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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

It Has Been Said That The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil. The Want Of Money Is So Quite As Truly.
~ Samuel Butler, Erewhon (1872)
I Choose The Likely Man In Preference To The Rich Man; I Want A Man Without Money Rather Than Money Without A Man.
~ Themistocles, from Plutarch, Lives
Make Money And The Whole Nation Will Conspire To Call You A Gentleman.
~ George Bernard Shaw
Until And Unless You Discover That Money Is The Root Of All Good, You Ask For Your Own Destruction. When Money Ceases To Become The Means By Which Men Deal With One Another, Then Men Become The Tools Of Other Men. Blood, Whips And Guns--or Dollars. Take Your Choice--there Is No Other.
~ Ayn Rand
Endless Money Forms The Sinews Of War.
~ Cicero, Philippics
I Love The United States, But I See Here Everything Is Measured By Success, By How Much Money It Makes, Not The Satisfaction To The Individual.
~ John Fellows Akers
I Do Nothing But Go About Persuading You All, Old And Young Alike, Not To Take Thought For Your Persons Or Your Properties, But And Chiefly To Care About The Greatest Improvement Of The Soul. I Tell You That Virtue Is Not Given By Money, But That From Virtue Comes Money And Every Other Good Of Man, Public As Well As Private. This Is My Teaching, And If This Is The Doctrine Which Corrupts The Youth, I Am A Mischievous Person.
~ Socrates
The Three Most Important Parts A Man Has Are, Briefly, His Private Parts, His Money And His Religious Beliefs.
~ Samuel Butle
Honesty Is The Best Policy - When There Is Money In It.
~ Mark Twain
The Entire Essence Of America Is The Hope To First Make Money -- Then Make Money With Money -- Then Make Lots Of Money With Lots Of Money.
~ Paul Erdman
I Think One Way Police Departments Could Make Some Money Would Be To Hold A Yard Sale Of Murder Weapons. Many People, For Example, Could Probably Use A Cheap Ice Pick.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
Only Sick Music Makes Money Today.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche