life Consists In Using Action In Order To Attain Non-action. One Must Not Wish To Leap Over Everything And Penetrate Directly.
~ Lu Yen
One Life - A Little Gleam Of Time Between Two Eternities.
~ Thomas Carlyle
Power Operates Only Destructively, Bent Always On Forcing Every Manifestation Of Life Into The Straitjacket Of Its Laws. Its Intellectual Form Of Expression Is Dead Dogma, Its Physical Form Brute Force. And This Unintelligence Of Its Objectives Sets Its Stamp On Its Supporters Also And Renders Them Stupid And Brutal, Even When They Were Originally Endowed With The Best Of Talents. One Who Is Constantly Striving To Force Everything Into A Mechanical Order At Last Becomes A Machine Himself And Loses All Human Feeling.
~ Rudolph Rocke
Creation Is A Better Means Of Self-expression Than Possession; It Is Through Creating, Not Possessing, That Life Is Revealed.
~ Vida D. Scudde
Being Filled With The Holy Spirit, Then, Is A Matter Of Obedience To The Word Of God. The Filling Of The Spirit That All Experienced At Pentecost Was A Matter Of A Promise Being Fulfilled. Today, The Believer Is To Be Filled In Obedience To The Command Of Ephesians 518, Continuously, Not Merely By A Single, Crisis Experience. The Christian Life Is A Growth Process Toward Maturity.
~ Clarence Crame
There Are Times Of Pure Joy When You Wish All Human Life Well.
~ Francis Bacon
One Path Alone Leads To A Life Of Peace: The Path Of Virtue.
~ Juvenal
A Muslim Who Meets With Others And Shares Their Burdens Is Better Than One Who Lives A Life Of Seclusion And Contemplation.
~ Prophet Mohammed, Muslim
We Are Each Responsible For Our Own Life - No Other Person Is Or Even Can Be.
~ Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine
The Probability Of Life Originating From Accident Is Comparable To The Probability Of The Unabridged Dictionary Resulting From An Explosion In A Printing Shop.
~ Edwin Conklin
How Far You Go In Life Depends On Your Being Tender With The Young, Compassionate With The Aged, Sympathetic With The Striving And Tolerant Of The Weak And Strong. Because Someday In Your Life You Will Have Been All Of These.
~ George Washington Carve
For If That Last Day Does Not Occasion An Entire Extinction, But A Change Of Abode Only, What Can Be More Desirable And If It, On The Other Hand, Destroys And Absolutely Puts An End To Us, What Can Be Preferable To Having A Deep Sleep Fall On Us In The Midst Of The Fatigues Of Life And, Being Thus Overtaken, To Sleep To Eternity.
~ Marcus Tullius Cicero