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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

That Man Can Destroy Life Is Just As Miraculous A Feat As That He Can Create It, For Life Is The Miracle, The Inexplicable. In The Act Of Destruction, Man Sets Himself Above Life He Transcends Himself As A Creature. Thus, The Ultimate Choice For A Man, Inasmuch As He Is Driven To Transcend Himself, Is To Create Or To Destroy, To Love Or To Hate.
~ Erich Fromm
This Is Our Purpose To Make As Meaningful As Possible This Life That Has Been Bestowed Upon Us To Live In Such A Way That We May Be Proud Of Ourselves To Act In Such A Way That Some Part Of Us Lives On.
~ Oswald Spengle
Your Life Is The Sum Result Of All The Choices You Make, Both Consciously And Unconsciously. If You Can Control The Process Of Choosing, You Can Take Control Of All Aspects Of Your Life. You Can Find The Freedom That Comes From Being In Charge Of Yourself.
~ Robert F. Bennett
The Real Questions Are The Ones That Obtrude Upon Your Consciousness Whether You Like It Or Not, The Ones That Make Your Mind Start Vibrating Like A Jackhammer, The Ones That You Come To Terms With Only To Discover That They Are Still There. The Real Questions Refuse To Be Placated. They Barge Into Your Life At The Times When It Seems Most Important For Them To Stay Away. They Are The Questions Asked Most Frequently And Answered Most Inadequately, The Ones That Reveal Their True Natures Slowly, Reluctantly, Most Often Against Your Will.
~ Ingrid Bengis
Be On The Alert To Recognize Your Prime At Whatever Time Of Your Life It May Occur.
~ Muriel Spark
We Must Have The Courage To Bet On Our Ideas, To Take The Calculated Risk, And To Act. Everyday Living Requires Courage If Life Is To Be Effective And Bring Happiness.
~ Maxwell Maltz
A Man Whose Life Has Been Dishonourable Is Not Entitled To Escape Disgrace In Death.
~ Lucius Accius
And Once Again Mr. Sherlock Holmes Is Free To Devote His Life To Examining Those Interesting Little Problems Which The Complexity Of Human Life So Pletifuly Presents.
~ Sir Arther Connan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes
Reverence For Life Brings Us Into A Spiritual Relation With The World Which Is Independent Of All Knowledge Of The Universe.
~ Albert Schweitze
Everyone Values Things Differently. In Other Words, They Place Their Own Value On Everything That Affects Their Lives. Also From Moment To Moment They May Even Change Their Values. Such As A Person, Who Values Diamonds Above All Else, Might Be Willing To Trade A Gallon Of Diamonds For A Drink Of Water To Save His Life In A Desert. What This Means Is Value Is A Relative Thing Depending On A Need Or A Perceived Need. Yet, How Many People Will Argue And Even Violently Fight Over The Perceived Value Of Something Or Some Idea Only Later Have An Entirely Different View Point Or Value.
~ Sidney Madwed
I Should Wish To See A World In Which Education Aimed At Mental Freedom Rather Than Imprisoning The Minds Of The Young In A Rigid Armor Of Dogma Calculated To Protect Them Though Life Against The Shafts Of Impartial Evidence.
~ Bertrand Russell, "Why I am Not a Christian"
Unfortunate Is He Who Cannot Gain A Few Sincere Friends During His Life And More Unfortunate Is The One Who Has Gained Them And Then Lost Them Through His Deeds.
~ Hazrat Ali Ibn-e- Abi Talib, Nahj-ul- Balagha (Sermons and sayings Compilation)