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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

How Much Money Did You Make Last Year Mail It In. Suggestion For A Simplified Tax Form.
~ Stanton Delaplane
Make Money, Money By Fair Means If You Can, If Not, But Any Means Money.
~ Horace, Epistles
America Believes In Education: The Average Professor Earns More Money In A Year Than A Professional Athlete Earns In A Whole Week.
~ Evan Esa
Ready Money Works Great Cures.
~ French Prove
Instead Of Wasting Hundreds Of Millions Of Pounds On Compulsory ID Cards As The Tory Right Demand, Let That Money Provide Thousands Of Extra Police Officers On The Beat In Our Local Communities.
~ Tony Blair, Speech to the Labor Party Conference 3 October 1995
I Love The United States, But I See Here Everything Is Measured By Success, By How Much Money It Makes, Not The Satisfaction To The Individual.
~ John Fellows Akers
The Value Of Money Is That With It We Can Tell Any Man To Go To The Devil. It Is The Sixth Sense Which Enables You To Enjoy The Other Five.
~ W. Somerset Maugham
The Entire Essence Of America Is The Hope To First Make Money -- Then Make Money With Money -- Then Make Lots Of Money With Lots Of Money.
~ Paul Erdman
A Successful Man Is One Who Makes More Money Than His Wife Can Spend. A Successful Woman Is One Who Can Find Such A Man.
~ Lana Turne
Many People Seem To Think That Opportunity Means A Chance To Get Money Without Earning It.
~ Author Unknown
Nobel Prize Money Is A Lifebelt Thrown To A Swimmer Who Has Already Reached The Shore In Safety.
~ George Bernard Shaw
If A Nation Values Anything More Than Freedom, It Will Lose Its Freedom And The Irony Of It Is That If It Is Comfort Or Money That It Values More, It Will Lose That, Too.
~ W. Somerset Maugham