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Life Quotes

from thousands of famous people

If You Want Your Life To Be More Rewarding, You Have To Change The Way You Think.
~ Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine
In Early Childhood You May Lay The Foundation Of Poverty Or Riches, Industry Or Idleness, Good Or Evil, By The Habits To Which You Train Your Children. Teach Them Right Habits Then, And Their Future Life Is Safe.
~ Lydia Sigourney
Take A Chance All Life Is A Chance. The Man Who Goes Furthest Is Generally The One Who Is Willing To Do And Dare.
~ Dale Carnegie
The Cost Of A Thing Is The Amount Of What I Call Life Which Is Required To Be Exchanged For It, Immediately Or In The Long Run.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Sometimes I Wonder If We Live Life By Reliving Life, Rather Than By Living Life.
~ Michael Landon
Human Life Is A Continuous Thread Which Each Of Us Spins To His Own Pattern, Rich And Complex In Meaning. There Are No Natural Knots In It. Yet Knots Form, Nearly Always In Adolescence.
~ Henri Estienne
Life... Would Give Her Everything Of Consequence, Life Would Shape Her, Not We. All We Were Good For Was To Make The Introductions.
~ Helen Hayes
Love Is Not A Crime, Denying It Is. Having Dreams Is Not A Crime, Not Chasing Them Is. Making Mistakes Is Not A Crime, Not Learning From Them Is. Life Is Not A Crime, Not Living It Is.
~ Alexander Senturia
Most Of The Change We Think We See In Life Is Due To Truths Being In And Out Of Favor.
~ Robert Frost, The Black Cottage
What Makes Life Worth Living To Be Born With The Gift Of Laughter And Sense That The World Is Mad.
~ Searamouche
I Have No Doubt That Faith Is Only Pure When It Does Not Negate The Faith Of Another. I Have No Doubt That Evil Can Be Fought And That Indifference Is No Option. I Have No Doubt That Fanaticism Is Dangerous. And Of All The Books In The World On Life, I Have No Doubt That The Life Of One Person Weighs More Than Them All.
~ Elie Wiesel, O Magazine, November 2000
The Man Whose Whole Life Is Spent In Performing A Few Simple Operations, Of Which The Effects Are Perhaps Always The Same, Or Very Nearly The Same, Has No Occasion To Exert His Understanding Or To Exercise His Invention In Finding Out Expedients For Removing Difficulties Which Never Occur. He Naturally Loses, Therefore, The Habit Of Such Exertion, And Generally Becomes As Stupid And Ignorant As It Is Possible For A Human Creature To Become.
~ Adam Smith