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Those Who Want The Government To Regulate Matters Of The Mind And Spirit Are Like Men Who Are So Afraid Of Being Murdered That They Commit Suicide To Avoid Assassination.
~ Harry S Truman
A Nation That Continues To Produce Soft-minded Men Purchases Its Own Spiritual Death On The Installment Plan.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr
Fourscore And Seven Years Ago Our Fathers Brought Forth On This Continent, A New Nation, Conceived In Liberty, And Dedicated To The Proposition That All Men Are Created Equal.
~ Abraham Lincoln
You Must Pay For Conformity. All Goes Well As Long As You Run With Conformists. But You, Who Are Honest Men In Other Particulars, Know That There Is Alive Somewhere A Man Whose Honesty Reaches To This Point Also, That He Shall Not Kneel To False Gods, And, On The Day When You Meet Him, You Sink Into The Class Of Counterfeits.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Not Only Have Women Been Successful In Entering Fields In Which Men Are Supposed To Have A More Natural Aptitude, But They Have Created Entirely New Businesses.
~ Lucretia P. Hunter, ``The Girl Today, The Woman Tomorrow', 1932
It Is Said An Eastern Monarch Once Charged His Wise Men To Invent Him A Sentence, To Be Ever In View, And Which Should Be True And Appropriate In All Times And Situations. They Presented Him The Words And This, Too, Shall Pass Away.
~ Abraham Lincoln
There Is No Happiness Where There Is No Wisdom No Wisdom But In Submission To The Gods. Big Words Are Always Punished, And Proud Men In Old Age Learn To Be Wise.
~ Sophocles
We Have Entered An Age In Which Education Is Not Just A Luxury Permitting Some Men An Advantage Over Others. It Has Become A Necessity Without Which A Person Is Defenseless In This Complex, Industrialized Society. ... We Have Truly Entered The Century Of The Educated Man.
~ Lyndon B. Johnson
The Historian Must Have Some Conceptions Of How Men Who Are Not Historians Behave.
~ Edward Morgan Forste
So Long As Faith With Freedom Reigns And Loyal Hope Survives, And Gracious Charity Remains To Leaven Lowly Lives; While There Is One Untrodden Tract For Intellect Or Will, And Men Are Free To Think And Act, Life Is Worth Living Still.
~ Alfred Austin
The Lovely Thing About Being Forty Is That You Can Appreciate Twenty-five- Year-old Men More.
~ Collen McCullough
The Action Of Men Are The Best Interpreters Of Their Thoughts.
~ John Locke