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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

We Learn Our Virtues From Our Friends Who Love Us; Our Faults From The Enemy Who Hates Us. We Cannot Easily Discover Our Real Character From A Friend. He Is A Mirror, On Which The Warmth Of Our Breath Impedes The Clearness Of The Reflection.
~ Ricthe
He Who Is In Love Is Wise And Is Becoming Wiser, Sees Newly Every Time He Looks At The Object Beloved, Drawing From It With His Eyes And His Mind Those Virtues Which It Possesses.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, Address on The Method of Nature, 1841
Learning To Love Yourself Is The Greatest Love Of All.
~ Michael Masser and Linda Creed
Love Seems The Swiftest, But It Is The Slowest Of Growths. No Man Or Woman Really Knows What Perfect Love Is Until They Have Been Married A Quarter Of A Century.
~ Mark Twain
Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness Only Light Can Do That. Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate Only Love Can Do That.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr
It Ever Has Been Since Time Began, And Ever Will Be, Till Time Lose Breath, That Love Is A Mood - No More - To A Man, And Love To A Woman Is Life Or Death.
~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Whoever Loves Becomes Humble. Those Who Love Have, So To Speak, Pawned A Part Of Their Narcissism.
~ Sigmund Freud
By This Shall All Men Know That Ye Are My Disciples, If Ye Have Love One To Another.
~ John 1335 Bible
All Dope Can Do For You Is Kill You The Long Hard Way. And It Can Kill The People You Love Right Along With You.
~ Billie Holiday
I Think It Is All A Matter Of Love The More You Love A Memory, The Stronger And Stranger It Is.
~ Vladimir Nabokov
I Love Such Mirth As Does Not Make Friends Ashamed To Look Upon One Another Next Morning.
~ Nelson Boswell
Those That Respect The Law And Love Sausage Should Watch Neither Being Made.
~ Mark Twain