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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Love Goes Toward Love As Schoolboys From Their Books; But Love From Look, Toward School With Heavy Looks.
~ William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet
We Must Love One Another Or Die.
~ W. H. Auden, "September 1, 1939"
The Most Valuable Things In Life Are Not Measured In Monetary Terms. The Really Important Things Are Not Houses And Lands, Stocks And Bonds, Automobiles And Real State, But Friendships, Trust, Confidence, Empathy, Mercy, Love And Faith.
~ Bertrand Russell V. Delong
To Be In Love Is To Touch With A Lighter Hand. In Yourself You Stretch, You Are Well.
~ Gwendolyn Brooks
Nature Is At Work.. Character And Destiny Are Her Handiwork. She Gives Us Love And Hate, Jealousy And Reverence. All That Is Ours Is The Power To Choose Which Impulse We Shall Follow.
~ David Seabury
What We Have In Us Of The Image Of God Is The Love Of Truth And Justice.
~ Demosthenes
Ignorance And Bungling With Love Are Better Than Wisdom And Skill Without.
~ Henry David Thoreau, Wednesday, A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers
All Thoughts, All Passions, All Delights Whatever Stirs This Mortal Frame All Are But Ministers Of Love And Feed His Sacred Flame.
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Anything Will Give Up Its Secrets If You Love It Enough. Not Only Have I Found That When I Talk To The Little Flower Or To The Little Peanut They Will Give Up Their Secrets, But I Have Found That When I Silently Commune With People They Give Up Their Secrets Also - If You Love Them Enough.
~ George Washington Carve
To Be A Good Soldier, You Must Love The Army. To Be A Good Commander, You Must Be Willing To Order The Death Of The Thing You Love.
~ Robert E. Lee, Conversation with Gen. Longstreet
I Have Made A Great Discovery. What I Love Belongs To Me. Not The Chairs And Tables In My House, But The Masterpieces Of The World. It Is Only A Question Of Loving Them Enough.
~ Princess Elizabeth Asquith Bibesco
Children Love To Be Alone Because Alone Is Where They Know Themselves, And Where They Dream.
~ Roger Rosenblatt