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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The World Is Divided Into Two Kinds Of People, Those Who Spend A Great Deal Of Time Saving Money, And Those Who Spend A Great Deal Of Money Saving Time.
~ Peter Cochrane, Head of BT Labs UK taling about the internet - November 2000
Knowledge Is Like Money The More He Gets, The More He Craves.
~ Josh Billings
He Without Benefit Of Scruples His Fun And Money Soon Quadruples.
~ Ogden Nash
Foreign Aid Might Be Defined As A Transfer Of Money From Poor People In Rich Countries To Rich People In Poor Countries.
~ Doug Casey, Investment guru; author of "Crisis Investing"
If Someone Cheats You, Get Your Money Back. If Someone Slanders You, Call Him To Account. If Someone Makes A Promise, See That It Is Kept If You Have To Be A Pest, Then Be One, And Be Proud Of It.
~ Donald G. Smith
Christmas Is The Season When People Run Out Of Money Before They Run Out Of Friends.
~ Larry Wilde
Every Gun That Is Made, Every Warship Launched, Every Rocket Fired, Represents, In The Final Analysis, A Theft From Those Who Hunger And Are Not Fed, Who Are Cold And Are Not Clothed. This World In Arms Is Not Spending Money Alone. It Is Spending The Sweat Of Its Laborers, The Genius Of Its Scientists, The Hopes Of Its Children.
~ Dwight D. Eisenhowe
I Never Write Metropolis For Seven Cents Because I Can Get The Same Price For City. I Never Write Policeman Because I Can Get The Same Money For Cop.
~ Mark Twain
I Made My Money By Selling Too Soon.
~ Bernard Baruch
It Takes A Lot Of Money To Look As Cheap As I Do.
~ Dolly Parton
Men Who Accomplish Great Things In The Industrial World Are The Ones Who Have Faith In The Money Producing Power Of Ideas.
~ Charles Fillmore
The Safest Way To Double Your Money Is To Fold Over Once And Put It In Your Pocket.
~ Kin [F. McKinney] Hubbard