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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

We Have The Best Congress Money Can Buy.
~ Will Rogers
Advertising May Be Described As The Science Of Arresting Human Intelligence Long Enough To Get Money From It.
~ Stephen Leacock
I Think One Way Police Departments Could Make Some Money Would Be To Hold A Yard Sale Of Murder Weapons. Many People, For Example, Could Probably Use A Cheap Ice Pick.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
Spare No Expense To Save Money On This One.
~ Samuel Goldwyn
Whether He Admits It Or Not, A Man Has Been Brought Up To Look At Money As A Sign Of His Virility, A Symbol Of His Power, A Bigger Phallic Symbol Than A Porsche.
~ Victoria Billings
It Is Easier To Talk About Money -- And Much Easier To Talk About Sex -- Than It Is To Talk About Power. People Who Have It Deny It People Who Want It Do Not Want To Appear To Hunger For It And People Who Engage In Its Machinations Do So Secretly.
~ Smiley Blanton
Let Us Not Be Satisfied With Just Giving Money. Money Is Not Enough, Money Can Be Got, But They Need Your Hearts To Love Them. So, Spread Your Love Everywhere You Go.
~ Mother Theresa
Brigands Demand Your Money Or Your Life; Women Require Both.
~ Nicholas Murray Butle
An Actress Is Not A Machine, But They Treat You Like A Machine. A Money Machine.
~ Marilyn Monroe
The Ways By Which You May Get Money Almost Without Exception Lead Downward. - From Live Without Principle.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Making Money Is Art And Working Is Art And Good Business Is The Best Art Of All.
~ Andy Warhol
Look To Your Health; And If You Have It, Praise God And Value It Next To A Good Conscience; For Health Is The Second Blessing That Money Cannot Buy; Therefore Value It, And Be Thankful For It.
~ Izaak Walton