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It Is A Mistake To Suppose That Men Succeed Through Success; They Much Oftener Succeed Through Failures. Precept, Study, Advice, And Example Could Never Have Taught Them So Well As Failure Has Done.
~ Samuel Smiles
All Men Are Caught In An Inescapable Network Of Mutuality.
~ Martin Luther King Jr
So Long As Faith With Freedom Reigns And Loyal Hope Survives, And Gracious Charity Remains To Leaven Lowly Lives; While There Is One Untrodden Tract For Intellect Or Will, And Men Are Free To Think And Act, Life Is Worth Living Still.
~ Alfred Austin
Here Is A Great Body Of Our Jewish Citizens From Whom Have Sprung Men Of Genius In Every Walk Of Our Varied Life; Men Who Have Conceived Of Its Ideals With Singular Clearness; And Led Enterprises With Sprit & Sagacity... They Are Not Jews In America, They Are American Citizens.
~ Woodrow Wilson
In Stirring Up Tumult And Strife, The Worst Men Can Do The Most, But Peace And Quiet Cannot Be Established Without Virtue.
~ Cornelius Tacitus
Hatred Of Enemies Is Easier And More Intense Than Love Of Friends. But From Men Who Are More Anxious To Injure Opponents Than To Benefit The World At Large No Great Good Is To Be Expected.
~ Lord Bertrand Russell
I Am Inferior Of Any Man Whose Rights I Trample Under Foot. Men Are Not Superior By Reason Of The Accidents Of Race Or Color. They Are Superior Who Have The Best Heart--the Best Brain.
~ Robert Green Ingersoll
Capitalism Is The Astounding Belief That The Most Wickedest Of Men Will Do The Most Wickedest Of Things For The Greatest Good Of Everyone.
~ John Maynard Keynes
There Is A Demand In These Days For Men Who Can Make Wrong Appear Right.
~ Terence
Nor Need We Be Surprised That Men So Often Embrace Almost Any Doctrines, If They Are Proclaimed With A Voice Of Absolute Assurance.
~ Judge Learned Hand, Address "A Fanfare for Prometheus", January 29, 1955
The Best Of Men Is He Who Blushes When You Praise Him And Remains Silent When You Defame Him.
~ Kahlil Gibran
The Chief Difference Between Words And Deeds Is That Words Are Always Intended For Men For Their Approbation, But Deeds Can Be Done Only For God.
~ Leo Tolstoy