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Love Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Hunger For Love Is Much More Difficult To Remove Than The Hunger For Bread.
~ Mother Theresa
Is It Better To Be The Lover Or The Loved One? Neither, If Your Cholesterol Is Over Six Hundred. By Love, Of Course, I Refer To Romantic Love -- The Love Between Man And Woman, Rather Than Between Mother And Child, Or A Boy And His Dog, Or Two Headwaiters.
~ Woody Allen, Without Feathers
In The End The Love You Take Is Equal To The Love You Make.
~ Paul McCartney
We Cheerfully Assume That In Some Mystic Way Love Conquers All, That Good Outweighs Evil In The Just Balances Of The Universe And At The 11th Hour Something Gloriously Triumphant Will Prevent The Worst Before It Happens.
~ Brooks Atkinson
If You Make People Think They Are Thinking, They Will Love You. If You Really Make Them Think, They Will Hate You.
~ Art Costa
The Best Things In Life Are Never Rationed. Friendship, Loyalty, Love Do Not Require Coupons.
~ George T. Hewitt
I Love And I Hate. How Can This Be, You Ask In Vain. I Know Not, But I Feel It To Be So And Am Wracked With Pain.
~ Gaius Valerius Catullus, Poem 85
The Knowledge Of God Is Very Far From The Love Of Him.
~ Blaise Pascal
Happiness Is The China Shop; Love Is The Bull.
~ H. L. Mencken
A Little Kindness From Person To Person Is Better Than A Vast Love For All Humankind.
~ Richard Dehmel
Love Is Something Like The Clouds That Were In The Sky, Before The Sun Came Out. You Cannot Touch The Clouds, You Know But You Feel The Rain And Know How Glad The Flowers And The Thirsty Earth Are To Have It After A Hot Day. You Cannot Touch Love Either, But You Feel The Sweetness That It Pours Into Everything.
~ Annie Sullivan
For One Human Being Instinctively Feels Respect And Love For Another Human Being So Long As He Does Not Know Him Well Enough To Judge Him; And That He Does Not, The Craving He Feels Is Evidence.
~ Thomas Mann, Death in Venice