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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Politics Has Got So Expensive That It Takes Lots Of Money To Even Get Beat With.
~ Will Rogers
An Actress Is Not A Machine, But They Treat You Like A Machine. A Money Machine.
~ Marilyn Monroe
The Only Reason To Have Money Is To Tell Any SOB In The World To Go To Hell.
~ Humphrey Bogart
A Woman Will Buy Anything She Thinks The Store Is Losing Money On.
~ Kin Hubbard
The Art Of Living Easily As To Money Is To Pitch Your Scale Of Living One Degree Below Your Means.
~ Sir Henry Taylo
If Someone Cheats You, Get Your Money Back. If Someone Slanders You, Call Him To Account. If Someone Makes A Promise, See That It Is Kept If You Have To Be A Pest, Then Be One, And Be Proud Of It.
~ Donald G. Smith
I Choose The Likely Man In Preference To The Rich Man I Want A Man Without Money Rather Than Money Without A Man.
~ Themistocles
The Surest Way To Get Rid Of A Bore Is To Lend Money To Him.
~ Paul Louis Courie
The Thing That I Should Wish To Obtain From Money Would Be Leisure With Security.
~ Bertrand Russell
Gentility Is What Is Left Over From Rich Ancestors After The Money Is Gone.
~ John Ciardi
We Have The Best Congress Money Can Buy.
~ Will Rogers
Success Produces Success, Just As Money Produces Money.
~ Diane Ackerman