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Money Quotes

from thousands of famous people

When Money Talks, Nobody Notices What Grammar It Uses.
~ Anonymous
The Easiest Way For Your Children To Learn About Money Is For You Not To Have Any.
~ Katharine Whitehorn
Finance Is The Art Of Passing Money From Hand To Hand Until It Finally Disappears.
~ Robert W. Sarnoff
Success Produces Success, Just As Money Produces Money.
~ Diane Ackerman
The Surest Way To Get Rid Of A Bore Is To Lend Money To Him.
~ Paul Louis Courie
Where Large Sums Of Money Are Concerned, It Is Advisable To Trust Nobody.
~ Agatha Christie
If You Can Actually Count Your Money You Are Not Really A Rich Man.
~ J. Paul Getty
I Have Always Recognized That The Object Of Business Is To Make Money In An Honorable Manner. I Have Endeavored To Remember That The Object Of Life Is To Do Good.
~ Peter Coope
The Ways By Which You May Get Money Almost Without Exception Lead Downward. - From Live Without Principle.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Whether He Admits It Or Not, A Man Has Been Brought Up To Look At Money As A Sign Of His Virility, A Symbol Of His Power, A Bigger Phallic Symbol Than A Porsche.
~ Victoria Billings
The Rich Would Have To Eat Money If The Poor Did Not Provide Food.
~ Assyrian Prove
The Only Reason To Have Money Is To Tell Any SOB In The World To Go To Hell.
~ Humphrey Bogart