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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Litigation A Form Of Hell Whereby Money Is Transferred From The Pockets Of The Proletariat To That Of Lawyers.
~ Frank McKinney Hubbard
Ready Money Works Great Cures.
~ French Prove
I Have Enough Money To Last Me The Rest Of My Life, Unless I Buy Something.
~ Jackie Mason
The Ways By Which You May Get Money Almost Without Exception Lead Downward. - From Live Without Principle.
~ Henry David Thoreau
If You Make Money Your God, It Will Plague You Like The Devil.
~ Henry Fielding
The Fundamental Evil Of The World Arose From The Fact That The Good Lord Has Not Created Money Enough.
~ Heinrich Heine
To Fulfill A Dream, To Be Allowed To Seat Over Lonely Labor, To Be Given The Chance To Create, Is The Meat And Potatoes Of Life. The Money Is The Gravy. As Everyone Else, I Love To Dunk My Crust In It. But Alone, It Is Not A Diet Designed To Keep Body And Soul Together.
~ Bette Davis
The More Money An American Accumulates, The Less Interesting He Becomes.
~ Gore Vidal
In General, The Art Of Government Consists In Taking As Much Money As Possible From One Part Of The Citizens To Give To The Other.
~ Voltaire, The Portable Voltaire
The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Virtue.
~ George Bernard Shaw
Money Frees You From Doing Things You Dislike. Since I Dislike Doing Nearly Everything, Money Is Handy.
~ Groucho Marx
Spare No Expense To Save Money On This One.
~ Samuel Goldwyn