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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Spiritual Meaning Of Love Is Measured By What It Can Do. Love Is Meant To Heal. Love Is Meant To Renew. Love Is Meant To Bring Us Closer To God.
~ Deepak Chopra, The Path to Love
A Heart In Love With Beauty Never Grows Old.
~ Turkish Prove
It Is Only By Striving For Beauty And Love In All Our Relationships, That We Can Hope To Become Guardians Of Our Individual And Collective Futures.
~ Roland Stahle
The Music Business Was Not Safe, But It Was FUN. It Was Like Falling In Love With A Woman You Know Is Bad For You, But You Love Every Minute With Her, Anyway.
~ Lionel Richie
Romantic Love Is An Illusion. Most Of Us Discover This Truth At The End Of A Love Affair Or Else When The Sweet Emotions Of Love Lead Us Into Marriage And Then Turn Down Their Flames.
~ Sir Thomas More
None Can Love Freedom Heartily But Good Men The Rest Love Not Freedom, But License.
~ John Milton
When Our Eyes See Our Hands Doing The Work Of Our Hearts, The Circle Of Creation Is Completed Inside Us, The Doors Of Our Souls Fly Open And Love Steps Forth To Heal Everything In Sight.
~ Michael Bridge
The Magic Of First Love Is Our Ignorance That It Can Ever End.
~ Benjamin Disraeli
It Is Possible To Love Your Friends, Your Competitors, And Even Your Enemies. It Is Hard, Bitterly Hard, But There Is A Long Distance Between Hard And Impossible.
~ Herbert Welch
To Love And Win Is The Best Thing. To Love And Lose, The Next Best.
~ William Makepeace Thackeray
Jealousy: That Dragon Which Slays Love Under The Pretence Of Keeping It Alive.
~ Havelock Ellis
The Three Hardest Tasks In The World Are Neither Physical Feats Nor Intellectual Achievements, But Moral Acts To Return Love For Hate, To Include The Excluded, And To Say, I Was Wrong.
~ Sydney Harris