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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Accept The Things To Which Fate Binds You, And Love The People With Whom Fate Brings You Together, But Do So With All Your Heart.
~ Marcus Aelius Aurelius
Life Has Taught Us That Love Does Not Consist In Gazing At Each Other, But In Looking Outward Together In The Same Direction.
~ Antoine de Saint- Exupery
We Have Enough Religion To Hate Each Other, But Not Enough To Love Each Other.
~ Jonathan Swift
I Love You The More That I Believe You Have Liked Me For My Own Sake And For Nothing Else.
~ John Keats
The Giving Of Love Is An Education In Itself.
~ Roosevelt, Eleano
Our Hours In Love Have Wings In Absence, Crutches.
~ Colley Cibbe
True Love Never Dies For It Is Lust That Fades Away. Love Bonds For A Lifetime But Lust Just Pushes Away.
~ Alicia Barnhart
When The Power Of Love Overcomes The Love Of Power, Then The World Will Know Peace.
~ Jimi Hendrix
Perhaps The Mission Of Those Who Love Mankind Is To Make People Laugh At The Truth, To Make Truth Laugh, Because The Only Truth Lies In Learning To Free Ourselves From Insane Passion For The Truth.
~ Umberto Eco
We Never Get To Love By Hate, Least Of All By Self-hatred.
~ Basil W. Maturin
The Best Love Affairs Are Those We Never Had.
~ Norman Lindsay
The Knowledge Of God Is Very Far From The Love Of Him.
~ Blaise Pascal