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Music Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Was Irrevocably Betrothed To Laughter, The Sound Of Which Has Always Seemed To Me To Be The Most Civilised Music In The World.
~ Peter Ustinov
Too Many Pieces Of Music Finish Too Long After The End.
~ Igor Stravinsky
Since It Architecture Is Music In Space, As It Were A Frozen Music.
~ Friedrich von Schelling
Words Are The Pen Of The Heart, But Music Is The Pen Of The Soul.
~ Shneur Zalman
It Requires Wisdom To Understand Wisdom The Music Is Nothing If The Audience Is Deaf.
~ Walter Lippmann
If A Man Does Not Keep Pace With His Companions, Perhaps It Is Because He Hears A Different Drummer. Let Him Step To The Music He Hears, How Ever Measured Or Far Away.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Develop Interest In Life As You See It In People, Things, Literature, Music - The World Is So Rich, Simply Throbbing With Rich Treasures, Beautiful Souls And Interesting People. Forget Yourself.
~ Henry Mille
Of All Noises, I Think Music Is The Least Disagreeable.
~ Samuel Johnson
From The Persistence Of Noise Comes The Insistence Of Rage. From The Emergence Of Tone Comes The Divergence Of Thought. From The Enlightenment Of Music Comes The Wisdom Of... Silence.
~ Visions of Gregorian Chants
Nothing Is Capable Of Being Well Set To Music That Is Not Nonsense.
~ Joseph Addison
Making Music Should Not Be Left To The Professionals.
~ Michelle Shocked
I Write Music With An Exclamation Point.
~ Richard Wagne