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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Test Of A Vocation Is The Love Of The Drudgery It Involves.
~ Logan Pearsall Smith, Afterthoughts (1931) "Art and Letters"
Jerry We Live In A Cynical World. A Cynical World. And We Work In A Business Of Tough Competitors. I Love You. You... Complete Me.
~ Jerry Maguire
Love Yourself First And Everything Else Falls Into Line. You Really Have To Love Yourself To Get Anything Done In This World.
~ Lucille Ball
God Grant That Not Only The Love Of Liberty But A Thorough Knowledge Of The Rights Of Man May Pervade All The Nations Of The Earth, So That A Philosopher May Set His Foot Anywhere On Its Surface And Say: This Is My Country.
~ Benjamin Franklin, letter to David Hartley, December 4, 1789
I Have Perfumed My Bed With Myrrh, Aloes, And Cinnamon. Come, Let Us Take Our Fill Of Love Until The Morning.
~ Proverbs 7: 17-18
An Act Of Love That Fails Is Just As Much A Part Of The Divine Life As An Act Of Love That Succeeds, For Love Is Measured By Fullness, Not By Reception.
~ Harold Loukes
The Love Of Liberty Is The Love Of Others The Love Of Power Is The Love Of Ourselves.
~ William Hazlitt
Sex Alleviates Tension. Love Causes It.
~ Woody Allen
The Most Important Principle Of Divine Philosophy Is The Oneness Of The World Of Humanity, The Unity Of Mankind, The Bond Conjoining East And West, The Tie Of Love Which Blends Human Hearts.
~ Abdul Baha, April 19, 1912, Earl Hall
Desire, Even In Its Wildest Tantrums, Can Neither Persuade Me It Is Love Nor Stop Me From Wishing It Were.
~ W. H. Auden
I Love America Because America Trusts Me. When I Go Into A Shop To Buy A Pair Of Shoes I Am Not Asked To Produce My Identity Card. I Love It Because My Mail Is Not Censored. My Phone Is Not Tapped. My Conversation With Friends Is Not Reported To The Secret Police.
~ Janina Atkins
We Like Someone Because. We Love Someone Although.
~ Henri De Montherlant