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Our Land Is More Valuable Than Your Money. As Long As The Sun Shines And The Waters Flow, This Land Will Be Here To Give Life To Men And Animals; Therefore, We Cannot Sell This Land. It Was Put Here For Us By The Great Spirit And We Cannot Sell It Because It Does Not Belong To Us.
~ Blackfoot chief, (c. 1880)
I Cannot Join The Space Program And Restart My Life As An Astronaut, But This Opportunity To Connect My Abilities As An Educator With My Interests In History And Space Is A Unique Opportunity To Fulfill My Early Fantasies.
~ Christa McAuliffe
An Act Of Love That Fails Is Just As Much A Part Of The Divine Life As An Act Of Love That Succeeds, For Love Is Measured By Fullness, Not By Reception.
~ Harold Loukes
I Mean To Live My Life An Obedient Man, But Obedient To God, Subservient To The Wisdom Of My Ancestors Never To The Authority Of Political Truths Arrived At Yesterday At The Voting Booth.
~ William Frank Buckley, Jr
It Is Your Work In Life That Is The Ultimate Seduction.
~ Pablo Picasso
The Greatest Discovery Of Any Generation Is That A Human Being Can Alter His Life By Altering His Attitude.
~ William James
In The Attitude Of Silence The Soul Finds The Path In A Clearer Light, And What Is Elusive And Deceptive Resolves Itself Into Crystal Clearness. Our Life Is A Long And Arduous Quest After Truth.
~ Mahatma Gandhi
Imagination Is Always The Fabric Of Social Life And The Dynamic Of History. The Influence Of Real Needs And Compulsions, Of Real Interests And Materials, Is Indirect Because The Crowd Is Never Conscious Of It.
~ Mark Twain
A Man May Be A Patriot Without Risking His Own Life Or Sacrificing His Health. There Are Plenty Of Lives Less Valuable.
~ James Mellon, who paid $300 for a civil war Union army deferment
The Secret To Life Is Meaningless Unless You Discover It Yourself.
~ W. S. Maugham, Of Human Bondage
Cultivate Your Curiosity. Keep It Sharp And Always Working. Consider Curiosity Your Life Preserver, Your Willingness To Try Something New. Second, Enlarge Your Enthusiasm To Include The Pursuit To Excellence, Following Every Task Through To Completion. Third, Make The Law Of Averages Work For You. By Budgeting Your Time More Carefully Than Most People You Can Make More Time Available. Does The Combination Of Curiosity, Enthusiasm, And The Law Of Averages Guarantee Success Indeed It Does Not... Success In The Final Analysis Always Involves Luck Or The Element Of Chance. Louis Pasteur Grasped This Well When He Said That Chance Favors The Prepared Mind.
~ John W. Hanley
The Aim Of The College, For The Individual Student, Is To Eliminate The Need In His Life For The College The Task Is To Help Him Become A Self-educating Man.
~ C. Wright Mills