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Education Makes Machines Which Act Like Men And Produces Men Who Act Like Machines.
~ Erich Fromm
Nothing Is More Damaging To A State Than That Cunning Men Pass For Wise.
~ Francis Bacon
Most Joyful The Poet Be; It Is Through Him That All Men See.
~ William E. Channing
Culture Makes All Men Gentle.
~ Menande
Women Thrive On Novelty And Are Easy Meat For The Commerce Of Fashion. Men Prefer Old Pipes And Torn Jackets.
~ Anthony Burgess
The Only Stable State Is The One In Which All Men Are Equal Before The Law.
~ Aristotle
There Are Two Perfect Men One Dead, And The Other Unborn.
~ Chinese Prove
Long Experience Has Taught Me This About The Status Of Mankind With Regard To Matters Requiring Thought: The Less People Know And Understand About Them, The More Positively They Attempt To Argue Concerning Them, While On The Other Hand To Know And Understand A Multitude Of Things Renders Men Cautious In Passing Judgement Upon Anything New.
~ Galileo Galilei, The Assaye
Until And Unless You Discover That Money Is The Root Of All Good, You Ask For Your Own Destruction. When Money Ceases To Become The Means By Which Men Deal With One Another, Then Men Become The Tools Of Other Men. Blood, Whips And Guns--or Dollars. Take Your Choice--there Is No Other.
~ Ayn Rand
Where All Men Think Alike, No One Thinks Very Much.
~ Walter Lippmann
There Is Nothing Training Cannot Do. Nothing Is Above Its Reach. It Can Turn Bad Morals To Good; It Can Destroy Bad Principles And Recreate Good Ones; It Can Lift Men To Angelship.
~ Mark Twain
A Society Grows Great When Old Men Plant Trees In Whose Shade They Know They Shall Never Sit.
~ Greek prove