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Military Quotes

from thousands of famous people

As Civil Rulers, Not Having Their Duty To The People Duly Before Them, May Attempt To Tyrannize, And As The Military Forces Which Must Be Occasionally Raised To Defend Our Country, Might Pervert Their Power To The Injury Of Their Fellow-citizens, The People Are Confirmed By The Next Article In Their Right To Keep And Bear Their Private Arms.
~ Tench Coxe
Only An Alert And Knowledgeable Citizenry Can Complel The Proper Meshing Of The Huge Industrial And Military Machinery Of Defense With Our Peaceful Methods And Goals, So That Security And Liberty May Prosper Together.
~ Dwight D Eisenhowe
If You Tell A Lie Big Enough And Keep Repeating It, People Will Eventually Come To Believe It. The Lie Can Be Maintained Only For Such Time As The State Can Shield The People From The Political, Economic And Or Military Consequences Of The Lie. It Thus Becomes Vitally Important For The State To Use All Of Its Powers To Repress Dissent, For The Truth Is The Mortal Enemy Of The Lie, And Thus By Extension, The Truth Is The Greatest Enemy Of The State.
~ Joseph Goebbels
Military Justice Is To Justice What Military Music Is To Music.
~ Georges Clemenceau
The Consensus Seemed To Be That If Really Large Numbers Of Men Were Sent To Storm The Mountain, Then Enough Might Survive The Rocks To Take The Citadel. This Is Essentially The Basis Of All Military Thinking.
~ Terry Pratchett, Eric
It Is Characteristic Of The Military Mentality That Nonhuman Factors Atom Bombs, Strategic Bases, Weapons Of All Sorts, The Possession Of Raw Materials, Etc Are Held Essential, While The Human Being, His Desires, And Thoughts - In Short, The Psychological Factors - Are Considered As Unimportant And Secondary... The Individual Is Degraded... To Human Materiel.
~ Albert Einstein
All Military Type Firearms Are To Be Handed In Immediately... The SS, SA And Stahlhelm Give Every Respectable German Man The Opportunity Of Campaigning With Them. Therefore Anyone Who Does Not Belong To One Of The Above Named Organisations And Who Unjustifiably Nevertheless Keeps His Weapon... Must Be Regarded As An Enemy Of The National Government.
~ SA Oberfuhrer of Bad Tolz, March, 1933
Before A War, Military Science Seems A Real Science, Like Astronomy. After A War It Seems More Like Astrology.
~ Dame Rebecca West
My Soldiers Ask Of Me, Why Surrender A Military Advantage In The Field... I Could Not Answer.
~ General Douglas MacArthur, His final address to the joint session of the congress
A Military Operation Involves Deception. Even Though You Are Competent, Appear To Be Incompetent. Though Effective, Appear To Be Ineffective.
~ Sun-tzu
I Have Against Me The Bourgeois, The Military And The Diplomats, And For Me, Only The People Who Take The Mtro.
~ Charles De Gaulle
During The Second World War, The Germans Took Four Years To Build The Atlantic Wall. On Four Beaches It Held Up The Allies For About An Hour At Omaha It Held Up The U. S. For Less Than One Day. The Atlantic Wall Must Therefore Be Regarded As One Of The Greatest Blunders In Military History.
~ Stephen Ambrose