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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Life May Change, But It May Fly Not; Hope May Vanish, But Can Die Not; Truth Be Veiled, But Still It Burneth; Love Replused - But It Returneth.
~ Percy B. Shelley
Envy, Among Other Ingredients, Has A Mixture Of Love Of Justice In It. We Are More Angry At Undeserved Than At Deserved Good Fortune.
~ William Hazlitt
To Love And Win Is The Best Thing. To Love And Lose, The Next Best.
~ William Makepeace Thackeray
If Thou Desire The Love Of God And Man, Be Humble, For The Proud Heart, As It Loves None But Itself, Is Beloved Of None But Itself. Humility Enforces Where Neither Virtue, Nor Strength, Nor Reason Can Prevail.
~ Francis Quarles
A Love That Can Last Forever Takes But A Second To Come About.
~ Cuban Prove
We Must Not Just Be In The World And Above The World, But Also Of The World. To Love It For What It Is... Is The Only Task. Avoid It And You Are Lost. Loose Yourself In It, And You Are Free.
~ Henry Miller, in a letter to Lawrence Durrell
What The World Really Needs Is More Love And Less Paperwork.
~ Pearl Bailey
I Have Learned Not To Worry About Love But To Honor Its Coming With All My Heart.
~ Alice Walke
Hatred Paralyzes Life; Love Releases It. Hatred Confuses Life; Love Harmonizes It. Hatred Darkens Life; Love Illuminates It.
~ Martin Luther King
Patriotism Is When Love Of Your Own People Comes First Nationalism, When Hate For People Other Than Your Own Comes First.
~ Charles De Gaulle
Sometimes Love Will Pick You Up By The Short Hairs... And Jerk The Heck Out Of You.
~ Denise Dobbs, Northern Exposure, Survival of the Species, 1993
There Is No Disguise Which Can Hide Love For Long Where It Exists, Or Simulate It Where It Does Not.
~ La Rochefoucauld