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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

It Has Beeen Said That The Love Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil. The Want Of Money Is So Quite As Truly.
~ Samuel Butle
Why Is The Man Or Woman Who Invests All Your Money Called A Broker?
~ George Carlin
Some People Think They Are Worth A Lot Of Money Just Because They Have It.
~ Fannie Hurst
Whether He Admits It Or Not, A Man Has Been Brought Up To Look At Money As A Sign Of His Virility, A Symbol Of His Power, A Bigger Phallic Symbol Than A Porsche.
~ Victoria Billings
Advertising May Be Described As The Science Of Arresting The Human Intelligence Long Enough To Get Money From It.
~ Unknown
Only When The Last Tree Has Been Cut Down Only When The Last River Has Been Poisoned Only When The Last Fish Has Been Caught Only Then Will You Find That Money Cannot Be Eaten.
~ Cree Indian Prophecy
Travel Is Educational It Teaches You How To Get Rid Of Money In A Hurry.
~ S. Barry Lipkin
An Actress Is Not A Machine, But They Treat You Like A Machine. A Money Machine.
~ Marilyn Monroe
Corporations Have Been Enthroned.... An Era Of Corruption In High Places Will Follow And The Money Power Will Endeavor To Prolong Its Reign By Working On The Prejudices Of The People... Until Wealth Is Aggregated In A Few Hands... And The Republic Is Destroyed.
~ Abraham Lincoln
Never Spend Your Money Before You Have It.
~ Thomas Jefferson
Love Goes Out The Door When Money Comes Innuendo.
~ Groucho Marx, "Duck Soup" 1934
Spare No Expense To Save Money On This One.
~ Samuel Goldwyn