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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Ladies Of Fashion Starve Their Happiness To Feed Their Vanity, And Their Love To Feed Their Pride.
~ Charles Caleb Colton
Never Pretend To A Love Which You Do Not Actually Feel, For Love Is Not Ours To Command.
~ Alan Watts
No Deep And Strong Feeling, Such As We May Come Across Here And There In The World, Is Unmixed With Compassion. The More We Love, The More The Object Of Our Love Seems To Us To Be A Victim.
~ Boris Pasternak
Have Love For Everyone, No One Is Other Than You.
~ Ramakrishna
Just How Difficult It Is To Write Biography Can Be Reckoned By Anybody Who Sits Down And Considers Just How Many People Know They Real Truth About His Or Her Love Affairs.
~ Rebecca West
If I Think More About Death Than Some Other People, It Is Probably Because I Love Life More Than They Do.
~ Angelina Jolie
The Remarkable Thing Is That We Really Love Our Neighbors As Ourselves: We Do Unto Others As We Do Unto Ourselves. We Hate Others When We Hate Ourselves. We Are Tolerant Of Others When We Tolerate Ourselves. We Forgive Others When We Forgive Ourselves. We Are Prone To Sacrifice Others When We Are Ready To Sacrifice Ourselves.
~ Eric Hoffe
If You Judge People, You Have No Time To Love Them.
~ Mother Teresa
People Love High Ideals, But They Got To Be About 33-percent Plausible.
~ Will Rogers
They No Longer Felt Like Newlyweds, And Even Less Like Belated Lovers. It Was As If They Had Lept Over The Arduous Calvary Of Conjugal Life And Gone Straight To The Heart Of Love. They Were Together In Silence Like An Old Married Couple Wary Of Life, Beyond The Pitfalls Of Passion, Beyond The Brutal Mockery Of Hope And The Phantoms Of Disillusion: Beyond Love. For They Had Lived Together Long Enough To Know That Love Was Always Love, Anytime And Anyplace, But It Was More Solid The Closer It Came To Death.
~ Gabriel Garcia Marquez, from "Love in the Time of Cholera"
Do Not Hire A Man Who Does Your Work For Money, But Him Who Does It For Love Of It.
~ Henry David Thoreau
If Grass Can Grow Through Cement, Love Can Find You At Every Time In Your Life.
~ Che