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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Let No One Who Loves Be Called Unhappy. For Even Love Unreturned Has Its Rainbow.
~ J. M. Barrie
At The Touch Of Love Everyone Becomes A Poet.
~ Plato
I Love Acting. It Is So Much More Real Than Life.
~ Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1891
Let No One Who Loves Be Called Unhappy. Even Love Unreturned Has Its Rainbow.
~ James Barrie
The Things That Will Destroy America Are Prosperity-at-any-price, Safety-first Instead Of Duty-first, The Love Of Soft Living, And The Get-rich-quick Theory Of Life.
~ Theodore Roosevelt
I Am Not Afraid Of Tomorrow, For I Have Seen Yesterday And I Love Today.
~ William Allen White
The Best Proof Of Love Is Trust.
~ Joyce Brothers
I Love You, Not Only For What You Are, But For What I Am When I Am With You.
~ Roy Croft
Put Love First. Entertain Thoughts That Give Life. And When A Thought Or Resentment, Or Hurt, Or Fear Comes Your Way, Have Another Thought That Is More Powerful -- A Thought That Is Love.
~ Mary Manin Morrissey
The Bravest Thing That Men Do Is Love Women.
~ Mort Sahl
How Much I Love Every Thing That Is Decided And Open!
~ Jane Austen, Emma
Dignity And Love Do Not Blend Well, Nor Do They Continue Long Together.
~ Ovid