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Virtue Is More To Man Than Either Water Or Fire. I Have Seen Men Die From Treading On Water And Fire, But I Have Never Seen A Man Die From Treading The Course Of Virtue.
~ Confucius, The Confucian Analects
Most Religions Do Not Make Men Better, Only Warier.
~ Elias Canetti
Love Works In Miracles Every Day Such As Weakening The Strong, And Strengthening The Weak Making Fools Of The Wise, And Wise Men Of Fools Favouring The Passions, Destroying Reason, And In A Word, Turning Everything Topsy-turvy.
~ Marguerite de Valois
It Is Not Easy For Men To Rise Whose Qualities Are Thwarted By Poverty.
~ Juvenal, Satires
Do Not Seek To Follow In The Footsteps Of The Men Of Old; Seek What They Sought.
~ Matsuo Basho
The Superpowers Often Behave Like Two Heavily Armed Blind Men Feeling Their Way Around A Room, Each Believing Himself In Mortal Peril From The Other, Whom He Assumes To Have Perfect Vision.
~ Henry Kissinge
Sigmund Freud Once Said, What Do Women Want? The Only Thing I Have Learned In Fifty-two Years Is That Women Want Men To Stop Asking Dumb Questions Like That.
~ Bill Cosby
The Ideal Condition Would Be, I Admit, That Men Should Be Right By Instinct But Since We Are All Likely To Go Astray, The Reasonable Thing Is To Learn From Those Who Can Teach.
~ Sophocles
The Power Of Hiding Ourselves From One Another Is Mercifully Given, For Men Are Wild Beasts, And Would Devour One Another But For This Protection.
~ Henry Ward Beecher, "Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit", 1887
There Is No Reciprocity. Men Love Women, Women Love Children, Children Love Hamsters.
~ Alice Thomas Ellis
The World Is Blessed Most By Men Who Do Things, Not By Those Who Merely Talk About Them.
~ James Olive
An Invincible Determination Can Accomplish Almost Anything And In This Lies The Great Distinction Between Great Men And Little Men.
~ Thomas Fulle