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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Of All Forms Of Caution, Caution In Love Is Perhaps The Most Fatal To True Happiness.
~ Bertrand Russell, Conquest of Happiness (1930) ch. 12
To Be Successful, The First Thing To Do Is To Fall In Love With Your Work.
~ Sister Mary Lauretta
Women Love Us For Our Defects. If We Have Enough Of Them, They Will Forgive Us Everything, Even Our Intellects.
~ Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1891
By These Things Examine Thyself. By Whose Rules Am I Acting; In Whose Name; In Whose Strength; In Whose Glory? What Faith, Humility, Self-denial, And Love Of God And To Man Have There Been In All My Actions?
~ Jackie Mason
The First Thing A Girl Hopes For From The Garden Of Love Is At Least One Carat.
~ S. S. Biddle
Love Seems The Swiftest, But It Is The Slowest Of Growths. No Man Or Woman Really Knows What Perfect Love Is Until They Have Been Married A Quarter Of A Century.
~ Mark Twain
Only Love Interests Me, And I Am Only In Contact With Things That Revolve Around Love.
~ Marc Chagall
The Only Creatures That Are Evolved Enough To Convey Pure Love Are Dogs And Infants.
~ Johnny Depp
Jealousy Would Be Far Less Torturous If We Understood That Love Is A Passion Entirely Unrelated To Our Merits.
~ Paul Eldridge
What We Have In Us Of The Image Of God Is The Love Of Truth And Justice.
~ Demosthenes
The Principle Of Liberty And Equality, If Coupled With Mere Selfishness, Will Make Men Only Devils, Each Trying To Be Independent That He May Fight Only For His Own Interest. And Here Is The Need Of Religion And Its Power, To Bring In The Principle Of Benevolence And Love To Men.
~ John Randolph
Oh, Life Is A Glorious Cycle Of Song, A Medley Of Extemporanea And Love Is A Thing That Can Never Go Wrong And I Am Marie Of Roumania.
~ Dorothy Parke