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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

A Woman Will Buy Anything She Thinks The Store Is Losing Money On.
~ Kin Hubbard
Lack Of Money Is No Obstacle. Lack Of An Idea Is An Obstacle.
~ Ken Hakuta
If Money Be Not Thy Servant, It Will Be Thy Master. The Covetous Man Cannot So Properly Be Said To Possess Wealth, As That May Be Said To Possess Him.
~ Francis Bacon
The Art Of Government Consists In Taking As Much Money As Possible From One Class Of The Citizens To Give To The Other.
~ Voltaire
What Power Has Law Where Only Money Rules.
~ Gaius Petronius
I Choose The Likely Man In Preference To The Rich Man I Want A Man Without Money Rather Than Money Without A Man.
~ Themistocles
Only Sick Music Makes Money Today.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Maturity Is The Ability To Do A Job Whether Or Not You Are Supervised, To Carry Money Without Spending It And To Bear An Injustice Without Wanting To Get Even.
~ Ann Landers
It Takes A Lot Of Money To Look As Cheap As I Do.
~ Dolly Parton
Happiness Is Not In The Mere Possession Of Money It Lies In The Joy Of Achievement, In The Thrill Of Creative Effort.
~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt
I Have Enough Money To Last Me The Rest Of My Life, Unless I Buy Something.
~ Jackie Mason
Let Us More And More Insist On Raising Funds Of Love, Of Kindness, Of Understanding, Of Peace. Money Will Come If We Seek First The Kingdom Of God-the Rest Will Be Given.
~ Mother Theresa