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Music Quotes

from thousands of famous people

There Is No Law Against Composing Music When One Has No Ideas Whatsoever. The Music Of Wagner, Therefore, Is Perfectly Legal.
~ The National, Paris, 1850
Nothing Is Capable Of Being Well Set To Music That Is Not Nonsense.
~ Joseph Addison
Only Sick Music Makes Money Today.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Use What Talents You Have; The Woods Would Have Little Music If No Birds Sang Their Song Except Those Who Sang Best.
~ Reverend Oliver G. Wilson
No One Imagines That A Symphony Is Supposed To Improve In Quality As It Goes Along, Or That The Whole Object Of Playing It Is To Reach The Finale. The Point Of Music Is Discovered In Every Moment Of Playing And Listening To It. It Is The Same, I Feel, With The Greater Part Of Our Lives, And If We Are Unduly Absorbed In Improving Them We May Forget Altogether To Live Them.
~ Alan B. Watts
I See Music As The Augmentation Of A Split Second Of Time.
~ Erin Cleary
May Not Music Be Described As The Mathematics Of Sense, And Mathematics As The Music Of Reason?
~ James Joseph Sylveste
Without Music Life Would Be A Mistake.
~ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche
Too Many Pieces Of Music Finish Too Long After The End.
~ Igor Stravinsky
It Is In Learning Music That Many Youthful Hearts Learn To Love.
~ Ricard
The Man That Hath No Music In Himself, Nor Is Not Moved With Concord Of Sweet Sounds, Is Fit For Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils; The Motions Of His Spirit Are Dull As Night, And His Affections Dark As Erebus. Let No Such Man Be Trusted.
~ William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice
No Voice; But Oh! The Silence Sank Like Music On My Heart.
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge