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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

To Love What You Do And Feel That It Matters - How Could Anything Be More Fun.
~ Katharine Graham
For Hatred Does Not Cease By Hatred At Any Time Hatred Ceases By Love - This Is An Old Rule.
~ The Dhammapada
A Slight Touch Of Friendly Malice And Amusement Towards Those We Love Keeps Our Affections For Them From Turning Flat.
~ Logan Pearsall Smith
So Long As We Love We Serve So Long As We Are Loved By Others, I Would Almost Say That We Are Indespensable And No Man Is Useless While He Has A Friend.
~ Robert Louis Stephenson
Unless You Love Someone, Nothing Else Makes Any Sense.
~ e e cummings
To Fall In Love Is Easy, Even To Remain In It Is Not Difficult Our Human Loneliness Is Cause Enough. But It Is A Hard Quest Worth Making To Find A Comrade Through Whose Steady Presence One Becomes Steadily The Person One Desires To Be.
~ Anna Louise Strong
There Are Very Few People Who Are Not Ashamed Of Having Been In Love When They No Longer Love Each Other.
~ Francois de La Rochefoucald
This Was Love At First Sight, Love Everlasting A Feeling Unknown, Unhoped For, Unexpected--in So Far As It Could Be A Matter Of Conscious Awareness It Took Entire Possession Of Him, And He Understood, With Joyous Amazement, That This Was For Life.
~ Thomas Mann
I Know What Love Is: Tracy And Hepburn, Bogart And Bacall, Romeo And Juliet, Jackie And John And Marilyn....
~ Ian Shoales
I Love Those Who Yearn For The Impossible.
~ Johann von Goethe
Lat., Now I Know What Love Is.
~ Virgil
Music Is Expression Of Harmony In Sound. Love Is The Expression Of Harmony In Life.
~ Stephen