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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Joy Is Prayer - Joy Is Strength - Joy Is Love - Joy Is A Net Of Love By Which You Can Catch Souls.
~ Mother Teresa
People Who Lose Their Parents When Young Are Permanently In Love With Them.
~ Aharon Appelfeld
Touch The Earth, Love The Earth, Honour The Earth, Her Plains, Her Valleys, Her Hills, And Her Seas; Rest Your Spirit In Her Solitary Places.
~ Ernest Dimnet
The Friendly Cow All Red And White, I Love With All My Heart: She Gives Me Cream With All Her Might; To Eat With Apple Tart.
~ Robert Louis Stevenson
Give Up Your Relentless Moralizing, The Continual Pinpricks Which Pierce The Skin Of Your Fellows. The Distinction Between Good And Evil Is The Sickness Of The Mind. Give Up Your Morals, And The People Will Regain A Love Of Their Fellows.
~ Lao Tse, In a discussion with Confucious about the true nature of humanity
There Is A Law That Man Should Love His Neighbor As Himself. In A Few Hundred Years It Should Be As Natural To Mankind As Breathing Or The Upright Gait; But If He Does Not Learn It He Must Perish.
~ Alfred Adle
Excellent Wretch Perdition Catch My Soul, But I Do Love Thee And When I Love Thee Not, Chaos Is Come Again.
~ William Shakespeare
If You Love Something, Let It Go. If It Comes Back To You, Its Yours Forever. If It Dosent, Then It Was Never Meant To Be.
~ Unknown
We Never Get To Love By Hate, Least Of All By Self-hatred.
~ Basil W. Maturin
The Love Of Our Neighbor In All Its Fullness Simply Means Being Able To Say, What Are You Going Through.
~ Simone Weil
A Cat Does Not Want All The World To Love Her -- Only Those She Has Chosen To Love.
~ Helen Thomson
We Find It Hard To Apply The Knowledge Of Ourselves To Our Judgment Of Others. The Fact That We Are Never Of One Kind, That We Never Love Without Reservations And Never Hate With All Our Being Cannot Prevent Us From Seeing Others As Wholly Black Or White.
~ Eric Hoffe