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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Art Of Living Easily As To Money Is To Pitch Your Scale Of Living One Degree Below Your Means.
~ Sir Henry Taylo
The Highest Use Of Capital Is Not To Make More Money, But To Make Money Do More For The Betterment Of Life.
~ Henry Ford
Knowledge Is Like Money The More He Gets, The More He Craves.
~ Josh Billings
A Business That Makes Nothing But Money Is A Poor Kind Of Business.
~ Henry Ford
It Has Beeen Said That The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil. The Want Of Money Is So Quite As Truly.
~ Samuel Butle
Success Produces Success, Just As Money Produces Money.
~ Diane Ackerman
In Its Famous Paradox, The Equation Of Money And Excrement, Psychoanalysis Becomes The First Science To State What Common Sense And The Poets Have Long Known -- That The Essence Of Money Is In Its Absolute Worthlessness.
~ Norman O. Brown
To Fulfill A Dream, To Be Allowed To Seat Over Lonely Labor, To Be Given The Chance To Create, Is The Meat And Potatoes Of Life. The Money Is The Gravy. As Everyone Else, I Love To Dunk My Crust In It. But Alone, It Is Not A Diet Designed To Keep Body And Soul Together.
~ Bette Davis
Prosperity Is A Way Of Living And Thinking, And Not Just Money Or Things. Poverty Is A Way Of Living And Thinking, And Not Just A Lack Of Money Or Things.
~ Eric Butterworth
Make Money Your God And It Will Plague You Like The Devil.
~ Henry Fielding
A Woman Will Buy Anything She Thinks The Store Is Losing Money On.
~ Kin Hubbard
I Choose The Likely Man In Preference To The Rich Man I Want A Man Without Money Rather Than Money Without A Man.
~ Themistocles