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The World Owes All Its Onward Impulses To Men Ill At Ease. The Happy Man Inevitably Confines Himself Within Ancient Limits.
~ Nathaniel Hawthorne
Many Men Can Make A Fortune But Very Few Can Build A Family.
~ J. S. Bryan
O God, That Men Should Put An Enemy In Their Mouths To Steal Away Their Brains!
~ Othello
Fools Make Researches And Wise Men Exploit Them.
~ H. G. Wells
I Believe That There Never Was A Creator Of A Philosophical System Who Did Not Confess At The End Of His Life That He Had Wasted His Time. It Must Be Admitted That The Inventors Of The Mechanical Arts Have Been Much More Useful To Men That The Inventors Of Syllogisms. He Who Imagined A Ship Towers Considerably Above Him Who Imagined Innate Ideas.
~ Voltaire
All Men Have Need Of The Gods.
~ Homer, The Odyssey
The Men Who Create Power Make An Indispensable Contribution To The Nation? S Greatness, But The Men Who Question Power Make A Contribution Just As Indispensable, Especially When That Questioning Is Disinterested, For They Determine Whether We Use Power Or Power Uses Us.
~ John F. Kennedy, Amherst College, Oct 26, 1963 - Source JFK Library, Boston, Mass
That Men Do Not Learn Very Much From The Lessons Of History Is The Most Important Of All The Lessons That History Has To Teach.
~ Aldous Huxley
The Principle Goal Of Education Is To Create Men Who Are Capable Of Doing New Things, Not Simply Of Repeating What Other Generations Have Done - Men Who Are Creative, Inventive And Discoverers.
~ Jean Piaget
Between Eigtheen And Twenty, Life Is Like An Exchange Where One Buys Stocks, Not With Money, But With Actions. Most Men Buy Nothing.
~ Andre Malraux
I Have Found Power In The Mysteries Of Thought, Exaltation In The Changing Of The Muses I Have Been Versed In The Reasonings Of Men But Fate Is Stronger Than Anything I Have Known.
~ Euripides
What Plays The Mischief With The Truth Is That Men Will Insist Upon The Universal Application Of A Temporary Feeling Or Opinion.
~ Daisy Bates