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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Drama Is Life With The Dull Bits Cut Out.
~ Alfred Hitchcock
No Greater Love Hath A Man Than He Lay Down His Life For His Brother. Not For Millions, .. Not For Glory, Not For Fame. For One Person, .. In The Dark.. Where No One Will Ever Know.. Or See.
~ J. Michael Straczynski, Babylon 5 (Television Series) "Comes the Inquisitor"
If I Have Learnt Anything, It Is That Life Forms No Logical Patterns. It Is Haphazard And Full Of Beauties Which I Try To Catch As They Fly By, For Who Knows Whether Any Of Them Will Ever Return.
~ Margot Fonteyn
Challenges Are What Makes Life Interesting; Overcoming Them Is What Makes Life Meaningful.
~ Joshua J. Marine
In The End The Aggressors Always Destroy Themselves, Making Way For Others Who Know How To Cooperate And Get Along. Life Is Much Less A Competitive Struggle For Survival Than A Triumph Of Cooperation And Creativity.
~ Fritjof Capra
All Animals Except Man Know That The Ultimate Of Life Is To Enjoy It.
~ Samuel Butle
It Is Not In The World Of Ideas That Life Is Lived. Life Is Lived For Better Or Worse In Life, And To A Man In Life, His Life Can Be No More Absurd Than It Can Be The Opposite Of Absurd, Whatever That Opposite May Be.
~ Archibald MacLeish
Our Truest Life Is When We Are In Our Dreams Awake.
~ Henry David Thoreau
To Choose Doubt As A Philosophy Of Life Is Akin To Choosing Immobility As A Means Of Transportation.
~ Yann Martel, Life of Pi
It Is Not In Giving Life But In Risking Life That Man Is Raised Above The Animal That Is Why Superiority Has Been Accorded In Humanity Not To The Sex That Brings Forth But To That Which Kills.
~ Simone de Beauvoi
The Most Valuable Things In Life Are Not Measured In Monetary Terms. The Really Important Things Are Not Houses And Lands, Stocks And Bonds, Automobiles And Real State, But Friendships, Trust, Confidence, Empathy, Mercy, Love And Faith.
~ Bertrand Russell V. Delong
He That Embarks On The Voyage Of Life Will Always Wish To Advance Rather By The Impulse Of The Wind Than The Strokes Of The Oar; And Many Foulder In Their Passage; While They Lie Waiting For The Gale.
~ Johnson