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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

What Treaty Have The Sioux Made With The White Man That We Have Broken Not One. What Treaty Have The White Man Ever Made With Us That They Have Kept Not One. When I Was A Boy The Sioux Owned The World The Sun Rose And Set On Their Land They Sent Ten Thousand Men To Battle. Where Are The Warriors Today Who Slew Them Where Are Our Lands Who Owns Them.... What Law Have I Broken Is It Wrong For Me To Love My Own Is It Wicked For Me Because My Skin Is Red Because I Am A Sioux Because I Was Born Where My Father Lived Because I Would Die For My People And My Country.
~ Sitting Bull
What Else Is Love But Understanding And Rejoicing In The Fact That Another Person Lives, Acts, And Experiences Otherwise Than We Do??
~ Friedrich Nietzsche
The Love Of Nature Is Consolation Against Failure.
~ Berthe Morisot
Friendship Is Constant In All Other Things Save In The Office And Affairs Of Love: Therefore All Hearts In Love Use Their Own Tongues; Let Every Eye Negotiate For Itself And Trust No Agent.
~ William Shakespeare, "Much Ado about Nothing", Act 2 scene 1
We Cannot Really Love Anybody With Whom We Never Laugh.
~ Agnes Repplier, Americans and Others, 1912
No Greater Love Hath A Man Than He Lay Down His Life For His Brother. Not For Millions, .. Not For Glory, Not For Fame. For One Person, .. In The Dark.. Where No One Will Ever Know.. Or See.
~ J. Michael Straczynski, Babylon 5 (Television Series) "Comes the Inquisitor"
To Love Another Person Is To See The Face Of God.
~ Victor Hugo, Les Miserables
Your Love Will Last Forever, If You Do Not Expect Her To Walk The Same Path, But You Look In The Same Direction.
~ T. Clay Sanders
I Love You The More That I Believe You Have Liked Me For My Own Sake And For Nothing Else.
~ John Keats
Christianity Taught Men That Love Is Worth More Than Intelligence.
~ Jacques Maritain
To Be In Love Is To Touch With A Lighter Hand. In Yourself You Stretch, You Are Well.
~ Gwendolyn Brooks
If You Begin The Day With Love In Your Heart, Peace In Your Nerves, And Truth In Your Mind, You Not Only Benefit By Their Presence But Also Bring Them To Others, To Your Family And Friends, And To All Those Whose Destiny Draws Across Your Path That Day.
~ Unknown