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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Way Money Goes So Fast These Days, They Should Paint Racing Stripes On It.
~ Mark Russell
I Spent A Lot Of Money On Booze, Birds And Fast Cars. The Rest I Just Squandered.
~ George Best
Finance Is The Art Of Passing Money From Hand To Hand Until It Finally Disappears.
~ Robert W. Sarnoff
Make Money, Money By Fair Means If You Can, If Not, But Any Means Money.
~ Horace, Epistles
America Believes In Education: The Average Professor Earns More Money In A Year Than A Professional Athlete Earns In A Whole Week.
~ Evan Esa
Success Produces Success, Just As Money Produces Money.
~ Diane Ackerman
Everything Can Be Learned, Including, To A Very Large Extent, To Be What You Are Not. You Can Learn To Be Pretty If You Are Plain, Charming If You Are Dull, Thin If You Are Fat, Youthful If You Are Aging, How To Write Though You Are Inarticulate, How To Make Money Though You Are Not Good With Figures.
~ Henry Anatole Grunwald
The Government Deficit Is The Difference Between The Amount Of Money The Government Spends And The Amount It Has The Nerve To Collect.
~ Sam Ewig
Ready Money Works Great Cures.
~ French Prove
The Art Of Government Consists In Taking As Much Money As Possible From One Class Of The Citizens To Give To The Other.
~ Voltaire
I Believe That Sex Is One Of The Most Beautiful, Natural, Wholesome Things That Money Can Buy.
~ Steve Martin
If Money Is Your Hope For Independence You Will Never Have It. The Only Real Security That A Man Will Have In This World Is A Reserve Of Knowledge, Experience, And Ability.
~ Henry Ford