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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

If You Fear Nothing, You Love Nothing. If You Love Nothing, What Joy Can There Be In Life?
~ Unknown
Love Can Never Give Too Much, But Those Of Us Who Love Can Give In Too Much.
~ Alfred Stuart, Jr
Let Us Not Be Satisfied With Just Giving Money. Money Is Not Enough, Money Can Be Got, But They Need Your Hearts To Love Them. So, Spread Your Love Everywhere You Go.
~ Mother Theresa
For Hatred Does Not Cease By Hatred At Any Time Hatred Ceases By Love - This Is An Old Rule.
~ The Dhammapada
No Cord Or Cable Can Draw So Forcibly, Or Bind So Fast, As Love Can Do With A Single Thread.
~ Robert Burton
A Man Falls In Love Through His Eyes, A Woman Through Her Ears.
~ Woodrow Wyatt
Oh, Life Is A Glorious Cycle Of Song, A Medley Of Extemporanea; And Love Is Thing That Can Never Go Wrong; And I Am Marie Of Romania.
~ Dorothy Parke
O God! I Ask You For The Means To Do Good, To Avoid Evil And To Love The Poor.
~ Mohammed
Perhaps Extreme Danger Strips Us Of All Pretenses, All Ambitions, All Confusions, Focusing Us More Intensely Than We Are Otherwise Ever Focused, So That We Remember What We Otherwise Spend Most Of Our Lives Forgetting That Our Nature And Purpose Is, More Than Anything Else, To Love And To Make Love, To Take Joy From The Beauty Of The World, To Live With An Awareness That The Future Is Not As Real A Place For Any Of Us As Are The Present And The Past.
~ Dean Koontz
The Thought Manifests As The Word; The Word Manifests As The Deed; The Deed Develops Into Habit; And Habit Hardens Into Character. So Watch The Thought And Its Ways With Care, And Let It Spring From Love Born Out Of Concern For All Beings.
~ The Buddha
Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness Only Light Can Do That. Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate Only Love Can Do That.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr
What Children Take From Us, They GiveWe Become People Who Feel More Deeply, Question More Deeply, Hurt More Deeply, And Love More Deeply.
~ Sonia Taitz