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What I Still Ask For Daily - For Life As Long As I Have Work To Do, And Work As Long As I Have Life.
~ Reynolds Price
Everyone Values Things Differently. In Other Words, They Place Their Own Value On Everything That Affects Their Lives. Also From Moment To Moment They May Even Change Their Values. Such As A Person, Who Values Diamonds Above All Else, Might Be Willing To Trade A Gallon Of Diamonds For A Drink Of Water To Save His Life In A Desert. What This Means Is Value Is A Relative Thing Depending On A Need Or A Perceived Need. Yet, How Many People Will Argue And Even Violently Fight Over The Perceived Value Of Something Or Some Idea Only Later Have An Entirely Different View Point Or Value.
~ Sidney Madwed
I Do Not Mean To Suggest That Our Handsome, Newly Enlarged Library Is To Be A Headquarters Of Busy Bookworms, Old And Young, Routinely Absorbing Knowledge By The Hour While Birds Sing Outside And The Mets Fight It Out For Last Place In The National League. On The Contrary, A Good Library Is A Joyful Place Where The Imagination Roams Free, And Life Is Actively Enriched.
~ John K. Hutchens
All You Need In This Life Is Ignorance And Confidence -- And Then Success Is Sure.
~ Mark Twain
The Truth Is That All Of Us Attain The Greatest Success And Happiness Possible In This Life Whenever We Use Our Native Capacities To Their Greatest Extent.
~ Dr. Smiley Blanton
Let Us Forever Forget That Every Station In Life Is Necessarily That Each Deserves Our Respect; That Not The Station Itself; But The Worthy Fulfillment Of Its Duties Does Honor The Man.
~ Mary Lyon
In Actual Life Every Great Enterprise Begins With And Takes Its First Forward Step In Faith.
~ Friedrich Von Schlegel
The Man Whose Only Pleasure In Life Is Making Money, Weighs Less On The Moral Scale Than An Angleworm.
~ Josh Billings
Seventy Percent Of Success In Life Is Showing Up.
~ Woody Allen
There Is Timing In The Whole Life Of The Warrior, In His Thriving And Declining, In His Harmony And Discord. Similarly, There Is Timing In The Way Of The Merchant, In The Rise And Fall Of Capital. All Things Entail Rising And Falling Timing. You Must Be Able To Discern This.
~ Miyamoto Musashi
Man Supposes That He Directs His Life And Governs His Actions, When His Existence Is Irretrievably Under The Control Of Destiny.
~ Johann von Goethe
In The Arena Of Human Life The Honours And Rewards Fall To Those Who Show Their Good Qualities.
~ Aristotle