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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Lack Of Money Is No Obstacle. Lack Of An Idea Is An Obstacle.
~ Ken Hakuta
Lack Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil.
~ George Bernard Shaw
Corporations Have Been Enthroned.... An Era Of Corruption In High Places Will Follow And The Money Power Will Endeavor To Prolong Its Reign By Working On The Prejudices Of The People... Until Wealth Is Aggregated In A Few Hands... And The Republic Is Destroyed.
~ Abraham Lincoln
If Money Be Not Thy Servant, It Will Be Thy Master. The Covetous Man Cannot So Properly Be Said To Possess Wealth, As That May Be Said To Possess Him.
~ Francis Bacon
I Know Half The Money I Spend On Advertising Is Wasted. Now, If I Only Knew Which Half.
~ John Wanamake
Knowledge Is Like Money The More He Gets, The More He Craves.
~ Josh Billings
The Surest Way To Get Rid Of A Bore Is To Lend Money To Him.
~ Paul Louis Courie
The Way By Which You May Get Money Almost Without Exception Leads Downward.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Men Who Accomplish Great Things In The Industrial World Are The Ones Who Have Faith In The Money Producing Power Of Ideas.
~ Charles Fillmore
The Rule Is Not To Talk About Money With People Who Have Much More Or Much Less Than You.
~ Katharine Whitehorn
Maturity Is The Ability To Do A Job Whether Or Not You Are Supervised, To Carry Money Without Spending It And To Bear An Injustice Without Wanting To Get Even.
~ Ann Landers
The More Money An American Accumulates, The Less Interesting He Becomes.
~ Gore Vidal