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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Have Found That If You Love Life, Life Will Love You Back.
~ Arthur Rubinstein
Self-love Is Not Opposed To The Love Of Other People. You Cannot Really Love Yourself And Do Yourself A Favor Without Doing People A Favor, And Vise Versa.
~ Dr. Karl A. Menninge
We Always Believe Our First Love Is Our Last, And Our Last Love Our First.
~ George John Whyte- Melville
Cuando Amor No Es Locura, No Es Amor. When Love Is Not Madness, It Is Not Love.
~ Danish prove
Love Rules The Court, The Camp, The Grove, And Men Below, And Saints Above For Love Is Heaven, And Heaven Is Love.
~ Sir Walter Scott
Motherhood All Love Begins And Ends There.
~ Robert Browning
None Love The Messenger Who Brings Bad News.
~ Sophocles
The Most Valuable Things In Life Are Not Measured In Monetary Terms. The Really Important Things Are Not Houses And Lands, Stocks And Bonds, Automobiles And Real State, But Friendships, Trust, Confidence, Empathy, Mercy, Love And Faith.
~ Bertrand Russell V. Delong
Love Is Not Love Which Alters When It Alteration Finds.
~ William Shakespeare, Sonnet CXVI
Time Is Too Slow For Those Who Wait, Too Swift For Those Who Fear, Too Long For Those Who Grieve, Too Short For Those Who Rejoice, But For Those Who Love Time Is Not.
~ Henry Van Dyke
Love Recieved And Love Given Comprise The Best Form Of Therapy.
~ Gordon William Allport
Pleasure And Love Are The Pinions Of Great Deeds.
~ Charles Fox