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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Rule Is Not To Talk About Money With People Who Have Much More Or Much Less Than You.
~ Katharine Whitehorn
If Money Is Your Hope For Independence You Will Never Have It. The Only Real Security That A Man Will Have In This World Is A Reserve Of Knowledge, Experience, And Ability.
~ Henry Ford
Can Anybody Remember When The Times Were Not Hard And Money Not Scarce.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
If You Make Money Your God, It Will Plague You Like The Devil.
~ Henry Fielding
He That Is Of The Opinion Money Will Do Everything May Well Be Suspected Of Doing Everything For Money.
~ Benjamin Franklin
Endless Money Forms The Sinews Of War.
~ Cicero, Philippics
It Is Well To Write Love Letters. There Are Certain Things For Which It Is Not Easy To Ask Your Mistress Face To Face, Like Money For Instance.
~ Henri De Regnie
Where Large Sums Of Money Are Concerned, It Is Advisable To Trust Nobody.
~ Agatha Christie
I Do Nothing But Go About Persuading You All, Old And Young Alike, Not To Take Thought For Your Persons Or Your Properties, But And Chiefly To Care About The Greatest Improvement Of The Soul. I Tell You That Virtue Is Not Given By Money, But That From Virtue Comes Money And Every Other Good Of Man, Public As Well As Private. This Is My Teaching, And If This Is The Doctrine Which Corrupts The Youth, I Am A Mischievous Person.
~ Socrates
Everything Can Be Learned, Including, To A Very Large Extent, To Be What You Are Not. You Can Learn To Be Pretty If You Are Plain, Charming If You Are Dull, Thin If You Are Fat, Youthful If You Are Aging, How To Write Though You Are Inarticulate, How To Make Money Though You Are Not Good With Figures.
~ Henry Anatole Grunwald
Spare No Expense To Save Money On This One.
~ Samuel Goldwyn
The Ways By Which You May Get Money Almost Without Exception Lead Downward. - From Live Without Principle.
~ Henry David Thoreau