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It Will Generally Be Found That Men Who Are Constantly Lamenting Their Ill Luck Are Only Reaping The Consequences Of Their Own Neglect, Mismanagement, And Improvidence, Or Want Of Application.
~ Samuel Smiles
Many Years Ago, I Concluded That A Few Hair Shirts Were Part Of The Mental Wardrobe Of Every Man. The President Differs From Other Men In That He Has A More Extensive Wardrobe.
~ Herbert Clark Hoove
Here Is A Great Body Of Our Jewish Citizens From Whom Have Sprung Men Of Genius In Every Walk Of Our Varied Life; Men Who Have Conceived Of Its Ideals With Singular Clearness; And Led Enterprises With Sprit & Sagacity... They Are Not Jews In America, They Are American Citizens.
~ Woodrow Wilson
Most Great Men And Women Are Not Perfectly Rounded In Their Personalities, But Are Instead People Whose One Driving Enthusiasm Is So Great It Makes Their Faults Seem Insignificant.
~ Charles A. Cerami
Liberty Lies In The Hearts Of Men And Women; When It Dies There, No Constitution, No Law, No Court Can Save It.... While It Lies There, It Needs No Constitution, No Law, No Court To Save It.
~ Learned Hand, jurist
Shallow Men Believe In Luck. Strong Men Believe In Cause And Effect.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Wise Men Make Proverbs, But Fools Repeat Them.
~ Samuel Palme
Older Men Declare War. But It Is Youth That Must Fight And Die. And It Is Youth Who Must Inherit The Tribulation, The Sorrow, And The Triumphs That Are Aftermath Of War.
~ Herbert Hoove
Man With All His Noble Qualities, With Sympathy Which Feels For The Most Debased, With Benevolence Which Extends Not Only To Other Men But To The Humblest Living Creature, With His God-like Intellect Which Has Penetrated Into The Movements And Constitution Of The Solar System- With All These Exalted Powers- Man Still Bears In His Bodily Frame The Indelible Stamp Of His Lowly Origin.
~ Charles Darwin, The Descent of Man 1871
All Men Dream: But Not Equally. Those Who Dream By Night In The Dusty Recesses Of Their Minds Wake In The Day To Find That It Was Vanity: But The Dreamers Of The Day Are Dangerous Men, For They May Act Their Dreams With Open Eyes, To Make It Possible. This I Did.
~ T. E. Lawrence, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom
The Lovely Thing About Being Forty Is That You Can Appreciate Twenty-five- Year-old Men More.
~ Collen McCullough
Trust Men And They Will Be True To You Treat Them Greatly, And They Will Show Themselves Great.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson