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Many Years Ago, I Concluded That A Few Hair Shirts Were Part Of The Mental Wardrobe Of Every Man. The President Differs From Other Men In That He Has A More Extensive Wardrobe.
~ Herbert Clark Hoove
The Men Who Try To Do Something And Fail Are Infinitely Better Than Those Who Try To Do Nothing And Succeed.
~ Lloyd Jones
Some Men Worship Rank, Some Worship Heroes, Some Worship Power, Some Worship God, And Over These Ideals They Dispute, But They All Worship Money.
~ Mark Twain
The Government Consists Of A Gang Of Men Exactly Like You And Me. They Have, Taking One With Another, No Special Talent For The Business Of Government; They Have Only A Talent For Getting And Holding Office.
~ H. L. Mencken
The Final Test Of A Leader Is That He Leaves Behind Him In Other Men The Conviction And The Will To Carry On.
~ Walter Lippmann
Great Men Are Not Always Idiots.
~ Karen Elizabeth Gordon
Even Against The Greatest Of Odds, There Is Something In The Human Spirit- A Magic Blend Of Skill, Faith, And Valor- That Can Lift Men From Certain Defeat To Incredible Victory.
~ Walter Lord, World War II Memorial in Washington, DC
Nothing Shocks Me More In The Men Of Religion And Their Flocks Than Their Pretensions To Be The Only Religious People.
~ Jean Guehenno
Tell Me Where I Can Escape Death: Discover For Me The Country, Show Me The Men To Whom I Must Go, Whom Death Does Not Visit. Discover To Me A Charm Against Death. If I Have Not One, What Do You Wish Me To Do? I Cannot Escape From Death, But Shall I Die Lamenting And Trembling? ... Therefore If I Am Able To Change Externals According To My Wish, I Change Them: But If I Cannot, I Am Ready To Tear The Eyes Out Of Him Who Hinders Me.
~ Epictetus
Of Men Who Have A Sense Of Honor, More Come Through Alive Than Are Slain, But From Those Who Flee Comes Neither Glory Nor Any Help.
~ Homer, The Iliad
Whenever Men Take The Law Into Their Own Hands, The Loser Is The Law. And When The Law Loses, Freedom Languishes.
~ Robert Francis Kennedy
The Historian Must Have Some Conceptions Of How Men Who Are Not Historians Behave.
~ Edward Morgan Forste