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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Ah, When To The Heart Of Man Was It Ever Less Than A Treason To Go With The Drift Of Things To Yield With A Grace To Reason And Bow And Accept At The End Of A Love Or A Season.
~ Robert Frost
To Love And Win Is The Best Thing, To Love And Lose, The Next Best.
~ William Makepeace Thackeray
What You Love Is A Sign From Your Higher Self Of What You Are To Do.
~ Sanaya Roman
There Is Pleasure In The Pathless Woods, There Is Rapture In The Lonely Shore, There Is Society Where None Intrudes, By The Deep Sea, And Music In Its Roar I Love Not Man The Less, But Nature More.
~ George Gordon Byron
I Love Quotations Because It Is A Joy To Find Thoughts One Might Have, Beautifully Expressed With Much Authority By Someone Recognized Wiser Than Oneself.
~ Marlene Dietrich
It Was An Initiation Into The Love Of Learning, Of Learning How To Learn, That Was Revealed To Me By My BLS Masters As A Matter Of Interdisciplinary Cognition-that Is, Learning To Know Something By Its Relation To Something Else.
~ Leonard Bernstein
Perhaps Extreme Danger Strips Us Of All Pretenses, All Ambitions, All Confusions, Focusing Us More Intensely Than We Are Otherwise Ever Focused, So That We Remember What We Otherwise Spend Most Of Our Lives Forgetting That Our Nature And Purpose Is, More Than Anything Else, To Love And To Make Love, To Take Joy From The Beauty Of The World, To Live With An Awareness That The Future Is Not As Real A Place For Any Of Us As Are The Present And The Past.
~ Dean Koontz
Just because you love someone doesn't mean you have to be involved with them. Love is not a bandage to cover wounds.
~ Hugh Elliott, Standing Room Only weblog, February 16, 2004
Aesthetic Emotion Puts Man In A State Favorable To The Reception Of Erotic Emotion. Art Is The Accomplice Of Love. Take Love Away And There Is No Longer Art.
~ Rmy de Gourmont
These Two Truths Are The Same In Weight And Importance. Accept And Love WHO And WHERE You Are Now, And All Good Things Shall Find You There.
~ Unknown
By These Things Examine Thyself. By Whose Rules Am I Acting; In Whose Name; In Whose Strength; In Whose Glory? What Faith, Humility, Self-denial, And Love Of God And To Man Have There Been In All My Actions?
~ Jackie Mason
You Can Forget A Lot Of Things, But You Cannot Forget A Womans Name And Claim To Love Her.
~ Real Live Preache