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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

There Are Two Messages From Theory Of Karma. Our Condition In This Life Is Determined By Our Deeds In Previous Life. We Must Do Good In This Life To Improve Our Conditions In Next Life.
~ B. J. Gupta
You Are Going To Let The Fear Of Poverty Govern Your Life And Your Reward Will Be That You Will Eat, But You Will Not Live.
~ George Bernard Shaw
Saying We Should Keep The Two-party Political System Simply Because It Is Working Is Like Saying The Titanic Voyage Was A Success Because A Few People Survived On Life Rafts.
~ Eugene McCarthy
Solitude Is Such A Potential Thing. We Hear Voices In Solitude, We Never Hear In The Hurry And Turmoil Of Life We Receive Counsels And Comforts, We Get Under No Other Condition...
~ Amelia Ba
Music Is Essentially Useless, As Life Is.
~ George Santayana
The Brute Necessity Of Believing Something So Long As Life Lasts Does Not Justify Any Belief In Particular.
~ George Santayana
All Changes, Even The Most Longed For, Have Their Melancholy; For What We Leave Behind Us Is A Part Of Ourselves; We Must Die To One Life Before We Can Enter Another.
~ Anatole France
Music Is Essentially Useless, As Life Is: But Both Have An Ideal Extension Which Lends Utility To Its Conditions.
~ George Santayana, Life of Reason (1905) vol. 4, ch. 4
To Be A Philosopher Is Not Merely To Have Subtle Thoughts, Not Even To Found A School, But So To Love Wisdom As To Live According To Its Dictates, A Life Of Simplicity, Independence, Magnanimity, And Trust.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Bourgeois Society Is Infected By Monomania The Monomania Of Accounting. For It, The Only Thing That Has Value Is What Can Be Counted In Francs And Centimes. It Never Hesitates To Sacrifice Human Life To Figures Which Look Well On Paper, Such As National Budgets Or Industrial Balance Sheets.
~ Simone Weil
God Allows Us To Experience The Low Points Of Life In Order To Teach Us Lessons We Could Not Learn In Any Other Way. The Way We Learn Those Lessons Is Not To Deny The Feelings But To Find The Meanings Underlying Them.
~ Stanley Lindquist
There Are Two Things To Aim At In Life First, To Get What You Want And, After That, To Enjoy It. Only The Wisest Of Mankind Achieve The Second.
~ Logan Pearsall Smith