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The Wisest Men Follow Their Own Direction.
~ Euripides
A Great Deal Of Talent Is Lost To The World For Want Of A Little Courage. Every Day Sends To Their Graves Obscure Men Whose Timidity Prevented Them From Making A First Effort.
~ Sydney Smith
Like President Reagan, President Bush Has Not Shied From Calling Evil By Its Name Or Declaring His Intention To Defeat Its Latest Incarnation, Terrorism, Just As Free Men And Women Of All Political Persuasions, Here And Abroad, Defeated Fascism And Communism Before.
~ Donald Rumsfeld, Ronald Reagan Library and Museum, October 10, 2003
The Quietly Pacifist Peaceful Always Die To Make Room For Men Who Shout.
~ Alice Walke
Thank God Men Cannot As Yet Fly And Lay Waste The Sky As Well As The Earth.
~ Henry David Thoreau, Jan. 3, 1861
Prejudice Is The Conjurer Of Imaginary Wrongs, Strangling Truth, Overpowering Reason, Making Strong Men Weak And Weak Men Weaker. God Give Us The Large Hearted Charity Which Bearth All Things, Believe All Things, Hope All Things, Endure All Things, Which Thinks No Evil.
~ Macduff
When We See Men Of Worth, We Should Think Of Equaling Them When We See Men Of A Contrary Character, We Should Turn Inwards And Examine Ourselves.
~ Confucius
The Office Of Government Is Not To Confer Happiness, But To Give Men The Opportunity To Work Out Happiness For Themselves.
~ William Ellery Channing
Live Among Men As If God Beheld You Speak To God As If Men Were Listening.
~ Seneca
To The Biologist The Problem Of Socialism Appears Largely As A Problem Of Size. The Extreme Socialists Desire To Run Every Nation As A Single Business Concern. I Do Not Suppose That Henry Ford Would Find Much Difficulty In Running Andorra Or Luxembourg On A Socialistic Basis. He Has Already More Men On His Pay-roll Than Their Population. It Is Conceivable That A Syndicate Of Fords, If We Could Find Them, Would Make Belgium Ltd. Or Denmark Inc. Pay Their Way. But While Nationalization Of Certain Industries Is An Obvious Possibility In The Largest Of States, I Find It No Easier To Picture A Completely Socialized British Empire Or United States Than An Elephant Turning Somersaults Or A Hippopotamus Jumping A Hedge.
~ J. B. S. Haldane, "On Being the Right Size" in the (1928) book "Possible Worlds"
Many Brave Men Lived Before Agamemnon; But All Are Overwhelmed In Eternal Night, Unwept, Unknown, Because They Lack A Sacred Poet.
~ Horace, Odes
There Are Dreams Stronger Than Death. Men And Women Die Holding These Dreams.
~ Carl Sandburg