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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

What Do We Live For If Not To Make Life Less Difficult For Each Other?
~ George Eliot
The Key To Immortality Is First Living A Life Worth Remembering.
~ Brandon Lee
Art Is One Of The Means Whereby Man Seeks To Redeem A Life Which Is Experienced As Chaotic, Senseless, And Largely Evil.
~ Aldous Huxley
Hold Fast To Dreams For If Dreams Die, Life Is A Broken Winged Bird That Cannot Fly.
~ Langston Hughes
The Very Essence Of Literature Is The War Between Emotion And Intellect, Between Life And Death. When Literature Becomes Too Intellectual -- When It Begins To Ignore The Passions, The Motions -- It Becomes Sterile, Silly, And Actually Without Substance.
~ Isaac Bashevis Singe
Saying We Should Keep The Two-party Political System Simply Because It Is Working Is Like Saying The Titanic Voyage Was A Success Because A Few People Survived On Life Rafts.
~ Eugene McCarthy
May Your Life Be Like A Wildflower, Growing Freely In The Beauty And Joy Of Each Day.
~ Native American Prove
A Man May Be A Patriot Without Risking His Own Life Or Sacrificing His Health. There Are Plenty Of Lives Less Valuable.
~ James Mellon, who paid $300 for a civil war Union army deferment
Remember That As A Teenager You Are At The Last Stage Of Your Life When You Will Be Happy To Hear That The Phone Is For You.
~ Fran Lebowitz, Social Studies (1981)
The World Of The Commodity Is A World Updside-down, Which Bases Itself Not Upon Life But Upon The Transformation Of Life Into Work.
~ Raoul Vaneigem
When You Do The Common Things In Life In An Uncommon Way, You Will Command The Attention Of The World.
~ George Washington Carve
This Is As True In Everyday Life As It Is In Battle: We Are Given One Life And The Decision Is Ours Whether To Wait For Circumstances To Make Up Our Mind, Or Whether To Act, And In Acting, To Live.
~ General Omar Bradley