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You Do Not Need To Be Loved, Not At The Cost Of Yourself. The Single Relationship That Is Truly Central And Crucial In A Life Is The Relationship To The Self. Of All The People You Will Know In A Lifetime, You Are The Only One You Will Never Lose.
~ Jo Coudert, "Advice From A Failure"
If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking I Shall Not Live In Vain If I Can Ease One Life The Aching, Or Cool One Pain, Or Help One Fainting Robin Into His Nest Again, I Shall Not Live In Vain.
~ Emily Dickinson
I Regret That I Have But One Life To Give For My Country.
~ Nathan Hale
The Biggest Adventure You Can Ever Take Is To Live The Life Of Your Dreams.
~ Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine
The Ideal Life Is In Our Blood And Never Will Be Still. Sad Will Be The Day For Any Man When He Becomes Contented With The Thoughts He Is Thinking And The Deeds He Is Doing -- Where There Is Not Forever Beating At The Doors Of His Soul Some Great Desire To Do Something Larger, Which He Knows That He Was Meant And Made To Do.
~ Phillips Brooks
All You Touch And All You See, Is All Your Life Will Ever Be.
~ Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, The Dark Side of the Moon
Our Whole Life Is An Attempt To Discover When Our Spontaneity Is Whimsical, Sentimental Irresponsiblity And When It Is A Valid Expression Of Our Deepest Desires And Values.
~ Helen Merrell Lynd
Seeing Death As The End Of Life Is Like Seeing The Horizon As The End Of The Ocean.
~ David Searls
As Soon As There Is Life There Is Danger.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, Society and Solitude (1870)
Life Is Beautiful. Life Is Sad.
~ Vladimir Nabakov, Lolita
No One Finds Life Worth Living; He Must Make It Worth Living.
~ Author Unknown
Music Is The Language Of The Spirit. It Opens The Secret Of Life Bringing Peace, Abolishing Strife.
~ Kahlil Gibran