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Men Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Underlying The Whole Scheme Of Civilization Is The Confidence Men Have In Each Other, Confidence In Their Integrity, Confidence In Their Honesty, Confidence In Their Future.
~ Bourke Cockran
Do Not Trust All Men, But Trust Men Of Worth The Former Course Is Silly, The Latter A Mark Of Prudence.
~ Democritus
All Great Men Are Gifted With Intuition. They Know Without Reasoning Or Analysis, What They Need To Know.
~ Alexis Carrel
The Actions Of Men Are The Best Interpreters Of Their Thoughts.
~ John Locke
We Cannot Live Only For Ourselves. A Thousand Fibers Connect Us With Our Fellow Men And Among Those Fibers, As Sympathetic Threads, Our Actions Run As Causes, And They Come Back To Us As Effects.
~ Herman Melville
Though Force Can Protect In Emergency, Only Justice, Fairness, Consideration And Co-operation Can Finally Lead Men To The Dawn Of Eternal Peace.
~ Dwight D. Eisenhowe
There Are Two Perfect Men One Dead, And The Other Unborn.
~ Chinese Prove
There Is This Paradox In Pride - It Makes Some Men Ridiculous, But Prevents Others From Becoming So.
~ C. C. Colton
I Do Not Believe That The Men Who Served In Uniform In Vietnam Have Been Given The Credit They Deserve. It Was A Difficult War Against An Unorthodox Enemy.
~ William Westmoreland
If American Men Are Obsessed With Money, American Women Are Obsessed With Weight. The Men Talk Of Gain, The Women Talk Of Loss, And I Do Not Know Which Talk Is The More Boring.
~ Marya Mannes
Millions Of Men Have Lived To Fight, Build Palaces And Boundaries, Shape Destinies And Societies But The Compelling Force Of All Times Has Been The Force Of Originality And Creation Profoundly Affecting The Roots Of Human Spirit.
~ Ansel Adams
Only Little Boys And Old Men Sneer At Love.
~ Louis Auchincloss