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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

If Someone Cheats You, Get Your Money Back. If Someone Slanders You, Call Him To Account. If Someone Makes A Promise, See That It Is Kept If You Have To Be A Pest, Then Be One, And Be Proud Of It.
~ Donald G. Smith
There Is Only One Boss The Customer. And He Can Fire Everybody In The Company, From The Chairman On Down, Simply By Spending His Money Somewhere Else.
~ Sam Walton
America Believes In Education: The Average Professor Earns More Money In A Year Than A Professional Athlete Earns In A Whole Week.
~ Evan Esa
Ready Money Works Great Cures.
~ French Prove
Love Goes Out The Door When Money Comes Innuendo.
~ Groucho Marx, "Duck Soup" 1934
Never Spend Your Money Before You Have It.
~ Thomas Jefferson
There Is No Money In Poetry, But Then There Is No Poetry In Money Either.
~ Robert Graves
I Choose The Likely Man In Preference To The Rich Man; I Want A Man Without Money Rather Than Money Without A Man.
~ Themistocles, from Plutarch, Lives
The Ways By Which You May Get Money Almost Without Exception Lead Downward. - From Live Without Principle.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Lack Of Money Is No Obstacle. Lack Of An Idea Is An Obstacle.
~ Ken Hakuta
The Art Of Living Easily As To Money Is To Pitch Your Scale Of Living One Degree Below Your Means.
~ Sir Henry Taylo
We Have The Best Congress Money Can Buy.
~ Will Rogers