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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The More Money An American Accumulates, The Less Interesting He Becomes.
~ Gore Vidal
Advertising May Be Described As The Science Of Arresting The Human Intelligence Long Enough To Get Money From It.
~ Unknown
The Art Of Government Consists In Taking As Much Money As Possible From One Class Of The Citizens To Give To The Other.
~ Voltaire
I Spent A Lot Of Money On Booze, Birds And Fast Cars. The Rest I Just Squandered.
~ George Best
Let Us Not Be Satisfied With Just Giving Money. Money Is Not Enough, Money Can Be Got, But They Need Your Hearts To Love Them. So, Spread Your Love Everywhere You Go.
~ Mother Theresa
To Fulfill A Dream, To Be Allowed To Sweat Over Lonely Labor, To Be Given The Chance To Create, Is The Meat And Potatoes Of Life. The Money Is The Gravy. As Everyone Else, I Love To Dunk My Crust In It. But Alone, It Is Not A Diet Designed To Keep Body And Soul Together.
~ Bette Davis, The Lonely Life, 1962
The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Virtue.
~ George Bernard Shaw
Every Gun That Is Made, Every Warship Launched, Every Rocket Fired Signifies, In The Final Sense, A Theft From Those Who Hunger And Are Not Fed, Those Who Are Cold And Not Clothed. This World In Arms Is Not Spending Money Alone. It Is Spending The Sweat Of Its Laborers, The Genius Of Its Scientists, The Hopes Of Its Children. This Is Not A Way Of Life At All In Any True Sense. Under The Cloud Of Threatening War, It Is Humanity Hanging From A Cross Of Iron.
~ Dwight D. Eisenhower, From a speech before the American Society of Newspaper Editors, April 16, 1963
An Actress Is Not A Machine, But They Treat You Like A Machine. A Money Machine.
~ Marilyn Monroe
When I Received The Nobel Prize, The Only Big Lump Sum Of Money I Have Ever Seen, I Had To Do Something With It. The Easiest Way To Drop This Hot Potato Was To Invest It, To Buy Shares. I Knew That World War II Was Coming And I Was Afraid That If I Had Shares Which Rise In Case Of War, I Would Wish For War. So I Asked My Agent To Buy Shares Which Go Down In The Event Of War. This He Did. I Lost My Money And Saved My Soul.
~ Albert Szent- Gyorgyi, The Crazy Ape
The Man Who Does Not Work For The Love Of Work But Only For Money Is Not Likely To Make Money Nor Find Much Fun In Life.
~ Charles Schwa
Advertising May Be Described As The Science Of Arresting Human Intelligence Long Enough To Get Money From It.
~ Stephen Leacock